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REVIEWS. THE WORLD SET FREE," by H G Wells (Messrs Macmillan and Co., Ltd., London, extra crown 8vo. 6). This new novel by Mr Wells is described as a story of mankind, and it is no less than an imaginary history of the world of the next 70 or 80 years. It presents in a new light the great conflict between the aucient traditions of law and property and nationality, and the gigantic and altogether revolutionary possibilities of science that now grow to a head. Than Mr Wells there is no more imaginative writer to-day, and in The World Set Free." he has described with that master touch of his what the world will be like in the middle of the present century. It is a fantastic story, possible only to such a genius as the writer, and it is full of that grip on the mind of tha reader which one associates with such a brilliant author. It is a story of the possibilities of scientific development and there 's no man livihg who can bring so much -reality into scientific imagination as can Mr Wells. He has gathered in this hook the true essence of romance, and with it, the power to make the impossible seem not only probable, but almost tiue. U WAITING," by Gerald O'Donovan (Messrs Macmillan and Co., Ltd., extra crown 8vo. Gs nett).-A new novel by the gifted author of Father Ralph," of which the writer has pleasureable recollections, is sure to be interesting, and the reader will not be disappointed. As in his former novel, which we notice is now in its sixth impression, the scenes of the story are laid in Ireland, and it is full of life and action and character reminiscent of Father Ralph." No writer of late years has done more to show us the workings of the Irish national spirit than Mr O'Donovan, who in Waiting" has added one more contribution to the ever- lasting Irish question, a valuable one seeing that it is the outcome of direct experience. One finds within the pages of ,Wailing I' d, lightful sketches of Iiish national life and character and religion, and not the least interesting portions of the book are some typical details of Irish peasant life, which could only have been penned by a writer so thoroughly conversant' with the subject matter a¡ Mr 0 Donovan. A book that is sure io be a success. "My GAltDE\LT (Illustrated). --We have received the second number of vol. 1 of My Garden "(illustrated), a new monthly journal devoted to the garden and gardening, published at 11 and 13, Victoria-street, London, S W., and obtainable at all news- agents and bookstalls at the price of 6d. All lovers and workers in the garden, whether professional or amateur, should see that they procure a copy monthly of this, one of the finest produced papers it has p eri3 it has been our pleasureable lot to open. Both letterl)resg and illustrations are in such a form as to be most attractive, and the various articles contain a mine of information thåt must be helpful to the gardener, and especially the amateur who tends his garden for the pure love of it We cannot in the spice of a short review as this must be enumerate all the articles and items to be found within its pages, but we must refer to the spec al supplement on the Chelsea Flower Show, so brilliantly illustrated and well written as it/is. With the publication is given a calendar setting out in detail the work to be done during the mopth. Without doubt My Garden (Illustrated) is a monthly par excellence, the staff have aimed at a high standard, and by its appearance they have reached it. » —