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I LEDBURY BIARD OF GUARDIANS. The iortnightly meeting mi the Ledbury Board of Guardians was held at the Board-room 8f the Union Workhouse on Tuesday morn- ing. There were present—Mr W L Pritchett (Chairman), who presided, Mr J A Thompson (vice-chairman), Revs A G Jones. A H Knapp, and A E Green-Price, W P P Matthews, Miss Holland, Miss Lake (the new member for Colwali), Alderman J Riley, Messrs L J C Riley, T A Pedingham, A G Bunn, J C Davies, W S Lane, E T Lane, J Parry, T S S Gardner, T W Hulds, J Parry, jnr., H Westou, F Innes, T Calder, H Hodges, H Cowell, J Baughan, and D A G Birchley, with the Clerk (Mr R Homes), the Relieving Officers (Mr A G Smith and Mr T Thompson), and the Master (Mr J Kendrick). I NEW MEMBER WELCOMED. The Chairman entended a hearty welcome to the sew member for Colwall, Miss Lake, and said there might be some diffence of opinion as to what part ladies should take in public matters, but they would agree that the presence of ladies on sueh bodies as Board of Guardians was useful ia every way, and from their experience in the past they would find Miss Lake's services of reata8sistancetothem. 001 wall was an important and rapidly growing parish, and it was egirable for the success of the community that it should be represented on the Board of Guardians and District Councii. He explained himself as quite sure that the inhabitants of Colwali had exercised good judgement in sending Miss Lake to represent them, and he would like to con- gratulate Miss Lake upon enjoying the confi- dence of the inhabitants of the parish. (A p- plause. ) Miss Lake replied and said although she had little knowledge of poor law affairs she was deeply interested in the work and she would do her best for the parish she represented. (Applause.) THE WORKHOUSE. The Master reported the number of inmates in the house last week as 85 against 75 for the corresponding period last year, an increase of 10. During the fortnight 215 tramps were relieved as against 190, an increase of 25. Ha also reported the gifts of flowers from Stanley Hill Chapel, Boabury vegetables from the Mission Sale, Ledbury papers for the inmates from Miss Holland and Miss Martin, Linden House and strawberries, from Mr H S H Bickham, Hilltop. I FINANCE. j Mr Thomson stated that the balance in the bank was £ 2,550 7a lOd. The cheques signed that day were fer £2,855 14s, so that if all the cheques were sent out they would be overdrawn. The Worcester County rate would have to be paid at once. The Clerk said there would be more money paid in that day. POOR LAW CONFERENCE. Mr Thompson proposed that they appoint the Chairman to represent them at the annual Poor- Law Conferenee to be held in London. They would be wise to leave the matter in Mr Pritchett's hands. Mr Bunn seconded, and this was unanimously adopted. APPOINTMENT OF NURSE. I The Chairman reported that the House Com- mittee met last Friday- and weut through the applications for the position of nurse aud assistant matron rendered vacant by the resigna- tion of Nurse Hall. The Committee selected two to appear before the Board for the purposes of interview that day. One of the two selected Nurse Pattinson, was unable to attend, and a chird applicant, who it was decided to hold in reserve in case either of the other two failed, was accordingly brought in. The two applicants therefore to be interviewed that day were Nurse Mary Duffield (32), superintendent nurse at Grimsby, and Nurse Hargrcaves (29), assistant nurse at Prestwich Union. The application and testimonials of each candidate were read and the two applicants interviewed. The position carries with it a salary of £ 30 per annum, with bO:1rd, lodging, washing, and uniform. Each applicant was proposed and seconded, and in the voting Nurse Hargreaves received 16 votes to the nine recorded for Nufse Duffield, and Nurse Hargreaves was therefore appointed. TENDER. I I A tender of 211 17s 3d for alterations in the laundry at the Workhouse was submitted from Messrs D Smith and Son, builders, Ledbury, and was accepted, subject to certain specifica- tions. LADIES' COMMITTEE. I Miss Holland read the report of the Ladies' Committee, which stated that the members of the Committee were much pleased with the cheerful appearance of the inmates. The visitors reported everything clean and in good order. The inmates much appreciated the new tea dietary. The alteration in the laundry would be a great improvement. The Committee proposed to start a Brabazon Society in the House, which would assist to pass away the long hours for some of the inmates. Mr Thompson moved that they receive and adopt the Ladies' Committee's report. They were very much obliged to them for the interest they took in the House and in the welfare of the inmates. He thought what Miss Holland had mentioned with regard to finding them some little work to do was a very good sug- gestion. The report was seconded and adopted. On the motion of Miss Holland, seconded by Mr Pedlingham, Miss Lake was appointed on the Visiting Committee, the Asylum Committee and the Boarding Out Committee. The other matter of public interest discussed was as to the removal of the children from the Workhouse and the report of the Boarding- Out Committee thereon, which will be found under another heading.