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I CARDEN FETE AT CANON-FFROME COURT. I A Brilliant and Successful Gathering. In aid of the District Nursing and Ashperton Church Funds a garden fete was held at Canon- Ffrome Court (by kind permission of Colonel and Mrs Hopton), yesterday (Thursday) after- noon. The spacious grounds of the Court, which were looking at their best, were thrown open to the public from 2 to 9 p.m., and as was to be expected with such brilliant weather, there was an exceedingly large attendance of the general public, who came from far and near to enjoy a beautiful afternoon in pleasant surroundings under ideal conditions. The flag bearing the Hopton Arms, which was made in the Royal Navy, floated gaily in the breeze. Practically the whole of the spacious grounds were thrown open to visitors, and the scene during the afternoon was one of animation. As was to be expected with such delightful, bright sunshine, happily tempered by a welcome breeze, the members of the lair sex added a dash of colour to the scene, although with a tennis tournament the chief attraction white predominated. In addition to the tennis tournament (an American, open handicap, for prizes, for (a) mixed doubles and (b) gentlemen's doubles) there was a clock golf tournament and bowling for a live pig, while the entertainments included programmes by Mrs E Pritchett's (Munsley Castle) troupe of pierrots, who gave entertain- ments in the rock garden, and the splendid band of the King's 1st Shropshire Light Infantry,quar- tered at Tipperary, who played a most enjoyable ptogramme of music during tea-time, and again from seven o'clock for two hours on the spacious lawn in front of the Court. The tennis tournament, of course, attracted a large amount of attention and there was an interested crowd of spectators at the two points where play was in progress. There were tire courts on one of the main lawns and two courts on the usual tennis ground. Mr W Brockle- hurst, of Credenhill, Hereford, officiated as hon. secretary of the tennis tournament. The clock golf competition, managed by Mr J J Tilley, of Ledbury, attracted a large number of entries, and play was very keen. The bowling for live pig was in eharge of Mr Penry Lloyd, who also had a busy afternoon. The Pierrots gave two performances in the rock garden, and were well patronised, the programmes submitted being of a very enter- taining character, the members of the troupe consisting largely of members of the Pritchett families, whose abilities in this direction are well-known. The musical programmes submitted by the band were of an excellent character and the main front lawn which slopes down to the lake was quite a centre of attraction during the time the band occupied a position there in the afternoon, while when the dance programme was given the lawn was besieged with dancers. A feature of the musical programme was the prominence given to compositions of Colonel Hopton, who is so well-known in this direction. The afternoon programme included his Wed- ding March," songs (a) "Sleep! Darling, Sleep and (b) Virtue," and the valse Ceylon Whispers." The dance programme included 11 numbers, five of them being Colonel Hopton's works, viz:—March," Wedding March"; valse, "Autumn Leaves"; songs- three f ragmentsof soing-(&) "Wolsey's Lament," (b) "Rosemary," and (c) "A Plaint"; valse, "Dreams of the Nile" and valse, "Ceylon Whispers. The catering throughout was undertaken by the Imperial Cafe and Restaurant Co., of Hereford, whose manager, Mr A E Barrow, supervised the arrangements, and despite the rush for tea about five o'clock, the large staff satisfied all nee&. Messrs Wilson and Phillips, of Hereford, assisted generally in managing the whole affair. The winners in the clock golf competition, for which the prizes were given by Mrs Hopton, were:-1, Captain Neabibtand Miss.Niblett; .2, Mr L P Hoult and Miss Stephens. Bowls.—1, Mr Tomlinson, Mainstone Court, score 69, prize, live pig 2, Mr T Williams, Hereford, score i6.Q, prize, a hen. Tennis.—Mixed Doubles. — 1, Miss Lea, Hereford, and Colonel Smith, Hereford.; ,2, Mr and Mrs Arthur Davey, Hereford.; 3, Miss Cuthbert Rose and Mr Wienholt 4, Miss Stallard and Mr Bertram Mitford, Colwall. Gents' Doubles. 1, Mr Brocklehurst (Credenhill) and Mr E Hopton (Homend):; 2, Colonel Smith (Hereford), and Mr Dudley Smith (Hereford).



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