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SATURDAY, JUNE 27. 1914. Topical…






COLWALL NEWS. BAND CONCERT. Last night (Thursday) a most successful and enjoyable concert promoted by the members of the Colwall Brass Band, took place at the Hill Institute, when a large company were present. The object of the concert was to help in defray- ing the cost of providing new uniform for the Band, which is now under order from a leading London firm, and the members expect to receive it in a fortnight. The Band has been fortunate in gaining the service of Lieut Green, a gentle- man with wide musical knowledge, as conductor and under his able charge, the Band look forward to a successful future. Th e Rev W E J ohnsoa presided and the programme was as follows :— March, "Red, white and blue," The Band; song, "Robin Adair," Mr F Hayes; cornet solo, Two bright eyes" (eucored), Mr C Summers; pianof 'rte duet, Mrs Green and Miss Bannatyne song, The floral dance," Mr Richardson song, 44 Little grey home in the west," Miss Kimble glees by Mr Green, Miss Richardson, Miss Bannatyne, Mr Richardson song, 44 The Sergeant of the line (encored), Mr H Lewis; selection, "Moonlight serenade," The Band; selection, 44 Secrets," The Band; vocal duet, Mrs S Ballard and Mrs Green song, 44 The longshoreman," Mr Richard- son cornet solo, 44 Alice, where art thou" (encored) 44 Kathleen Mavoureen," Mr Lewis song, "The Irish Imigrant," Mr F Hayes; song, "Because," Miss Kimble (encored); selection by the Japanese Band; song, Mr Richardson; march, "Marching Home," the Band. Lieut. Green was the accompanist, and at the close thanked the company for their attendance. 0 —

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