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LEDBURY II v. EASTNOR. I Played at Ledbury on Saturday and won by I the visitors by 50 runs. Score :— LEDBURY II. H Smith c Crookes b Court 5 W H Corbett b Court 2 J Smith lbw b Court. 0 W Clarke c Crookes b Winter. 11 W F Brown c Howells b Court 3 G H Smith not out 26 J Kendrick b Phillips 7 J Watts b Phillips. 5 A Chadd c Pedlingham b Phillips. 1 M S Sarluis b Winter 5 W Williams b Winter 0 Extras 1 -66 EASTNOR. W Maddox c and b J Smith 19 H Court.b J Smith 4 C R Rowden Ibw b J Smith 32 L Phillips bJ Smith 12 W S Crookes lbw b H Smith 2 E Winter b J Smit.h. 14 R Browning b J Smith 4 G Mullins c J Smith b H Smith 18 W Mytten b J Smith 0 W Pedlingham c Chadd b J Smith 0 W Howells not out 0 Extras 11 -116 COLWALL v. BARBOURNE. Played at Colwall on Saturday, and won by the homesters. Scores :— BARBOURNE. H Drewer b Dagger 10 H Mapp c and b Dagger 5 F Williams b Dagger. 8 G Stanway b Dagger. 0 J Goodman b Saunderson 1 H Cull b Dagger. 6 W Powell c Williams b Dagger 6 J Wilson b Dagger 7 B Poole st Powell b Dagger 1 W Goode st Powell b Dagger. 2 R Maisey not out 2 Extras 12 -60 COLWALL. E G Brookes b Williams 0 H Powell b Powell 59 A Spillsbury b Williams 18 A S Dagger c Goodman b Cull. 205 G Barnett b Powell 3 G B Saunderson c Cull b Wilson 30 A Collier b Williams 2 P H Williams b Williams 2 B L Mitford not out 63 Extras. 22 (8 wkts) -404 WEST MALVERN v. KEMPSEY. Played at Kernpsi-y on Saturday, and won by the homesters by 2 runs. Scores :— KEMPSEY. J N Sedgeley c Goodwin b A F Evans 0 EO Kirkby Goodwin 2 W White b Goodwin. 1 A Sedgeley b A If Evans. 2 R Kirkby b A F Evans 6 F Rodway lbw b A F Evans 0 F Chance c Wilson b Good win. 3 G Dutfield b A F Evans 0 C Warman not out 3 E II Baddeley b Goodwin 0 V Warman c Wilson b Goodwin 2 Extras 2 —21 WEST MALVERN. H V Austen b K Kirkby. 0 A Wilson b E O Kirkby. 6 A F Evans b R Kirkhy 0 A Goodwin lbw b R Kirkby. 4 J W Turvey b E 0 Kirkby. 0 R James run out 3 A Evans c A Sedgeley b E 0 Kirkby 2 V Price c and b E 0 Kirkby 0 G Grundy b R Kirkby. 7 F H Rawlings b E 0 Kirkby 0 J Cook not out 0 Extras 1 -23



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Ledbury Produce Market.

Ledbury Corn Market.