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LEDBURY POLICE. I WEDNESDAY. I Before Alderman Jobn Riley (in the chair), I Mr Spencer H Bickham, and Dr. M A Wood. APPLICATION. I Mr H W Orme (Messrs Russell and Co), applied for the temporary transfer of the license of the Wellington Inn, Colwall, frpm George Wadley to Albert William Howes, of the Foun- tain Inn, Westgate-street, Gloucester. UNGUARDED CHAFF-CUTTER. I Edward Pritchett, of Munsley Court, was 1 summoned for having a chaff eutter aad knives insufficiently fenced on May 23rd. Defendant pleaded not guilty. P.C. GrifSn said on the date named he visited defendant's farm and found the chaff-cutter being worked without a guitfd on the knives and fly-wheel. He was told that it was at Wargent's being repaired. He saw the chaff-eutter on February 6 last year in the same condition and was told the same thing then. Defendant: Who told you that ? P.C. Griffin The men. Defendant said the men had strict orders not to work the eutter without the cover. The cover was there at the time, and it was the men's fault that it was not on. William Gommery, in the employ of Mr Pritchett, said he was Working the chaff-cutter on May 23. They were pushed for time and did not trouble about it. The pin that held the cover on was broken, bat they could have fastened it on with wire and a nail if they had wanted. His employer had told him the cutter should not be worked without. a cover. By the Bench They had.the cover off one time to have it repaired, and Mr Pritchett told the men to be careful and not work the cutter without the cover on. The Qhairman (to defendant) You ought to have seen that this cover was on the eutter, and we shall have to ine you J31 and eosts. Defendant: It may be law, but it is not justice. D- LICE. William Bsadley, farmer, of Wallhilj, was summoned for keeping a dog without a license on April 16. Mr B A Watkins, local taxation oftcer, appeared to prosecute. Defendant pleaded guilty, bet said it was an oversight. P.S. Brierley said the dog was a black spaniel, and when- he spoke to defendant abowt the license he said he always forgot to get it when he wasrin Ledbury. It transpired the license had now been taken out. Fined 10s, with a warning to be more careful in future. Thomas Jones, of Wellington Heath, was summoned for a similar offence on the same date. Defendant's wife appeared. P.S. Brierley'proved the case. The dog was an Ai/edale terrier, for which no license had been taken out. Mrs Jones said her husband had been in South Wales and had been ill. Fined 10s an4 allowed a month for payment. Harry J Bafnham, late of Woedleigh-road, Ledbury, formerly Col.-Sergt.-Instructor ef the local Company of Territorials, now stationed at Portsmouth, was summoned for a like offence on the same date. Defendant did not appear. Mr Watkins said defendant was a Col.-Sergt. and was stationed at Tipperary at the time. When the matter was reported defendant took out two licenses in Ireland, but they did not held good in England, as in Ireland a license was only 2s and in England 7s 6d. Owing to a slight failure of the stamp on the license it rather appeared as if the licenses were issued on Maatch 7, and in one of the licenses the figure 1 had been erased in the endeavoar to show that the licenses had been applied for im Ireland before the date of detection. P.C. G Bayliss said in March last he called at defendant's residence in Woodleigh-road, and saw a dog, for which no license had been taken out. ■*> Supt. WJilliams said hereceivecfacorreepondence from the defendant. In the correspondence and the license the figure 1 had been erased before the figure 7. The correspondence was ptt in, and included a long letter from defendant. Mr Watkins said defendant had a chance of of settling the case up to May 15. There was no doubt defendant tried to mislead the authorities. The Chairman You should not say that. The Magistrates' Clerk (Mr C B Masefield): You accepted hie explanation in the first instance. Mr Watkins: Yes. Fined 10s including eosts. Mr Riley did not adjudicate in the license cases, Mr Bickham taking the chair. RECOVERY OF POSSESSION. Henry Dew, The Cloisters, Worcester-road, Ledbury, applied to recover possession of a cottage at Bradlow in the occupation of Mrs Bowkett. Applicant, and P.C.'s Holl and Bayliss gave the necessary evidence, and the Bench made an order, to give up possession in 21 days. w )7'


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