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r, NORTH LEDIURY PUPPIES. f Future of the Hunt. The annual pnppy show in connec- tion with the North Ledbury (Mr. J. F. Twinberrow's) Hunt took place at the Ken- nels on Wednesday. There were 11-2 1 couples for Mr. M. C. AlbriV)t (Master of the South Hereford) and Fred llavan (huntsman of the North Hereford) to judge, The entry con- sisted of six couples of dogs and 5| of bitches. The awards were:—Dogs: Sailor (Tyre- dale Simon-Saintay), walked by Mr. S. Brad burn, Colwall, 1; Workman (Simon -Warble), Mr. E. Potter, Starford Court, 2. Bitches: "Velvet" (Simon-Vanquish), Mr F. Clift, Luslev Court, 1; Marvellous (Simon—Mazurka), Mrs. Spencer, Swan Inn, 2, Couples: "Warden" (Simon-Warble) and Playmate (Cotswold Chorister—Pas- time), walked by Mr. Clews. Yearsett Court, 1; Pitiful and Patrick (both Cotswold Chorister—Pastime), Mr. F. Gwynn, West Malvern), 2. THE LUNCHEON Among those present at the subsequent luncheon were The Master (Mr J F Twin- berrow) who presided, Mrs Twinberrow, the Rev T B and Mrs Wilson, Mr 0 N Holt Needham, Captain Heygate (former Master of the North Hereford), Miss B Blarney, Mr H M Chamberlin, Mr H Hadden, Mr M C Albright, Mr F H and Mrs Matthews, Mr and Mrs John Walker, Mr T Lawson Walker, Miss D Walker, Mr G Onley Prattenton, Mr E J Onley Prattenton, Mr H S Phillips, Mr and Mrs F Gwynne, Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr and Mrs T Pedlingham, Mr J S Twinberrow, Mrs Holmes, Mr F E Johnstone, Mr A Arnold, Mr and Mrs .p C Clews, Mr and Mrs Griffiths, Mr and Mrs T Godsall. Mr and Mrs E Potter, Mr and Mrs F P Clift, Mr and Mrs R G Lawrence, Mesdames E Evans, W Banner, Speucer, S J Lawrence, Misses Parker. E Bosley, E Hollaway, F P Robinson, Messrs W Cooke, F Bevan, H Jones, T Yates, J Godsall, P Taylor, J T Rogers, J T Rogers, jun., J Sherwood, T „Chapple, W Tudge, J J Pope, J E Preston, J WiHiams, J Coles, W P Pope, C Went, G R Lawrence. A Sherwood, H M Lewia, W Her- riott, H N tVilJiams, W J Homes, T W Green, W Parker, H C Andrews, W EUiott, W Banner, W Jorden, G Reynolds, S Meredith, W Ranford, G Nott, W Clews, T H Roper, G E Hollo way, L Green, G H Collins, and many others. "THE PUPPY WALKERS." I After proposing the health of "The King, the Queen, and the rest of the Royal Family," whieh was loyally honoured, the Chairman gave "The Puppy Walkers." He was genuinely thankful to the eompany for their presence that day. In that country the idea was that hounds should find their fox, hunt him, and account for biro. He coupled with the toast the names of the prize-winners. Mr Gwynne had never won a prize before, but he had stuck to it well and always walked well. He would not forget the ladies. They were most import- ant. If they did not receive the puppies with open arms, he did not know how, the puppies could do so well. (Laughter and applause.) Mrs Twinberrow presented the prizes. Mr Clews said that the more they had to do with puppies, the more they liked them. They still had foxes in the North Ledbury country, and a home-bred Master. (Applause.) The other prize-,winners also replied. The Rev T B Wilson proposed The health of the Judges." Mr Albright said judging was rather a difficult business. He was very glad to hear that Mr Twin berrow was breeding for work. Mr Bevan said to show there was no favour- itism, before starting he asked Mr Twinberrow to cut out the names of the walkers from the catalogue. (Laughter.) SATISFACTORY ARRANGEMENTS MADE Mr Lawson Walker proposed the health of Mr and Mrs Twinberrow. (Applause.) The arrangements for the future of the Hunt had been satisfactorily settled. He thought that they had a unique little country. It had an admirable Master, it was well supplied with foxes, and an excellent lot of landowners and farmers supported it in every way. (Hear, hear.) They had been told that they had a home-bred Master. Both his father and grand- father were excellent sportsmen, and were beloved by everyone, and Mr Twinberrow was walking in their steps. The toast was drank with musical honours. Mr Twin berrow, on behalf of his wife and himself, said he was very much obliged for the kind way in which they had honoured the toast. It was a labour of love to hunt the North Ledbury. They had had a fairly successful season. They killed 17 brace, ran 15 bsace to ground, killed two badgecs, and were stopped three times by frost, He thought that that was as much as they could expect from the country at present. Mr Twinberrow said when he retired from the Mastership of the Teme Valley hounds two years age and took over the mastership of the North Ledbury, the Ledbury Hunt Committee guaranteed 2200 per annum to- wards the expenses of hunting the North Ledbury country, and subscriptions were paid to the Ledbury Hunt account. The Led- bury Hunt were unable to continue their guarantee, and as he was continuing the mas- tership of the North Ledbury he understood that all subscriptions which were given by that hunt would now be payable to the North Ledbury Hunt fund, and they hoped they would be sufficient to enable him to continue to hunt the country as he had done during the past two years. He might say that the finds and poultry claims came to aboat 2100 per season, so that they would understand that there was a great deal of money to be found, as it cost quite £600 to hunt the country. That did not include the kennels or the hounds, which were his own. He was perfectly willing to continue to go a good way towards the expense, and hunt on such two days a week as would meet the convenience of his followers. Mr H S Phillips proposed The health of the Huntsmen, J Sherwood, and J Palmer." Mr Cooke, of The Venn, gave a couple of hunting recitations, whieh were much appre- ciated.





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