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WORCESTER ROYAL GRAMMAR SCHOOL I v. COLWALL. Played at Co!waH on Saturday and won by the I visitors by 83 runs. Sc)re:- I COLWALL. A S Dagger c Chessall b Baker. 10 G B Sanderson c C H Hemus b Baker 3 G C T Giles b Humpherson. 27 P H L'Estrange b Baker 0 F G Meakin c Baker b Humpherson 13 G Johns b Baker 1 F H Rudgaid b Baker 1 F Brooks b Baker 0 H Powell not out 0 A Spillsbury b Baker 0 F Moss run out 0 Extras 5 -60 WORCESTER ROYAL GRAMMAR SCHOOL. B W Sadler c Sanderson b Moss 21 C H Hemus c Rndgard b Moss 3i W Baker c and b Dagger 14 V W Humpherson c Sanderson b Moss 12 F Nicholas c Giles b Dagger 3 V H Howes c Dagger b Moss 5 D G Hemus b Dagger 2 H J George lbw b Spillsbury 9 W Downs b Powell 9 H A Crickmer not out 14 W A H Chessall not out 7 Extras 15 (9 wkts) -143 LEDBURY II v. WEST MALVERN. At Ledbury on Saturday and won by the homesters. Score:- LEDBURY. J C Smith c Price b Cooke IS H Smith b Cooke 8 L P Hoult c Wilson b Cooke 4 W Brown c Cooke b Wilson 38 R Howell c Cooke b Evans 31 W Clarke c Jones b Wilson 4 M S Sarluis b Evans 0 J Kendrick c Jones b Cooke 16 H Corbett not out 15 A Chadd not out 8 4 Extras 6 Innings declared (8 wkts) -148 WEST MALVERX. A Wilson b Hoult 0 A Evans c Brown b Hoult 2 R James b Hoult 0 F Gardener b Hoult 2 V Puce c Drinkwater b Hoult 2 C Simmons b Hoult 0 A E Haines c Hoult b J Smith 1 Smart c Brown b J Smith 2 B Jones run out 0 F Rawlings b Hoult 1 J Cooke not out 0 Extras 1 —11 2nd lonir;A. C Simmons c H Smith b Howell 8 J Cooke b Howell 6 R James c Kendrick b Howell 0 F Rawlings c Hoult b Chadd. 1 A Wilson b Clarke. 0 A Evans c Hoult b Drinkwater. 3 A E Haines c H Smith b Drinkwater 0 V Price not out .I. 0 Extras 4 (7 wkts) -22 EASTNOR v. W G DAVIS'S XI. At Eastnor on Whit-Monday. Score :— W G DAVIS'S XI. THHayesrunout 11 L P Hoult tun out 48 C B Masefield b Winte? 33 R Howell c Winter b Browning 8 W F Brown b Winter 58 W Clarke c Sarluis b Winter 28 J C Smith b Winter 16 H Smith not out 38 F W Juckes c Maddox b Winter 5 G H Smith retired hurt 2 W G Davis b Sansome. 3 Extras 21 -271 EASTNOR. W Maddox c H Smith b Hoult 25 G Mullins c Brown b J Smith 4 W S Crookes b Hoult 0 L J Phillips c and b J Smith 23 R Browning c Masefield b Hoult 13 E Winter c Brown b J Smith 2 M S Sarluis b Hoult. 0 W Howells run out 0 F Butler b J Smith 5 E Saiisoine b Hoult 4 W Pedlingham not out 4 Extras 1 -81 EASTNOR v. PERRYSTONE COURT. At Eastnor on Saturday and won by the homesters. Score:— EASTNOR H B Court c Gibbons b Thornley 13 W Maddox b Tlornley., 0 W S Crookes b Snell. 63 L J Phillips not out 62 R Browning b Jones. 2 E Winter b Snell 12 G Mullins not out 4 Extras 7 Innings declared (5 wkts) -163 W Howells, V Butler, W Pedlingham and E Sansome did not bat. PERRYSTONE COURT. R Wilmot b Court 10 J Snell b Winter 5 P Bellamy b Winter 0 W Thornley c Maddox b Winter 0 M Alexander c Sansome b Court 0 F Lyndon c Phillips b Court 11 G Emmingham b Winter 0 A Davis b Court 6 Gibbons b Winter 0 E Pragnell b Winter. 2 King not out 0 -34 WEST MALVERN v. HEREFORD THURSDAY. Played at Widemarch, Hereford, on Whit- Monday and resulted in a deeisive victory for West Malvern by 65 runs. Scores :— WEST MALVERN. AS Dagger b Freeman. 49 A W Spillsbury b Freeman 15 j H S Sndlow st Freeman 0 It James b Counsell. 4 I A Evans c and b Brown 5 j V Price run out 7  A Wi?on b Counsel! 38 FHRawUngsbCuuQseh 0 J Cook not out 3 H Barlow b Counsell. 0 A E Haines run out 7 -128 HEREFORD THURSDAY. G Bennett b Dagger 4 J H Thomas c and b Dagger 6 P H Luscombe b Spillsbury 0 C Smith c and b Dagger 17 A Balderstone lbw b Spillsbury 3 SF Freeman b Dagger. H ? F Laurence b Spillsbury 0 B Hitchins not out 9 G Thornhill b Spillsbury, 0 A Brown c Price b Spillsbury. 9 H. Counsell b Dagger. 0 Extras 1 -63




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