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CRICKET CHAT. [By THE TYKE."] On Saturday last the weather was not over promising in the morning, as rain fell, but happily it cleared off, and local cricketers were able to proceed with their games. Ledbury second eleven were at home to West Malvern, and won by 139 runs. Col- wall were defeated, at home, by Worcester I Royal Grammar oSchool, and Eastnor easily defeated Forthampton. # Ledbury had a pretty useful second eleven out, and, winning the toss, Jim Smith and Hoult were the first pair of batsmen. Evans and Cooke being the bowlers. At 13 Hoult was sent back for eight, and at 21 Harry Smith was bowled by Cooke. Jim Smith helped Brown to carry the score to 42. when the left-hander was dismissed for 18, and with Howell and Brown associated, West Malvern had a bad time. The pair defied all the efforts of the bowlers to separate them until the total had reached 104. Brown subscribed 38, in which were five 4's, and Howell 31, including a like number of boundary strokes. Although Clarke and Sarlius were easily got rid of, the later batsmen caused some trouble, Kendrick making 16, and Corbett 15 (not out). With the score at 150 for 8 wickets the venture was declared closed. For West Malvern Cooke came out with the best bowling figures, with 4 for 39. Wil- son had 2 for 20, Evans 2 for 40, and Gardner (26), Simmons (16), and Price (3) did not meet with success. >< When West Malvern went in to bat they found Hoult and Jim Smith in form with the ball, and the innings, which was a mere procession, realised only 11. Four of the batsmen scored a couple each, two of them one each, and there was one bye. Hoult bad the remarkable figures of seven wickets for five runs, and Jim Smith had two for a like number of runs. West Mal vern bad a second knock, and made 22 for 7 wickets, Howell taking 3 wickets for 4 runs, Clarke 1 for 3, Drinkwater 2 for 0, Chadd 1 for 0, and Harry Smith 0 for 11. » The usual Wit-Mondav match between Eastnor and Mr W G Davis's XI, took place as usual on the Castle ground, and was productive of a good day's cricket, in which Eastnor were easily beaten. The scratch side was a prettey strong one, and ran up a big score of 271, Eastnor being weakened in attack by the absence of Court. In reply the homesters made 81, the margin in favour of the scratch team being 190 runs. Batting first Hayes and Hoult opened the venture for the scratch side, and the latter soon got off the mark, scoring at such ia fast pace that when the first wicket fell the score had reached 54, Hayes being run out for 11. Masefield, on joining Hoult, proved to be in good form, and at 89 Hoult was run out when within two of half a century, his innings including seven 4's. Howell left at 101 for 8, and at 119 Masefield was bowled by Winter for 33, including seven 4's. With Brown and Clarke associated there was a long stand, 72 runs being added before Clarke was sent back for 28, which included a 6 and three 4's. Brown stayed till 205 runs were on the board, of which be had subscribed 58, when he was bowled by Winter. His hits included nine 4's, two 3's, and a like number of 2's. ♦ Jim Smith and Harry Smith were next in partnership and they carried the score to 242, when the left-hander was bowled for 16. Then Harry Smith hit merrily away, and was still undefeated at the close with 38 to his credit, which included two 6's, a 4, two 3's and five 2's. The venture realised the big score of 271. Winter secured 5 wickets for 109 runs. and sent down no less than 31 overs, bowling at one end all the time. Browning bad 1 for 35, and Sansome 1 for 5, while Phillips (49), Howells (27), and Maddox (25) did not meet with success. • Eastnor opened their venture with Maddox and Mullins to the bowling of Hoult and Jim Smith, and they made a bad start, Mullins being caught by Brown off the slow bowler at 8 for half that number, and Crookes was bowled by Hoult at 12 for a duck." Maddox and Phillips retrieved the bad start somewhat by taking the score to 43, before Maddox was caught at the wicket off Hoult for 25, including three 4's, a 3 and four 2's. Phillips left at 61 for 23, this being the first time for three innings that he had been dismissed. Browning (13), Sarluis and Howells all left at 65, and the end soon came afterwards, the total being 81. Hoult secured 5 wickets for 43 runs, and Jim Smith 4 for 37. Tea was provided by Mrs Rowden. ♦ Colwall were at home to Worcester Royal Grammar School on Satuiday, and suffered defeat by 83 runs. Colwall had first knock, but early lost Sanderson. Dagger (10) and Giles (27) improved matters, but only Meakin (13) of the remainder got any runs, and the venture stopped short at 60. The cause of this was the fast bowling of Baker, one of the masters, w ho took 7 wickets for 16 runs, while Humpherson had 2 for 17. Sadler and Hemus were the first pair of batsmen for the school, and they paved the way for an easy victory by scoring 21 and 32 respectively, the Colwall total being eventually passed with but one wicket down. When stumps were drawn the School bad made 143 for nine wickets. Dagger took 3 wickets for 25 runs and Moss 4 for 39. Eastnor were at home to Perrystone Court on Saturday, and batting first ran up a score of 163 for five wickets. Court and Maddox opened, but before a run bad been scored Thornley bowled the Ledbury man, and Crookes filled the vacancy. A useful stand was made, 46 being added before Court was dismissed for 13. Then Pbillips came in and the Perrystone men bad a warm time. rhe younger batsman proved in fine form, and it was not until the score had reached 13 that Snell bowled Crookes for 63, in which were one 4, four 3's, and twelve 2's. Browning left two runs later, and Winter (12) at 158. With Mullins in the venture was declared closed at 163 for 5 wickets. Phillips was undefeated with 62 to bis credit, and his innings included a G, four 4's, five 3's and eight 2's. Tea was provided for all by Mr F Butler, after which Perrystone Court entered upon their attempt to save the game. Winter and Court were the bowlers, and after Snell had been sent back, bowled by Winter at 10, the fast bowler secured the wickets of Bellamy and Thornley without any addition to the total. With only a single added Court secured another wicket, and although Wilmot (10) and Lyndon (11) made a stand, it was of no avail, and the total stopped short at 34. Winter bowled remarkably well for his 6 wickets for 15 runs, and Court had 4 for 19. There were no less than six ducks on the side.





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