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NEWS IN BRIEF. I THE KING'S BIRTHDAY. I The King entered his fiftieth year on Wed- nesday, having been born at Marlborough j House ou June 3rd, 1865. THE LOST LTNtllt. I It appears from the latest figures issued by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company that over 1,000 lives were lost in the Empress of Ireland. The owners of the Storstad have published a statement contradicting in several inportallt points the evidence given by Cap- j tain Kendall at the iuqtu: i. OXFORD PRIZES. I The Chancellor's and Newdigate prizes for .,a t?e pr i z< for English essays at Oxford have been won by Mr. Maurice Ridley, of Balliol, the Latni verse prize by Mr. Henry Dawson. of New- College. and the Newdigate prize for Latin verse by Mr. Robert Sterling, of Pembroke. IRISH NATIONAL VOLUNTEERS. I A manifesto issued on behalf of one of -the regiments of the Irish National Volunteers states that the object of the force is to resist the exclusion of Ulster counties in which the Unionists are in a minority. MONGOLIA AND THE POWERS. I Th1 I I' i correspondent telegrapns t 111: t tl Mongolian Government has com- to Powers a Note requesting recognition of the ..utonomy of Mongolia^ on tJ, ;i;,[, of t! Pusso-Mongolian Treaty. CHURCH I) T ROVED BY SUFFRAGISTS. I 'il l.L ',l. £.J .l\l.. -,i. Militant Suff racists on. Monday morning set fire to and completely destroyed the parish ehtuvii at Wargrave. near Henley. An attempt was also mittie to destroy a mansion at Windsor. TWO MILES OF MOTOR-YEIIICLES. I The King sent his motor luggage-van to take part in tin1 Whitsun parade of com- mercial motor-vehicles ill London on Monday. There were two vn:!f>s of motor-vehicles, esti- mated to be worth £ 322,000. ARCTIC SHIP CRUSHED IN ICE. I The Karluk, the Stefansson Arctic expedi- tion ship, says a message from Nome, Alaska, was crushed in the ice and sunk on January IGth, near Herald Island. The crew escaped. NIAGARA FALLS CONFERENCE. I The members of the Niagara Falls Confer- ence have refused to admit a representative of General Carranza on the ground, ap- parently, that the Mexican Constitutionalist lender has not consented to an armistice. TWO FREEDOMS IN ONE WEEK. I After receiving the freedom of Coventry on Tuesday. Mr. Andrew" Carnegie went on to Lincoln on Thursday to be admitted an hono- rary freeman of that teity oil the following day. MINERS' .€2,030 DEFICIT. u I The Insurance Act is causing some diffi- culty in the administration of the Northum- berland and Durham Miners' Permanent Re- lief Fund. Iti -Iie annual report just issued *t is IioxN-ii t i ia-i, i- it is shown that there is a deficit on the year's working of CHURCH LADS AT HATFIELD. f Over 1,030 members of the London Cliurcn Lads' Brigade were inspected in Hatfield Park on Monday by Sir Frederick W. Stopford, Lieutenant of the Tower of London. FIRE CAUSED BY RAIN. I Owing to the ac-tion of rain on a quantity I of lime lying near it, the Staple Windmill, I near Sandwich, was on Monday burnt down. COURT OF THE AFFLICTED. I Of five -prisoners at Willesdeu, on Monday, I two were deaf, the third was deaf and dumb, the fourth was lame, and the fifth stammered. FATAL SLEEPING MIXTURE. I That death was due to heart failure caused by over-exertion aifl a dose of sleeping mix- ture was the verdict at a Claeton inquest on Monday concerning the death of the Rev. L. Butler, Vicar of St. James's, Claeton. THE CHILD IN THE ROAD. I "• Roads cannot now be used as play- grounds." sajd the coroner at ,tit inquest at Winsford, Cheshire, on a child who was killed by a motor-car when playing in the road. NEVER MISSED CAMP. I Air. Tom Plowman Angell, town clerk of Beccles, whose death is announced, had at- tended every camp held by the 2nd Norfolk Territorials, which he commanded, since 1883. BOY SCOUTS DROWNED. Four boy Sea Scouts, with their instructor and a Lowestoft solicitor who is a scout- master, were drowned on Monday in a boat- ing accident near Lowestoft. BRIDEGROOM FORGETS CERTIFICATE. I A wedding at Sifctingbourne on Monday was delayed for 0 an hour whilst the bridegroom telegraphed to Hull for N-crificatioii of the publication of the banns in his own parish. He had forgotten to bring a certificate from Hull. NOTABLE SCOTTISH MINISTER DEAD. The death has occurred of the Rev. John Hunt Repton Hart, who recently completed fifty-five years' ministry at Aberlady Church, Haddingtonshire. He was one of the oldest and most notable ministers of the Church of Scotland. ON TREACHEROUS GROUND. I A Welsh quarryman named Thomas Richards was walking near the Cornelly Quarry, Glamorgan, when the ground gave way beneath him and he was thrown first on to a ledge just below, and then into a work- ing 35ft. deep. He was killed. -5

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