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LEMURY AND DISTITICT MR- I RIFLE LEAGUE. Annual Dinner and Presentations. OaFriday night last a large company asaem- loled at the New Ion Hotel Assembly Soon, Ledbury, on the occasion of the annual dinner promoted by the Ledbury and District Air- Riie Leagae, which was succeeded by a mmok- ing concert, at which the presentation of the shield and medals won in competition during the last season, was made. Captain A. V Holman presided, with Mr Mr C G Carnock in the vice-chair, and amongst those present were Sergt-Inat Craue, Messrs W S Bowes (Chairman of the League), A T J one. (hon. .secretary), W G Marklove, T G Drew, E W Reed, R A Pawl, S Bowen, W Pitt, W Gardiner, J W Teague, J Pitt, G Wadley, W H Lane, B J Voller, F J Brako, C Moss, C W Jakeman. C Fardon, T Phillips, E Howard, J Hollings, E G Morris, J Huish. C Curnock, P Adams, F Reece, J Brown, G Bayliss, G Hulls, J Godwin, C Smart, J Potter, C W Smart, J Hodges, W Hodges, W Davis, J Davis, J Jones, E Gibbons, H Mitchell, B Dalley, A J DdW, C W Jessett, R Summers, W C Chadd. etc., etc. Host and Hostess E W Palmer placed a most appetising cold collation on the tables, to which full j ustice was done. After dinner the Chairman gave the loyal toast iÐ the time-honoured fashion—" Gen- tlecoen-the King," and a verse of the National Anthem was stuog- Mr E W Reed, in proposing the toaat of the "Imperial Foreea," said it was their Navy—the finest in the world-that any iavader would have to deal with first. Their was a small army, but it was not nimberS that counted, it was quality, and they bad quality. They were not always in England, and they could not be called together at any moment, so they would have to turn to the last hope-but not least-the auxiliary forces. They had a splendid leader, locally in Capt. HolmaB, and be would ask them to drink to his health. (Applause). The toast was drunk with great fervour and to the singing For he's a jolly good fellow. Captain Holman, in response to the toast, said that the auxiliary forces were a fiae thing, and he bad no doubt that when the time came the auxiliary forces would do all they could. (Loud applause). Mr W S Bowes -aid it gave him very great pleasure once again to riae aod sub- mit to them the toast of The Champions," who were once again the iuvincible team known as the Fox-(applause)-alid the Runners-up," the White Hart. (Applause). He was glad to see a fresh team as runners- up. one so valiantly led by Mr C Fardon. Referring to the champions, one could only express the admiration which be was sure I every man that had shot under thp auspices of the Ledbury and District Air-Rifla League bad for the winning team-the Fox. He thought that the Fox had demonstrated to the whole of the teams what could be done by perseverance and sticking together. (Applause). He believed that once again the whole of the records were held by the Fox team. They bad in their ranks the two champion shots in the league in Mr E G Morris and Mr J Boilings. (Applause). Mr Hollings, as they knew. was the ouly man out of between 200 and 300 mfn, who had shot in the league last season, to score a possible. (Applause). And he had also scored a 34, which as only one short. With regard to the runners-up, one could congratulate Mr Fardon upon the excellent team that he had got together. (Applause). The season before he badly wanted Mr Fardon to get a team together, but he could not see his way clear, and he could only suggest that it was a good job for the Fox that he didn't. (Laughter). 'I hey might have run the Fox closer last season than they did. They were the only team to have beaten the Fox, and it was only right that they should be the runners-up. He did not think he could say any more, except to express his hearty congratulation (Ap- plause). Next year he hoped they would have another couple of teams champions and runners-up, providing, of couree, it would be possible to get them. He coupled with the toast the names of Mr Morris and Mr Fardon. (Applause). Captain Holman then presented the championship shield to Mr E G Morris, the captain of the Fox. This is the third season the Fox have held it. Medals were also presented to the winning team, as followh:- Messrs E G Morris, J Hollings, G Walters. J Brown. J Huish, F Reece, G Bayliss, G Hulls and A Hampton. Medals were pre- sented to the following members of the White Hart team as "runners-up "Messrs C Fardon, E Howard, C Curnock, T Phillips, J Smith, H Smith, W Connop and P Adams. The following individual trophies were also presented by the Chairman :—Best aggregate during season (medal presented by Captain Holman), Mr E G Morris (Fox); best average shot during season (medal presented by Mr H C Cecil), Mr J Hollings (Fox); highest individual score (a possible ") in a match (medal presented by Mr W G Davis), Mr J Hollings; second highest individual score (34), in a match (silver spoon presented by the B.S. A., Ltd., through their Ledbury agent), Mr W H Lane (Wellington), who tied with five other shooters and won in the shoot-off. At the conclusion of the distribution of the sb ield and medals, Mr Morris thanked them very much for coupling his name with the toast He hoped the Fox team would stick together in the way they had done and run a good team next year. They had been chaffed a lot about being beaten, but they had managed to come out on top. (Applause.) Mr Fardon said he thought Mr Morris bad said more than he could sav. All that he could say was to thank them for all the nice things they had said about the runners-up. When they started the team he did not think they would get so close as they did, but be hoped to get closer next year. (Laughter and applause.) Mr Bowes submitted the toast of The Chairman," and said it gave him great pleasure to propose the toast of Capt. Holman's health. They all knew what he had done for the local company of Territorials. (Hear, hear.) He had gone to a great deal of trouble in coming there that night and they were always pleased to see him among them. (Applause.) Capt. Holman, in responding, thanked them very much for the way they had drunk the toast. He thought air-rifle shooting was a very fine thing indeed. It gave them a sense of good comradeship. The shooting had also a tendency to keep them steady, and it was undoubtedly a fine thing. (Applause.) Mr Curnock in proposing Success to the Ledbury and District Air-Rifle League," said that the League had been in existence for four years. It had been a very successful four years, which was no doubt due to the officials, the Chairman, Mr Bowes, and the secretary, Mr Jones. That was his opinion. (Hear, hear.) He asked them to drink to the continued prosperity of the Ledbury and District Air-Rifle League, and he coupled with it the name of Mr A T Jones. (Loud applause.) Mr Jones briefly responded and said he was very much obliged to them. He was also grateful to the visitors for the way they bad shown up. (Applause.) Mr T G Drew,, in proposing the health of the Vice-Chairman, aaid after the great success that had attended the Air-Rifle season he thought it would be an excellent idea if they could get in Ledbury a miniature rifle club. Personally, he would' only be too willing to join such a club and he trusted that some steps would be taken to bring about its formation. (Applause.) Mr Curnock briefly responded. The last toast was the Host and Hostess," given by Mir W S Bowes, and responded to by Mr Palmer. Daring tbe evening an excellent pro- gramme of harmony was contributed by the following :—Songs, Messrs H B Whyld, E W Reed, T G Drew, C Smart, J Huish, G F Palmer,. David Smith, jun.. and AT Jones; a duet by Messrs E W Reed and T G Drew and recitations by Mr A Rudall. Mr E; W Reed was the accompanist.





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