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I LEDBURY BOARD OF GUARDIANS. j The fortnightly meeting of the Ledbury Board of Guardians was held at the Board-room of the Unkn Workhouse on Tuesday morn- ing. There were present-Mr W L Pritchett (Chairman), who presided. Mr J A Thompson (vice-chairman), Revs A G Jones, FC Lynch, AH Knapp, and A E Green-Price, Miss Holland, Alderman J Riley, Messrs S H Bickham, L J C Riley, J J S Powell, T A Pedlmgham, H Bray, A G Bunn, J C Davies, W S Lane, E T Lane, J Pairrv, junr.. F J V Hamilton, T Calder, T S S Gardner, T W Holds, H Cowell, with the Clerk (Mr R Homes), the Relieving Officers (Mr A G Smith and Mr T Thompson), and the Master '(Mr J Kendricfel). THE WORKHOUSE. I The Master reported the number of inmates in, the house last week as 77 against 74 for the .corresponding peiiod last year, an increase of 3. Dicing the fortnight 199 tramps were relieved as against 169. an increase of 30. He also reported the gifts of papers for the inmates from the Chairman, Mr Gardner and the Rector of Ledbury (the Rev F W CA negy), The Master asked if the Guardians would kindly allow tea and sugar after dinner fer the aged and infirm inmates. The application was granted. FINANCE. I Mr Bickham stated that the balance in the bank was f,1,366 17s 3d, and there were only two small cheques outstanding. The accounts for payment amounted to JE68 93 6d. THE G.W.R. ASSESSMENTS AND THE I RE-ADJUSTMENT OF THE RATES. Mr Bickham reported that the Finance dommittee mat on the previous Tuesday; when resolutions were passed "that in the opinion of this Committee the figures as given by Mr Homes are correct and that any further applica- tion for adjustment should he made to the Local Government Board after the audit," and that the Clerk write to the overseers of the ten parishes affected by the adjustment of the rates after the recent reduction in the railway assessment, asking them to, apply to the County Council to refund the excess." Mr Thompson moved the adoption of the report. They found when they came to go into the figures that the largest amount to be returned was due not only from the County but, also from the high way authority. It affected the whole of the ratepayers and the application to the County must come from the overseer3 themselves to the County Council. In Hereford the Clerk assisted the overseers to recover from the County, and they (the Ledbury Guardians) wished their Clerk to assist the overseers in the same wAy. It was only just and right and their duty to assist in getting the readjustments made on an equitable basis. (Hear, hear.) Mr Bunn seconded and the report was adopted. Mr Davies said supposing there was such a thing as the County Council would not alo". this return the parishes that would be called upon to refund the amounts would not have to refund the whole-it would be made up through- out the whole district. The whole of the district had been receiving the benefit from the parishes through which the railway runs and if the parishes were placed in the difficulty of having to refund the money it was for the whole district to assist them. He believed the County Council were not bound to make it up. The Chairman It is the duty of the County Council to make it up, and it does apply to the whole of the parishes unfortunately. Mr Thompson said the point was raised last week at the Finance ;Committee. Mr Homes (the Clerk) produced a letter from the auditor, and that was why the report stated that it should remain until after the next audit. If they could legally do it the whole union would bear a share. Mr W S Lane How is it that it is not a uniform rate throughout the Union ? The levies are the same all our money goes into one -ron,mon fund, and why is our rate at Bosbury moc the same as at Woolhope and other places ? The Clerk There are special receipts in some parishes, and special payments in others. The parishes which have collectors have a separate charge. Mr Thompson pointed out that at Woolhope they had the expense of their school. They spent B70 and asked that the payment of the amount should be spread over two years. That made their rate at Woolhope higher than some of the other parishes. They would find that in some parishes there were extra payments, to what there were in other parishes. Mr Holds said different parishes had different precepts issued on them. At West Malvern they had to pay a levy to the Hills Conservators, which Colwall and Mathon also had to pay, and it was only through the poor rate that that obligation could be discharged. Then there was a contribution for higher education. The amount of the rate rested upon the charges on the parishes. Mr W S Lane said he was quite satisfied with the answer to his question, but it was not the answer he expected. He was expecting to hear something about the balances overseers had in their hands. Mr Bickham I was going to say that is the reason why some rates are higher than others. OFFICIALS. I The Chairman announced that there were two applications for the vacant position of nurse and assistant matron rendered vacant by the resig- nation of Nurse Hall. The applications were from Miss Hannah Elizabeth Riley (25), nurse at Prestwich Union, Manchester, and Miss Edith C Jackson (44), of Birmingham, who had held various appointments as nurse and matron. It was decided that Miss Jackson was the most suitable candidate, and that the Chairman and Miss Holland should interview her, and they were empowered to m'ke the appointment at their discretion. The salary is E50 per annum, with board, loJgin^s, washing and uniform. The Clerk read a letter from Mr Batch elor, porter at the Workhouse, tendering his resigna- tion, as he had been appointed Master's Clerk at Cambridge Union, where the late Master and Matron of Ledbury Workhouse, Mr and Mrs Johnson, are Master and Matron. The Chairman said he also had received a letter froKuthe Porter, asking to be allowed to leave a week before hia notice expired, as his annual holidays were now due, and also asking for a gratuity for acting as Master of the Work- house for three weeks during the time they were without a master. It was decided to allow the Porter to leave as. desired, and an allowance of two guineas was voted. The Chairman announced that he had received an application for the position of Porter from Mr Harold Gordon Smith (27); at present porter at Ampthill Workhouse, who was engaged to Miss Pedley, the cook at Ledbury Workhouse, and as the application was in every way a suit- able one, it would be advisable to appoiat Mr Smith. The Rev A E Green-Price gave notice that at the next meeting he would move that Mr Smith be appointed. LOCAL TAXATION AND THE NEW I BUDGET. The Clerk announced the receipt of a circular letter from the Derby Union, enclosing copies of resolutions respecting the final report of the Departmental Committee on Local Taxation, as affeeting Poor Law administration, asking that the Board would support such resolutions, which were:—(1) That this Board views the recommendations of the Departmental Com- mittee on local taxation, in so far aa its pro- posals affect the Poor Law, as highly unsatis- factory, and the increased grants in it suggested as inadequate, in view of the importance of the administrative work of the Poor Law. (2) That in view of the Committee's report regard- ing rating, and the speech of the Chancellor of the Exchequer in introducing the Budget, and his proposals to transfer the assessment for rating purposes from the local authorities to a Government department, it is desirable for Boards of Guardians to be alert when the Rating Bill is introduced by the Government. (3) That the Poor Law Unions' Association be requested to give the proposals of the Depart- meatal Committee earnest consideration at an early date, and (4) that the Board of Guardians throughout the country be forwarded a copy of the foregoing resolutions with a request that, if in agreement therewith, they will support any action by the Poor Law Association thereon. The Chairman expressed the opinion that the effect of the resolutions was pretty much the same aglthat passed by the Board that day fortnight, though they did go a little further. Mr Davies thought they ought to support the Derby Board. No harm could be done. They ought to keep an eye on the Government in these proposals, and he moved that they sup- port the resolutions. Mr Thompson pointed out that the proposals of the Departmental Committee would lead to an enormous amount of change. The Unioq Assessment Committees would be abolished altogether. The County authority was to be the authority, with district committees. Officials would be brought in who would have consider- able authority, and there was a lot of points to consider. There was bound to be a considerable amount of reform and probably the report would be the form in which the reform would be established. They did not want to get the assessments in the hands of officials too much. (Hear, hear.) He did not believe in. the country being governed by its officials. (Hear, hear.) Practical business men had a more com- plete knowledge of the value of property than simply one paid official who had to cover an enormous area. They must have a certain amount of reform in the question of assessments of property and especially if they were likely to have other property than real property brought into the question of locil taxation, which was increasing, aud they would have to have other property than real property brought in to bear the cost of local government and administration. They required to be very much on the alert as to what was being done. Agriculture had been hardly dealt with in the past-even the Chancellor of the Exchequer admitted they had been taxed on their stock-in-trade. They had been overburdened and they must see in the future that they were not unjustly dealt with. The food-producing industry had been hardly hit by taxation in the past, and they must see that that did not occur in the future. (Hear, hear.) He did not wish to make a political speech, although If he went on he might do so. (Applause.) He seconded the motion that they support the resolution. This was carried unanimously. ADDITIONS TO COMMITTEES. i On the motion of the Rev A H Kaapp, seconded by Mr Bray, Mr T A Pedlingham was elected a member of the Assessment Committee in place of Mr J Powell (resigned), and Mr T Calder was added to the Visiting Committee and the Asylu m Committee. LEDBURY NURSING ASSOCIATION. A letter was read from Miss K H Martin, hon. secretary of the new Ledbury Nursing Association asking for a subscription from the Board, and pointing out that the nurse attended all patients attended by the parish doctor. It was decided to subscribe two guineas. This concluded the business of the meeting.




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