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LEDBURY BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The fortnightly meeting of the Ledbury Board ef Guardians was held at the Board-room of the Uni^n Workhouse on Tuesday morn- ing. There were present—Mr W L Pritchett (Chairman), who presided, Mr J A Thompson (vice-chairman), Revs A G Jones, FCLynch, AH Knapp, and A E Green-Price, Miss Holland, Alderman J Riley, Messrs S H Bickham, L J C filey, J J S Powell, T A Pedlingham, A G BUDn, J C Davies, J Parry, T S S Gardner, T W Holds, J Baughan, H Cowell, W Drew, and A A Yapp, with the Clerk (Mr R Homes), the Relieving Officers (Mr A G Smith and Mr T Thompson), and the Master (Mr J Kendrick). THE WORKHOUSE. I The Master reported the number of inmates in the houso last week as 82 against 78 for the corresponding period last year, an increase of 4. During the fortnight 211 tramps were relieved as against 247. a decrease of 36. He also reported the gifts of papers for the inmates from Miss Martin, Linden House, New-street, Ledbury. and by the kindness of Mr L P Hoult, 4Rhe Picture Palace, the children were ad- mitted to the performance at the Royal Hall on Saturday afternoon last. A vote of thanks was accorded Miss Martin and Mr Hoult. FINANCE. I Mr Bickham stated that the balance in the bank was £1,433 16s lid. It was necessary to Mk that a Committee be formed to inquire into Mr Homes's calculations in regard to allowances and contributions from parishes affected by the alteration of the railway rates. He proposed that the whole of the Finance Committee go into it. Mr Thompson said there was the question of the amount paid to the County Council and he thought they would have to request the County Council to bear their share of the refunding, as they had had the benefit of it. If the Finance Committee would go into the question as Mr Bickham suggested they should also go into the question of the County Council being asked to refund their share. The resolution was carried unanimously, and the name of the Rev A E Green-Price was added to the Committee. THE AGRICULTURAL RATES RELIEF I ACT AND THE NEW BUDGET. I Mr Davies ss.,id they were told that under the ttew Budget the Agricultural Rates Relief Act would be done away with and there would be IÓlea all round. There would be doles to big firms like Oadoury's and agriculturists would receive nothing like what they were going to take off, if they had their proper contribution under the Agricultural Rates Relief Act. What they were receiving now in the way of licenses and whiskey money was all calculated and they were getting 4-5ths now. He believed they were going to be in a worse position than ever. When the grant was made under the Agricultural Rates Relief Act they received half their rates, which were then"2a 3 £ d in the S, and when all this was settled he did not think 5s would pay their rates, and he believed it would be 6s. When the Act was passed it was to relieve them of half their rates and the authorities should be asked that now the rates have gone up tremendously they should receive half. Mr Thompson said he thought the rate would he half on agricultural land as now. He I thought there would be no harm in passing a resolution that in the changes that are to be made they hoped there would be no reduction. If they received half their rates they would receive an advantage. At the present time he did not think any man could say what the I changes would be. They were so vast and enormous that no man could tell what their effect would be. Mr Davies said if Mr Lloyd George had said they were excessively rated he would give a favourable ear to their protest. The Chairman suggested a resolution on the lines of the resolution passed by the Ross Rural District Council to the effect that the grant under the Agricultural Rates Relief Act should ite increased so that it would cover half the rates, as it was intended ito do when the Act was first passed, and that a copy be sent to the Rural District Council's Association and the Boards of Guardians in the county. Mr Davies added that all they wanted was to be fairly treated and they must watch that they were not caught napping. Father Lynch seconded the Rosa resolution, which was acceptsd by Mr Davies and carried. RESIGNATION OF NURSE HALL. I The Clerk announced the receipt of a letter from Nurse Hall resigning her post as nurse and assistant-Matron at the Workhouse, as she had been appointed nurse at the Chesterton Union.. The Chairman said, he had also received a letter from Nurse Hall asking that as her holidays were almost due she should be allowed to leave the workhouse at least one week earlier in order that she might have a little holiday before proceeding to her new post. She also asked for a testimonial, and for a small gratuity for acting as Matron for five weeks. The Board unanimously decided to grant a testimonial and allow Nurse Hall to leave a fortnight before her month's notice was up, and by a majority the Board decided to grant her a gratuity of two guineas for services rendered while the Board were without a Matron. It was decided to advertise for a nurse afc a salary of C30 a year, with board, lodgings, washing and uniform. BOARDING OUT CHILDREN. I The question of removing the children from the Workhouse to cottage homes or boarding them out, as provided by the new order of the Local Government Board, was referred to the Boarding-Out Committee. «