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WELLINGTON AIR-RIFLE CLUB DINNER. On Thursday night in last week the first annual dinner and smoking concert, promoted by the members of the Wellington Air-Rifle Club, took place at the Wellington Inn, Colwall, and proved a most successful function. The committee responsible for the arrangements are to be congratulated on the success which attended their efforts. As this is the first year of the newly-formed club the members are to be congratulated on their first venture. In the first place an excellent range is provided at the headquarters of the club, the Wellington Inn, by the respected host, Mr IVadley, and the club is also fortunate iR securing the services of Mr W H Lane as captain and Mr F J Brake as the energetic hon secretary. The utmost keen- ness also prevails among the members. In the Ledbury and District Air-Rifle League the club occupy a very favourable position, and their aggregate compares very favourably with teams above them in the table. The club has participated in several close matches, but perhaps the most notable one was the match with the Fox," the champions of the League, which was shot on the Fcx range, and created a record in the league; the two teams totalling the highest aggregate in any match yet shot in the league. Mr J Hollings (Fox) who has for three seasons been the champion shot and is leading this season, achieved the feat of scoring a possible," the first since seven shots came into force. F Reeves, of the Wellington, scored 34 and two other marksmen in J Brown (Fox) and W Line (Wellington) each scored 3?. In all 48 bulls were registered out of 112 shots to count, a record for the league. The Fox eventually won the match by 1 point. Taking all things into considera- tion the club has reason to be proud of its first season's achievements. Mr and Mrs G Wadley, the respected host and hostess, placed on the table an excellent cold collation, which was admirably served by the Misses Wadley and Mrs W Lane, and was much appreciated. Mr C Thomas presided, and amongst the company present were Messrs G Wadley, G Wadley, jun.. W H Lane, F J Brake, C Moss, J Hunt, H E Hanson. B Lea, P George, T Cotterell, T Hill, G Moore, H Burford, H Innes, C Bickerton, W Jones, W Harford, W Spencer, C Webley, H Moore, Herbert Moore, W Harford, Smith, W Squires, H Butcher. A Goodwin, S Hart, T W Davis, B Voller, J Powell, A Birchley, G Williams, etc. After full justice had been done to all the good things provided, a most enjoyable evening was spent under the chairmanship of Mr C Thomas. During the evening the toast of Success to the Wellington Air-Rifle Club was pro- posed by the Chairman, in the course of which he referred to the successful season, the first of the club, which they had had. This was chiefly due to the excellent officers they had. In Mr W Lane they had an excellent captain, who was a thorough sports- man and an excellent shot, and he bad given them a good example. Mr Brake had also carried out the duties of hon. secretary in a very able manner, and their best thanks were due to him for his services. The mem bers had also stuck loyally together and he had much pleasure in submitting the toast of the Wellington Air-Rifle Club, coupling with it the name of Mr F J Brake, the hon. secretary. Mr Brake, in reply, said that it gave him great pleasure in submitting to the company tne accounts for the past season. The receipts were as follows :-Members' Sub- soriptione; L2 13s, shots sold £1 lis 8d, entrance for members 148 6d, total £4 19a 2d. The general expenses were 11s 3d, to expenses of dinner X,3 5s. honorarium to officers 15s, balance in hand 7s lid, total £4 19:1 2d. He wished to thank the members for the support they had given him and he was very pleased with the year's working. Mr C Thomas proposed the toast of the "Visitors," and said that he was pleased to see amongst them the Captain of the Yew Tree club. It showed that good-fellowship existed between the two clubs. Mr G Moore replied, saying that it was a pleasure to him to come to their first dinner, and he thanked them for acknow- ledging his presnce. The toast of the Host and Hostess was given in eulogistic terms by Mr Brake, in the course of which he referred to the kind- ness of Mr Wadley in driving them to the out-matches. Mr Wadley, in reply, said that it gave him great pleasure to see them all present and enjoying themselves. What he had done for the club bad given him great pleasure and he could assure them of his support in the future. The following contribnted to the harmony of the evening:—Messrs D Smith, A Birchley, C Bickerton, A F Goodwin, B Lea, W Lane, G Williams, J Powell, etc. Miss E Wadley was the accompanist. The proceedings closed shortly before 12 with the singing of the National Anthem.








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