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I CHIPS OF NEWS. The Budget is to be introduced on a day in the week beginning April 19th, said Mr. McKenna in the House of Commons. The Admiralty are reported to have ordered thirty machines from two German aeroplane manufactories. Sir Hubert Jerningham died on Friday night of pnenmoiiia after a short illness at his Loudon residence in Bruton-street. The promotion of Prince Maurice of Bat- tenberg from Second Lieutenant to Lieu- tenant of the King's Royal Rifle Corps has been gazetted. The new light cruiser Nottingham, which has been built and armed at a cost of £ 379.000. has been completed for active ser- vice at Pembroke Dock. Rear-Admiral Archibald P. Stoddart has been appointed Rear-Admiral in the Home Fleets at *Devonport in succession to Rear- Admiral Arthur H. Christian, M.V.O. At a special meeting of the Law Society it was announced that the council would oppose the bill before Parliament for allowing women to become solicitors. Mr. H. A. Byatt, the Commissioner of Somaliland, has been selected for appoint- ment as Colonial Secretary of Gibraltar, in succession to Sir F. Evans, who is about to retire. Brasses to commemorate Queen Victoria and King Edward VII. have been presented to the English church at Stockholm. General Sir Charles Douglas has been ap- pointed Chief of the Imperial Staff in succes- sion to Sir John French. I After an eleven days' battle, in which thousands were killed and wounded, the Mexican rebel army under General Villa cap- tured Torreon. Militant Suffragettes have made two at- tempts on buildings at Glasgow, a bomb be g exploded outside a church door, and a raid being made on a mansion with a view to arson. A woman was caught in the act. The first consignment of fresh asparagus to arrive in this country from California was landed at Liverpool on Friday. Mure. Susanna Ibsen, widow of Henrik Ibsen, the poet, died at Christiania on Fri- day, aged seventy-seven. Romney's portrait of Miss Mary Ruck sold at Messrs. Christie's, and "The Death of a Saint," of the school of Simon Mnrmion (fifteenth century) realised £ 2,625. At the third International Opium Confer- ence. which meets at The Hague in May. Great Britain will be represented by Sir William Collins and Mr. Max Miiller. Mr. Cnthbert Grundy, of Blackpool, who recently gave a recreation ground to Cheshunt, has now presented a group of seven liotiseg in Cheshunt to the Browning Settlement. The houses will be used as a college for working women. John Halpin, a Covent Garden market porter, cycled from London to Pompeii on a secondhand machine wh'ch cost El. The Thames Conservancy have issued re- vised by-laws raising the "ttkenble" size of several kinds of coarse fish. According t-o a decision given at the Lam- beth Police-court the upper saloon of a tram- car is part of the inside" in which the Lon don County Council is empowered to carry excess passengers. Dr. Charles Hamilton. Archbishop of Ottawa and Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada, has resigned. Dr. Hamil- ton became Bishop of Ottawa in 1896, and Archbishop in 1909. The Federated Women's Societies of Ger- many have decided to petition the Govern- ment to make it legal for indefinite sentences of imprisonment to be passed on drunken hus- bands who ill-treat their wives and children. The Chinese brigand White Wolf was re- ported at the week end to be within seventeen miles of Sianfu, the capital of Shensi, and all missionaries have been ordered to take refuge inside the town. The Egyptian Cabinet has resigned. Mus- tapha Fahmy Pasha has undertaken to form a new Ministry. At the second inquest on the body of a Welsh farmer who died at Carno on Decem- ber 1st, the jury found that he died from strychnine poisoning, but that there was not sufficient evidewe to show how the poison was administered. Measles is so" prevalent in Nottingham that all the infant schools in the city have been closed until the end of Easter week. There have been 203 deaths in two months. A monkey at Chinsurah. Bengal, which had been punished for pilfering, threw its mis- tress from the roof of her house into the street. The woman died shortly afterwards. All children under the age of sixteen are to be excluded from the Sunday performances of the picture palaces at Southport. It has been prcr -ze(i that the Willesden Council should turn their disused sewage farm at Stonebridge into municipal golf links. Whilst cycling on Crabble Hill, Dover, a local man named William Jarvis collided with a motor-cyclist, and died in hospital. Wandsworth Guardians offer rewards of 91 each for information as to the whereabouts of forty-seven men who have deserted their wives -t:id children. Dudley Town Council have decided to pro- ceed wit the scheme for building a Town Hall, 3T- eum. Art Gallery, and municipal officos v