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HUNTING. I WITH THE LEDBURY. J When hounds met at Eastnor on Thursday, the 26th ult., it was plain that chief interest was centred on what was going to happen on the following day. Whilst some were calculating how much better would be their banking account if certain doubles came off; "the staff" to a man were hoping to see one of the horses of our very popular master first past the post. Even the foxes seemed to be affected with some spirit of cussedness, for they ran as though they did not care whether they moved or not, and scent was so wretchedly bad, hounds were unable to force them in any way, and so the day dragged I on, not a single run worth mention being 1 recorded. On Saturday, March 28fch, the fixture was "The Trumpet." After a couple of unsuccesful draws, hounds were put into a small spinney near Putley schools. Immediately reynard was away at the upper end, and turning left-handed through Priggles, crossed the Putley fruit gardens before turning right-handed for the Marcle Hills. Running the ridge, /our pilot appeared to be making for Homme House, as he croseed the Hall End, Hall Court and Hill farms. Just before reaching Bodenham, he doubled sharp back, leaving the Bounds and Gatchapen on the right and crossing Hatsford, pointed again for Priggles. This he skirted, bearing right-handed by the Court for Putley Post Office. Here a sheep dog somewhat marred the hunt, but a forward cast set us going again for Aylton Court, and straight for Ast- wood, passing right through and over the Bargains farm for Wallhills. Here hounds hunted him round as far as Mr Moore's farm, when a fresh fox jumped up, causing a diversion. Batchelor quickly saw the mistake and once again got hounds on the line of his hunted fox but he was not yet done. Another hour gave us a woodland hunt before being rolled over as stiff as a crutch near Baynham's Farm, after standing before hounds from quarter to one to quarter past five. Monday they met at Barber's Bridge. The first fox found in Highnam ran by the Pintam to Tibberton Wood. Here he turned right-handed touching several small spinneys before going on to Churcham and away for Pipers Grove. Another left-handed turn, and straight to a drain from which he was bolted, and hounds coursed him along by the Keeper's cottage, where he was rolled over on the Gloucester- road. FOR ARD ON. I