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CHIPS OF NEWS. I < Tke King and Queen will probably make a tour of several important colliery centres when they visit Nottinghamshire in June. They will motor to Newstead Abbey, Byron's old home, and have lunch there. It is believed that the Bulgarian Queen's coming visit to the United States is to pave the way for a Bulgarian national loan from American financiers, The Mexican rebels appear to be now in possession of the business section of Torreon. Owing to floods caused by heavy rains, an entire street comprising fifty houses and an avenue of trees at Stavanger, Norway, was swept into the sea. Mr. Bonar Law was on his way to sports at Bradfield College, Berks, on Saturday, when he was called back to a conference in town. An appeal for the blind has been sent out by wireless to ships on every sea, embodying the King's message to the National Institute of the Blind. According to Odessa telegrams, the Jewish emigration from Russia to Palestine is greatly increasing. A sudden inrush of water into the shaft of a mint" near Nanurr 011 Saturday resulted in the death of three miners. Two people have been killed and 200 houses burnt as the result of an olltbreàk of fire at Fukuoda (Kiusliio), Japan. During a violent thunderstorm on the eastern coast of Sicily, the Italian torpedo- boats Alcione and Ardia were badly damaged. Sir Edward P. Morris, Prime Minister of Newfoundland, sailed for England from New York on board the Olympic on Saturday. The French aviator Garaix has beaten the former height record for a flight with eight passengers. The new record is 5,165ft., as against 3.280ft. Enver Pasha, the Turkish Minister of War, has issued an order by virtue of which Bul- garian officers will henceforth be at liberty to traverse Turkish territory in uniform. The death has occurred at Brussels of Father Schaefer, a Belgian missionary, who was at one time a chaplain in the British Army, and rector of the Roman Catholic Col- lege at Darjeeling. The British steamer Boma, from Hamburg, has arrived at Teneriffe four days overdue, having met very heavy weather, during which the boatswain was washed overboard and drowned. In connection Sw.ith the Imperial Confer- 1*' the Imrial Confer- ence on the Blind, an exhibition of the arts and industries of the blind will be held at the Church Ilouee, WelStminster. from June 18th to 24th. Lady A nder on has been elected unopposed as a representative of Wimbledon on the Kingston-on-Thames Board of Guardians, of which Mrs. Pa-ston Brown, another Wimble- don member, is the chairman. Nearly £ 7.,r;00 is the sum now raised to- ward s the Sheffield Radium Fund. Aaed 101 years, Thomas Hughes has died in Bishop Auckla id workhouse. Chesterfield 'Corporation propose to adopt a town-planning scheme at a cost of £ 2,788. Ali,. I'-rei-v-,tl Sliarpe, director of education at St. Itelpus, has been appointed director of education for Newcastle. In commemoration of his silver weddins the Dnke of Portland is adding two new bells to 'Cockney Parish Church. Poplar Guardians arc to provide 1,100 hot- cross buns for the inmates of their various institutions on Good Friday. Camberwell Borough Council have banned professional boxing at the public baths, but amateur displays are to be permitted. Viscount Iveagh and Viscount Hambledon have each promised £100 toward s the re- building of HunJon Church, Suffolk, re- cently destroyed by fire. Sir Charles Seely, with E25, heads a list of subscriptions by which a motor-ambulance, car has been provided for the Royal Isle of Wight County Hospital. In succession to the late Sir William Vin- cent. Bart.. Mr. Basil Braithwaite. J.P., a former High Sheriff of Surrey, has been elected chairman, of the Epsom Bench of Justices. Fifteen thousand pounds' worth of damage has been caused at Darwen by a fire at the Wood fold Mill, owned by Mr. W. Bertwistle, which was gutted and the extensive stock ruined. At Cardiff, William Caynant Griffiths, Charles William Seymour, and David Wil- I i m". three former officials of the Central "<h Board, have heen committed for trial to Glamorgan Assizes on charges of fraud !• -'<1 embezzlement of the funds of the Board. Tii y were admitted to bail. TIrc old eoiiis have been picked up in Chartley Park. Staffordshire—one a -shilling of the reign of Edward VI., a sixpence of Queen Elizabeth, and a gold angel minted by the Abbey of Thoren in Flanders about 1480. Brigadier-General Congreve has ppr- chased them from the finder for Chartley Hall. Fillc, amounting to £ 20. with R2 14s. costs, have been imposed at the Marylebone Police-court on Walter W. Tucker, of the Cheese Factory, Brent Knoll, Somerset, for sending to London, under a contract, milk which contained 7. 8, 10, and 12 per cent. less than the proper amount of milk fat. Mr. Harry Orbell, a prominent Labour deader and organiser of the Dockers' Union. died on Friday at Bournemouth, whither he went, about three weeka ago for the benefit of his health. Mr. Orbell was just over fifty. "Thile driving a taxicab at Bexhill on Friday. Walter Smith fell forward over the steering-wheel and died. The cab, which contained a lady, ran on the pavement, but stopped before any harm happened. AmOIlO' the newly-elected resident Fellows of the Royal Colonial Institute are Admiral Sir George Lambert and Sir Ronald Munro- Ferguson. the new Governor-General of Australia. Having picked up in a Barnstaple street a pocket-book containing a roll of bank-notes for a considerable sum, a man took it to the town clerk's office., and restored' the pocket- book to its ownet before he had discovered lm loss. Blown over by the w\nd in the recent gale, Catherine Johnson Waugh. aged sixty-seven, of South Shields, broke her ankle, and has now died. although an operation was performed. Five young chicks, forsaken by their natural guardian, have been adopted by a bulldog, owned by Mr. W. Wakelin, of Great Hale. Recently closed by the local Baptists, a el>p.pel has b-pii taken over by the parish of St. Mary, Bangor, to be converted into a in ission-room. Bournemouth Council's application for an extension of the borough boundaries has re- ceived the sanction of the Local Government P.O.•)>•(!,