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Sales by auction. POPE & SMITH (Late W. MANTOK & Co.,) AUCTIONEERS, Agricultural & General Valuers, HOUSE, IAND, ESTATE, AND INSURANCE AGENTS. ITALOATldHS for PROBATE" MORTGAGE. Stock Sales in Ledbury Market On ALTERNATE TUESDAYS thoroughout the year. NEXT MARKET, APRIL 7, 1914. Order of Selling— Pigs and Store Cattle at 10 a.m. Sheep at 11.30. Fat Cattle at 12. Houses, &c., to let Entered in Register Free of Charge. OrnCJ:8 NEW STREET, LEDBURY, AND St. ALDATES CHAMBERS. GLOUCESTER. LEDBURY STOCK MARKET. LED BURY STOCK MARKET. POPE a SMITH Beg to announce that they will hold their Second Special Spring Sale of Store Cattle, ON TUESDAY, APRIL 7, 1914, For which they respectfully solicit early entries. Auctioneers' Offices, New-street, Ledbury. WOODLEIGH ROAD, LEDBURY. POPE SMITH Have received instructions to SELL BY AUCTION on the premises in the occupation of Sergt. Barnham. on THURSDAY, APRIL 16th, 1914, The whole of his HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE & EFFECTS. Sale at 2-30 p.m. precisely. No Catalogues. Auationeers' Offices-—New Street, Ledbury. W. F. WEST, Gieeno-tocer & Fruiterer, 38, Homend Street, Ledbury. All kinds of English and Foreign Fruits in season. ORANGES, 30 and 40 a Shilling. DATES. PRUNES. FIGS. LEMONS, Monkey and Tiger Nuts. Fresh Vegetables of all Kinds Daily. -Good Assortment of Brushes & Baskets Good Selection of Artificial Wreaths and Crosses at reasonable prices. WREATHS and CROSSES Made to Order at the Shortest Notice. gent for CARTER'S Tested FLOWER and GARDEN SEEDS. Constitution Hill, Birmingham For the Best Selection of Pianos & Player Pianos Prices in plain figures. Terms arranged, or discount for cash. FREE.—Illustrated List by Post. FREE.—Motor Van Deliveries. FREE.—Tuners Visit after Delivery. RILEY'S WITH PEINCIPAC PIANO HOUSES, CLOSE SATURDAYS AT ONE. f TARIFF-J rPEIGNON CHESTNUT PALE ) FENCING. y r CHEAK9T. FENOtt#^ THE tVOMJQT Y FOR K\cLOSING CATTLE. Ktcif. HOUSES. piGS øoos. *!«. w no. deliver any quontity. Large or Sm. s Carriage Paid from Work. to any Railway Station in Devon. Dorwl. Cornwall. Gloucester and Somerset. iuMutn. ECONOMIC FENCING CO. LTD., n', ECONOMIC FENCING CO. L TO.. C ell.LITER HOUS;r. :T,.T. LO"OO". E.C. THOMAS JONES, MONUMENTAL and I BUILDING MASON, | I Stone, Marble or Granite M Monuments Cleaned and Repaired. Works— G.W.R. Station, Malvern Wells and Belmont, Malvern, Link. Private Address— Taynton House, Lower Wilton Rd., Malvern. A. A.SHOBIflOUSE, Lfcfc, MEAT & CATTLE SALESMEN, City Meat Market, BIRMINGHAM. All kinds cf Cattle Sold on Commission. TKLEPHONK-53 MIDLAND. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS • MEAT BIRMING'M. Sales bp Suction. BR UTOI^KNO WLES & Co. Albion Chambers, Gloucester. Estate & House Agents, Surveyors, Auctioneers, Agricultural, Hotel, and Timber Valuers, and Valuers for Probate and Estate Duty. AN ILLUSTRATED REGISTER of Proper- ties for Sale by Private Tre ty or to be Let may be had on receipt of Three Stamps. No charge is made for the inserton of particulars unless a Sale or Letting be effected. Telegrams Brutons, Gloucester. Telephone 67. SACKSFIELD, REDMARLEY. 5 miles from Newent, 7 from Ledbury and 9 from Gloucester. BRUTON, KNQWLES & CO. Are instructed by Mr C F Walker, for whom they have let the farm, to SELL by AUCTION ON THURSDAY, APRIL 9, 1914, At one o'clock punctually, without reserve, -| Q SHORTHORN AND CROSS BRED is CATTLE, including 2 Dairy Cows, one with calf and one in-calf, 3 Heifers in calf, 13 fresh two-year-old Heifers, 2 Cart Geldings, Yearling Cart Filly, 4 Ricks pnme Hay to go off, Harness, Implements, about 800 Gallons Cider, Casks, etc. Catalogues may be had at the Swan Inn, Staunton, or of the Auctioneers, Albion Cham- bers, Gloucester. BY MESSRS. JACKSON & McCARTNEY. FINAL WEEK FOR MAKINC ENTRIES. HEREFORD HORSE SALES. NEXT PRIZE SALE OF 200 HORSES, Saturday, April 18, 19J4. d" P.150 IN PRIZES. A CASH prize of ?20 offered for best Pair of ACart Geldings or Mares. A Silver Cup valuezCIO for the best Cart Gelding or Mare. Also prizes for Vanners and Hackneys. Entries close Friday, April 10. Prize Schedules and Entry Forms upon application. JACKSON & McCARTNEY, AUCTIONEERS, Craven Arms and Hereford. public Notices. Re JOHN ISAAC SMITH, deceased. ALL PERSONS having any CLAIMS or A DEMANDS against the Estate of JOHN ISAAC SMITH, late of Gold Hill, Eastnor, in the County of Hereford, Farmer, deceased, are requested to forthwith send full particulars thereof to H. VERNON SMITH, 31, Homend Street, Ledbury, Solicitor for the Executors. R.E. DAW, Wheelwright Every description of WAGGONS, LORRIES, CARTS, FLOATS, etc., Made to Order. Farmers' Lorries a Specialitu. Estimates Given. REPAIRS Promptly Attended to. OAK FIELD GATES Made to Order. POSTS SAWN ANY SIZE. Manufacturer of Spokes, Ladder Rounds Etc., Etc. FIREWOOD BLOCKS FOR SALE. New Market Street, Ledbury. KITCHEN PAPERS ETC., ETC. We can save you money in the buying of all kinds of Kitchen Papers, Dish Papers, etc. We deal direct with the Mills. White Kitchen Paper 6d., 8d., and lOd. per quire. '1 ■ Grease-proof Paper (best) 6d. per quire. Dish Papers from 3!d. for 6 dozen. Cap Paper 2s. 6d., 33. 6d., and 5s. per ream. TILLEY & SON, Printers, Stationers, etc., LEDBURY. J. L Larkworthy & Co., -■ MmMULTURAL ENCHNJEERS, WOROF-8 Ploughs, Harrows, Scuffles, Cultivators. DRILLS, ROLLERS. Telephone-No. 46, Worcester. Telegrams-" Larkworthy, Worcester." public ftUtices. PICTURE PALACE ROYAL HALL, LEDBURY. Manager-Mr L. P. HOULT. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, April 6, 7, and 8, at 8, doors open at 7-45, the Startling British Film- LT. DARING AND ROOM 41. A Marvellous Plot that Grips. THE JEWELLED SLIPPER. By the Selig Co. THE ANGER OF DIANA. IRON AND STEEL INDUSTRIES. PROPOSAL BY PROXY. Thursday at 8 p.m. (no show on Good Friday), Saturday at 6.30 and 8.45 p.m. (doors open 6.15 and 8.30 p.m.), and Matinee on Saturday, at 2.30 p.m. (Special reduced prices for School Children, Id, 2d and 3d). Complete change of programme, including Ambrosio's Famous Production, In the Grip of the Eagle's Claw. Abounding with Thrilling Incidents. MAID OF THE CLOUDS. By the Hubsch Co. INTERESTING SPORTS. TO WN OF ST. LOUIS. GAME OF POOL, etc., etc. Usual Prices-Stalls Is Pit Stalls 8d Pit 4d. Operator-Mr. A. TWELVETREE. Visitors from Colwall and Dymock will have ample time to see the 6-30 performance on Saturday and catch the last train from Ledbury. Books containing 12 Passes to Stalls for 8s., or 12 Passes to Pit Stalls for 5s 6d. Can be obtained from the Manager or Cashier, and admit to any performance. | t | Grand Easter Programme In the Mldat of the Jungle. Board of Trade. Session 1914. ELECTRIC LIGHTING ACTS, 1882 to 1909. LEDBURY ELECTRIC LIGHTING. PROVISIONAL ORDER. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the L Board of Trade have made and issued a Provisional Order under the provisions of the Electric Lighting Acts, 1882 to 1909, with a view to the same being included in the Con- firmation Bill, about to be introduced into Parliament, to the Ledbury Electric Supply Company, Limited, whose registered office is at 127, Victoria Street, Bristol, authorising them to supply Electrical Energy for public and private purposes within the Urban District of Ledbury, as constituted at the commencement of the Order, and that part of the Rural District of Ledbury which lies within a circle, having for its centre the tower of St. Michael's Church at Ledbury, and a radius of one mile and four furlongs. Copies of the Provisional Order have been deposited for public inspection at the offices of the Clerk of the Peace for the County of Hereford at his office at the Shire Hall, Here- ford, and at the respective offices of the Urban District Council of Ledbury and Rural District Council of Ledbury, both at Ledbury in the same County, and printed copies of the same can be obtained at the following offices :-The Ledbury Reporter, New Street, Ledbury, and at the offices of the undermentioned Solicitors and Parliamentary Agents, at a price not exceeding one shilling each. Dated this 31st day of March, 1914. SEYMOUR WILLIAMS & Co., 38, Parliament Street, Westminster, London, S. W. Solicitors and Parliamentary Agents. CLOUCESTER LIBERAL BENEFIT APPROVED SOCIETY FOR MEN. THE SECOND ANNUAL MEETING will JL take place at the LIBERAL CLUB, GLOUCESTER, on THURSDAY, APRIL 19th, 1914. at 7-30 p.m. The business to be transacted will be :—1. Minutes of the First Annual Meet- ing. 2 Election of Honorary Officials. 3. Election of three members of the Committee of Management (Nomination Forms may be had on application). 4. To receive a statement bearing on the General and Financial positions of the Society. 5. To adopt and confirm Amendments of Rules consequent on the Amending Act 01 1913 as required by the Insurance Commissioners. 6. To discuss in a general manner the interests of the Society. Admittance only to those who produce their Insurance Book.—S. J. GILLETT, Secretary. NORTH GLOUCESTERSHIRE COLF CLUB, Leckhampton, Cheltenham. EASTER MONDAY, APRIL 13th, 1914, at JLLt 10-30 am. and 2-30 p.m. TWO EXHIBITION MATCHES between GEORGE DUNCAN, the Famous News of the World," France, and Belgium Champion, and ABE MITCHELL, Fiualist with Mr Ball in the 1912 Amateur Championship, who has now joined the Professional ranks. Morning—DUNCAN V MITCHELL. Afternoon—Four-Ban Match. DUNCAN and Mr CHARLES HUTCHINGS (ex-Amateur Champion) v. MITCHELL and PEARSON (the Club Professional). Admission all day, Is 6d; Afternoon, Is; Members free. All-day Tickets may be obtained in advance, to include Hot Luncheon, 3* 6D or Cold Luncheon, 3^ at, the Club House, and Messrs Dale, Forty and Co, Ltd, Cheltenham. THE LEDBURY HUNT POINT TO TPOINT STEEPLECHASES will be held at Redmarley on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22. Red Coat Race for Members of Hunt. Lady Bullough's Cnp (Masters' Nomination Race). Challenge Cup value 1:100. presented by Lady Bullougli to winner, and £ 20 2nd £ 10 3rd £:5. United Hunts' Race, for adjoining hunts. zC20 to winner 2nd X5 3rd to save stake. Adjoin- ing Hunts' Farmers' Race. Winner £ 15; 2nd JE5; 3rd X2. Ledbury Hunt Farmers' Race.— For particulars apply to A W MONTGOMERY CAMPBELL, Dymock, Gloucestershire. HARTPURY AND DISTRICT HORSE SHOW AND HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY, GLOUCESTER. TELE THIRTEENTH ANNUAL SHOW Will be held at HARTRURY On Thursday, July 30tho 1914. Schedules on application to the Secretary, S. A. KILBURN, Hartpury. CHEAP PREPAIDS. 9d.. for 20 Wordsuanndder I Three Six Once. Times. Times. s. d. d. a. d. MS? 0 9 > ? ? 3 0 and under J 3 28 words 1 0 | O 4 0 36 words 1 3 2, 6 5 0 -;¡¡ Stamps are not accepted, but odJ amounts may be affixed to Postal O.iers according to Post Office regulations. Whete the total amount of the remittance does not exceed sixpence, HALF-PENNY stamps may be sent. SITUATIONS VACANT. GARDENER Labourer and Odd Man wanted I for country place married house found close to work no cows gardener kept.—Apply to Miss Niblett, Upham, near Ledbury. WANTED, Man to look after horses and W traps and deliver meat.—Apply, Walker & Son, Butchers, Homend-street, Ledbury. WANTED, a thoroughly reliable Man as W groom and gardener.—Apply, W Cale, Vale Lodge, near Ledbury. WANTED, Youth 15 to 16, able to milk and Vv make himself generally useful live in. Apply. Harris, Upleadon Court, Bosbury. WANTED, Waggoner NEW cottage and gar- Vv den found; good wages to a good man.- Apply, Taylor, Moor Court, Much Marcle. REQUIRED for AUSTRALIA Men with farming experience also British Lads 16- 20 to iearn farming special reduced fares £3 only payable here.—Apply* W W BELL & Co., Ltd., Governments' Acereditet, Shipping Agents, 9, Broad Street, Worcester Also vacancies for Farm Workers (Canada) and Domestics (Canada and Australia); assisted and advanced fares. W ANTED, reliable Man as cowman good W wages, with c ttage and garden.— Weston, Much Marcle, Dymock. DOMESTIC SERVANTS WANTED. WANTED, respectable Girl as cook-general TV references required young housemaid kept.—Apply, Mrs Edgar Hartland, Preston Court, Ledbury. w ANTED, strong willing Girl for house- I work, age 15-16; to live in.-Apply, Biddulph Arms, Ledbury. LADIES wanting good Servants, and Servants Aj with good characters can be quickly suited by applying to the Servants' Domestic Agency (3 minutes from G. W. R. and M.R. Stations), 6, Station Road, Gloucester. PROPERTY TO BE LET OR SOLD. TO BE LET. LEDBURY.— L Garden, Albert Road, Ne??.vm. Convenient Residence, j623 Dan-y-Craig, £ 35 per annnitt. Roseville, furnished or unfurnished, JE30 per annum. Large Garden, Albert Road, Newtown, £ 2. Cottage and garden, Hilifields, Parkway, 1/9 weekly. Gentleman's Residence, Sonth Parade, im- mediate possession. South Cottage, Malvern Wells; large garden; X25 Sporting Residence, XSO per annum. REDMARLEY. R The Old Post Office. TO BE SOLD. EDBURY.- JLj House, Shop and Premises at the Upper Cross, Ledbury. Two Cottages and Garden, Parkway, front ing main road. Country House and Grounds, £ 1,600. Seven Building Allotments. House and very large garden, £ 500. Building site, Albert Road, two plbte adjoin ing. Cottages, Woodleigh Road. 6 Freehold Cottages and Gardens, Parkway Two Houses, Bye Street. REDMARLEY.— RCottage and Orchard. For further particulars apply- HENRY GARROOD, SOLICITOR, LEDBURY. COTTAGE with large garden on Ledbury Golf Liuk&-Apply, H Bill, Hill Farm, Eastnor. TO LET, Cottage and Garden, small Orchard, JL situate at Old Country, Bosbury good water supply.—Apply, J Cale, The Palace, Bosbury. FOR SALU. FOR SALE half-bred 5-year-old Mare, and J. Two Cart Mares; good workers; also quantity of Clover Seed.—W G Fear, Argus Farm, Ledbury. FOR Sale, Best and Second Hop-poles.—Apply F J InneR. The Camp, Colwall. F  foal, LOR SALE, Hea\'y Roan Cart Mare, in foal, 16-2; also 7 strong Stores.-Apply, James, Tan House, Cradley, Malvern. PIANO ior sale (as new) bargain Sewing JL Machine, fl also Lady's Bicycle strong, good inner Head Teacher, Reporter Office, Ledbury. IJ^OR SALE, pure-bred AyWmry Duck Eggs, F2/- per 8ittin.-E J A Crauke, The Noad, Ledbury. OR SALE, cheap, I-Plate Box Camera, with 1: plate-holders, tripod staad, 2 printing frames and 3 dishes.—Write, Box B. S.. Reporter Office, Ledbury. MAILCART for sale, in good condition; cheap-pply, 26, Albert-road, Ledbury. THE CHAMPION LAYERS Lindner's Strain White Wyandotte Eggs, 2/6 for 14. Glevum Foster Mother for sale, new the best possible to buy can be seen working 150-chick size £ 3 7s.—S Laae, Staplow, Ledbury. FOR SALE, Lady's Bicycle; good condition £ 3 to b?seenjM the Reporter Office. P OR SALE, Harmonium (by Crane & Son, Liverpool); seven stops, mahogany frame, excellent condition; what offers?—Johnson, Workhouse, Ledbury. PEDIGREE Shorthorn Bulls and Bull Calves iL for sale from the very best strains both milk and beef strains kept; separate stock bulls milk records kept. Inspection of the herd is cordially invited.—Wilfred Hewitt, The Home Farm, Hope End, Ledbury. 10 O Loatfs Of Sawn Oak FIREWOOD BLOCKS, JM ,8/- per load, delivered in the towf3. Hill & Sons, Hill & Sons, Builders, Ledbury. CA MTITAT DR. Matthias's P A JL -L JLLVY JJT Camphor Cough Linctus gives instant relief. Coughs, Colas, Bronchitis and Asthma. Testimonials from eminent persons prove its eiffcacy. Post free 1/14, 2/3. 4/HOOPER & Co., Chemists, 43, King William-street, London Bridge, London, E.O. I WANTED. WANTED, Keep for 20 2-year-old Bullooks for a month or six weeks hay and run out; in lots if preferred. -Apply, Bennion, Rose Hill, Dymock. A NTIQUES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION oL WANTED. High Prices given'for Old Silver.-J E PAGE, Jeweller, 4, Broad-street, Hereford. MISCELLANEOUS. PRIME CANTERBURY LAMB NOW IN JL SEASON.—Try the Canterbury Lamb from the London Central Meat Co., Limited, one of the largest meat purveyors in the United Kingdom, who have gained their reputation by selling only the very best quality. Be advised by practical people and buy the best from the London Central Meat Co, Ltd, Homend-street, Ledbury Broad-street, Newent. I SUPPLY the World's best Triple-Tested JL Pedigtee Vegetable and Flower Seeds. Before purchasing obtain my Catalogue, 72 pages, 76 illustrations, free compare prices they are most reasonable for reliable seeas.-Ellison, 160, Weet Bromwich. Established 1890. WALL-PAPERS from lid per Roll. Any Vv quantity, large or small, wholesale prices. Stock exceeds 250,000 rolls all classes. Write for patterns, stating class required. (Dept 377), Barnett Wall-Paper Co., Ltd., Knott Mill, Manchester, I MPORTANT TO MOTHERS.-Every JL Mother who values the Health and Clgan- liness of her Child should use HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beantifies and strengthens the Hair. In tins, 4!d and 9d. Postage Id.—Geo W Harrison, Chemist, Read- ing. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Ledbury-A STEVENS (late Freeman), Chemist, Market Place; Newent, H Whittles; Colwall, Amos, Chemist. MILLIONS OF RATS HAVE BEEN SLAUGHTERED BY USING HARRISON'S 11 RELIABLE99 RAT POISON Equally good for Mice, Moles, and Beetles. Dogs and Cats will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Price 6d., 1" 2s. 3d. and 3s. 8d. Postage 2d. G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Ledbury: V. W. MEACHAM, High St Newent: H. WHITTLES. GSolwall CLARK & AMOS. Lion I Bicycles, .£5 5s. Od. Cash. Signed guarantee for 10 years. Now fitted with Three-Speed Gear without extra charge. SINCE 1905 I have advertised in this paper, and have made and sold over 18,000 machines. NO EXTRAS. Lamp, Bell, Pump, and every- thing included. Carriage paid. You can ride and test the machine for Ten Days. If you do not approve I pay all carriage. I have thousands of testimonials. Write to-day for copies, and the finest Catalogue ever printed (with coloured illus- trations showing exact machines). GEORGE BEATSON, 'Lion' Cycle Works, 84, Moseley Street, BIRMINGHAM. Payments if desired, 15s with order and 10s per month. lB. G. WAYGOOD & 60. DUDLEY, Agents & Merchants. Coir Yarns, Quassia, Hop Soap, Hop Pockets, &c. Ledbury Agent-Mr. A. G. T. BANKS. ENGLISH AND AMERICAN DENTISTRY C. H. DOVEY ATTENDS LEDBURY EVERY TUESDAY From 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. at Mr. PEDLINOHAM, Grocer, Market Place. HAT^ Usual Cost. JL EE X Fitted without extraction or pain, made an Vulcanite, Gold, and Alloy. Sets from One Guinea. We Re-make Teeth Supplied by ethers that have proved useless, at a trilling expense, and guarantee complete satisfaction Honesty is the Best Policy, So the old proverb says, and we on our part believe it. We send out none but honest work at lowest prices. Give us a call. It will Cost you Nothing, As we make an examination of the mouth and give an estimate of the cost willingly without charge. You Fix the Price You can afford to pay, and we will meet, you. We do not ask, nor do we wish, our patients to pay more than their means will permit. Patients may always depend On seeing Mr. Dovey personally, as he does not send assistants to his branches. Permanent Address— C.H. DOVEY, Anglesea House, Worcester Rd Gt. Malvern A Popular & Effective Remedies. M Carboy Hair Tonic. f—?'-? Carbor Nursery Hair Wash. J I Household Embrocation. Backache and Kidney Mixture. Blood Purifier. f *•§!$ ?<, Chest, Throat and Lung Syrup. I v I Indigestion Mixture. V I Rheumatic Mixture. Quinine and Phosphorus Tonic. Tic and Neuralgia Mixture. Children's Nutritive Tonic. Syrup of Figs. 7!d per Bottle. Double 7 id. size, is. Sold only by- ARTHUR STEVENS, M.P.S. (Late FREEMAN), Pharmacist, 6, HIGH STREET, LEDBURY. CHOICE PRESENTS! W. C. MANN'S Stock is complete with a Superb Collection of DIAMOND ORNAMENTS GEM JEWELLERY. SILVER PLATE. And Inexpensive Novelties, SPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS. W. C. MANN (Member of the British Optical Association), Chronometer, Watch and Clock Maker. Coldemith, Jeweller, Optlolan, &o., THE CROSS, GLOUCESTER Telephone 98. SiriDiCleanlig SPECIALITIES AT Wilks' Stores SPECIAL SHOW OF BRUSHES, BROOMS, DUSTERS, FLOORCLOTHS, CHAMOIS LEATHERS, SPONGES, HOUSE FLANNEL, &c., &c. Labour and Inconvenience is Brushed Aside by the use of Good Clean Utensils. SCRUBBING BRUSHES from 3td to 1/6. BLACKLEAD BRUSHES from Id to 1/6. fc CARPET BROOMS at 2/6, 3/6, 4/6. Best French Weed. HAIR BROOMS from 1/3 to 5/- ■ DUSTERS, DISH CLOTHS, CHAMOIS LEATHERS, HOUSE FLANNELS at all prices. FLOOR POLISH in tins, 3d, 6d and 1/ All kinds. Little labour necessary to make floors shine. FURNITURE CREAM in jars, 3d, 6d and 1/ Preserves the Furniture and gives it a new appearance. LIQUID VENEER at 1/- and 2/- per bot. SOFT SOAP, BAR SOAP, SIL- VER SOAP, &c., &c., in aU kinds. CHINA & CLASS. SPECIAL SHOW OF EVERYDAY LINES. TUMBLERS (thin glasses), at ld, 2d and 3d. CUPS & SAUCERS (thin white), at 2/6 per dozen. WINE GLASSES (green). A few hundreds to clear at Id each. ODD CUPS, aU shapes. Won- derful value at Id each. EGG CUPS (White and Gold), half-dozen 5Jd., very cheap. PLATES (White and Gold), good value, 121-d each. FANCY JUGS (pretty shape), good size, 6td each. TO fLET JUGS and BASINS, large quantity, 1/3 each. WIIITE PUDDING BOWLS, splendid line, 3d each. All Best Quality Goods. CALL & INSPECT. WILKS, 10&11, HICH STREET LEDBURY. —————————————————————————-————.——— URBAN COUNCIL ELECTION, 1914.. There may be differences of opinion as to the merits of the several candidates, but yetI will certainly be right if you plump for a bottle 'of "Guinea Ale. LAKE BROS. & BASTOW, Vine Brewery, Ledbury. Telephone—P.O. 12.  PAINLESS DENTISTRY W. A. HOBSON, Lower Cross, LEDBURY. T^T^nPTT Extracted, PAINLESS XJjjJCiXJtl. Method. TEETH Artificial, from fl Single T1?1?T1T All Repairs Promptly X JtH? JL XJL attended to (any makerV HOURS OF CONSULTATION Fridays, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Market Days (Tuesdays), 9-30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ADVICE FREE. Lower Cross, Ledbury (Next to New Inn Hotel). NOTICE OF REMOVAL! From March 25th. HAVING secured more CENTRAL and JLJL Commodious premises, Mr. HOBSON begs to inform the public that in future he will person- ally attend aU patients at his DENTAL ROOMS on the premises of Mr. MARKLOVE, Lower Cross, Ledbury (next to the New Inn Hotel, and opposite the Reading Room), every Tuesday and Friday. ESTABLISHED 1824. The Yorkshire Insurance Compani LIMITED. Reserve Funds nearly P.3,000,000, Claims Paid exceed £ 6,500,000. CHAIRMAN -.—EDWIN GRAY, EsQ. LIVE STOCK INSURANCE. Insure with the wealthiest Company transact- ing this class of Insurance. For latest features including FOALING and other SPECIAL RISKS, see the Company's new prospectus, which may be had post Lee. WORKMFMB COMPENSATION, InoliKJIng DOMESTIC SERVANTS. ABSOLUTE PROTECTION against ALL LIABILITY without limit as to amount, IN- CLUDING THE COSTS OF DEFENDING DOUBTFUL OR WRONGFUL CLAIMS, provided by this Company's policies. FIRE INSURANCE. Survey made and minimum rates quoted re of charge. LIFE DEPARTMENT. New Table of "Life nsurance at Minimum Cost. The lowest prem ums charged by any British Life Office. Write or particulars. BRISTOL OFFICE2, Clare Street. Application for Agencies in unrepresented districts invited. r SW ASK YOUR CHEMIST, T Grocer or Wine Merchant, B BURROW'S I ALPHA BRAND" | I MALVERN WATERS Yon will find them Superior in Purity to all other Table Waters. IF NOT KEPT IN STOCK, apply to W. & J. BURROW, THE SPRINGS, MALVERN. Malvem Soda, Malvern Seltzer, Malvern Potash and Lithia Waters. Six Dozen, Carriage Paid. In Corked Bottles, Screw Stopper Bottles, and BLUE SYPHONS J. ROMANS & Co., Ltd., GEORGE ROMANS Manager. TIMBER <&: BUILDERS' MERCHANTS, Docks, GLOUCESTER Large Selection of Well-seasoned Timber, Deals, Match and Flooring" Boards. Mouldings, Skirtings, Out and Sawn Lath, Weather Boards, Oak and Deal Field Gates and Posts, Ladders Ladder -nd Scaffold Poles. G-alvanisea Corrugated Iron Sneets. Noted Yard for Rough Boards, Scantlings, and other Timber, suitable for Shedding, Fowl-housea Garden and Farm purposes. relerhone Gloucester.