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NEWS IN BRIEF. THE KING AT ST. THOMAS'S HOSPITAL. The King and Queen visited St. Thomas's I Hospital on Monday afternoon and made a tour of the wards. SEVERE STORM IN UNITED STATES. I A severe storm raged through the east of the I United Stares during1 the week-end. Several lives have been lost, and New York is practi- cally isolated. CANADIAN COALFIELD DEVELOPMENT. I It is believed that the visit of Mr. D. A. I Thomas to America is connected with a great I development of Canadian coalfields. JjKNTON INQUIRY DELAYED. I The An trio-American Commission, which ten El Paso on Sunday for Juarez to examine Mr. B'-nton's body, has been stoppfxl by General Carranza's orders. General Carranza claims that the British Government must treat with him direct. AVIATION HEIGHT RECORD. 1 _1.. I I M. Garaix boat the worlds heignt recora vrnn I three passengers at Chartres on Monday, reach- I ins; a height of 10,900ft. RESISTANCE TO HOME RULE- t I 1 are being made ior me lgD- ing in every part of the country of a solemn de- I deration of resistance to the carrying out of the Home Rule Bill. I GENERAL WILSON IN BELFAST. I General Wilson, Director of Military Opera- I tions at the War Office, visited Belfast on I Monday. I SUBMARINE ABANDONED. I The Admiralty have decided to abandon sub- marine A7, which foundered in Whitsand Bay on January 16th with the loss of eleven officers and men. I SNOW STOPS HUNTING. I Owing to a heavy snowstorm in Cumberland it was impossible for the mountain packs of fox- hounds to hunt on Monday. The Speaker's pack, the Clencathia, was amongst those con- fined to the kennels. I DRUNKEN DRIVER SENTENCED. I Frank Perry, thirty-four, a taxi-cab driver, was sentenced by Mr" de Grey at Lambeth on Monday to three weeks' hard labour for being drunk during his employment. Sin JOHN TENNIEL CREMATED. The first part of the funeral of the late Sir John Teuniel took place on Monday morning at the Golder's Green Crematorium, whereat the body was creniated. The ashes were buried later at Kensal Green. I SIR E. CARSON'S SON. Monday's naval appointments included those of Sub-Lieutenants 1. B Colvin, W. S. Carson, and A. Eo M. Cunningliame-Graham to the Royjs.1 vaclit Victoria and Albert, to date March ist. Sub-Lieutenant Carson is the son of Sir Edward Carson. I MOUSE STOPS TELEPHONE SERVICE. The tdephone service at Middletown, New Jersey, was held up for two hours owing to the girl operators, scared by a mouse, having fled and bolted themselves in a pantry. I ELEPHANT ATTACKS ITS KEEPER. I I An plophant in Ho.tock s Menagerie attacked its keeper at Retford on Monday. The man was rescued alive, though severely mauled. I SUBMARINES' TRIP TO AUSTRALIA. Australia's first two submarines left Ports- mouth for Sydney on Monday, convoyed by the cruiscr Eclipse. They are due at Sydney on May 15th. I BUILDING TRADE DISPUTE. The London Master Bunders' Association ha* rejected the proposals recently submitted by the men's representatives with a view to ending the dispute in me trade. I VETERAN AIRMAN'S NEW BIPLANE. Profewor A. K. Huntington, who ;5 more than sixty years of age, made a successful flight at. Eastchurch on Sunday in a. biplane of his owi invention, which combines the principles embodied in the famous Dunne natural-stability biplane and his own ideas. I CAPTAIN'S CHEQUE FRAUDS. Captain Lennox Kendall, formerly of the Roval Guernsey Artillery, was on Monday foutld guilty by a Jersey jury of frauds oy cheques on the London City and Midland Bank and on several tradesmen, and was sentenced to nine months' hard labour. I DEATH OF LONDON EX-MAGISTRATE. Mr R. 0. B. Lane, K.C.. Metropolitan Police Magistrate for West London from 1895 to 1910. died at his house at Kensington on Saturday at the age of seventy-one. I BISHOP ON SACK CRIME CONFESSION. Referring to the confession of guilt in the Liverpool sack crime made by George Ball be- fore his execution, the Bishop of Liverpool (Dr. Chavasse) says that he only saw Ball once, im- mediately before his confirmation, when he fully acknowledged his guilt as he had already done to others. I HOUSE RIDDLED WITH SHOT. At Turloughmore, County Galway, on Mon- day. the house of a man named Higgins was riddled with shots. Pictures were smashed and considerable damage was done. The police be- lieve that the authors of the outrage used a rifle as well as revolvers. I PRISONS AS SANATORIA. In gaols, workhouses, asylums, and fore- castles of ships," said Sir James Barr, opening a tuberculosis exhibition at Preston, tubercu- losie used to spread readily, but this is now altered, arfd the prisons are about the beet sana- toria in the kingdom." I RAMSGATE TRAGEDY COMMITTAL. William Hearn Pitcher, aged nineteen, WM again brought before the Ramsgate magistrate. on Monday on a charge of murdering Sarah Brockman, aged sixty-three. Chief-inspector Paine said the accused, after his arrest, re- marked: There is nothing more to say. I am guilty." The accused was committed for trifll oa the capital Charge.