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HEREFORDSHIRE TEACHERS'STRIKE SENSATIONAL REPORT CONCERNING A LEDBURY TEACHER. A final settlement of the teachers' strike in the county has now been effected, and the teachers will return to the schools at once. At a meeting of the Herefordshire Educa- tion Committee on Wednesday the report of the Special Sub-Committee was adopted by 16 votes to 9. This agreed to the scale of salaries agreed upon, and to the reinstate- ment of teachers. The proceedings were conducted in piivate, Colonel Decie stating that in order to place the matter fully before the committee be must refer to confidential communicationeo. These, it would seem, were letters from the Board of Education and a report of Colonel Decie's interview with Mr Pease, President of the Board of Education. The report was passed by sixteen votes to nine, and in the course of the debate the Bishop of Hereford again advocated the claims of the teachers. Most of the fifty schools which have been closed for a month will be reopened immediately, the N.U.T. having wired the the teachers instructing them to resume work. Teachers appointed temporarily will leave, but in regard to those who have been perma»: "iy appointed further arrangements will hav • to be made. The itcule agreed upon is not so high as the teachers originally asked for, bat is much higher than the local authority offered, and the increases in salaries will eventually amount to nearly YI,CtOO,. The chief object of the N.U. P was to obtain a definite scale with a,. tual increments for efficient service, and thw^e they have secured. After the meeting Mr Peggram, the teachers' representative in Hereford, stated that the Union was, arranging for the teachers to resume their duties immediately except at schools where the strikers' places had been filled. For the extraordinary expenditure entailed by the strike it is believed that the county rate will be increased this year by one penny. TBE REPORT OF THE SPECIAL I SUB-COMMITTEE. The report- of the Sub-Committee, which was arlopted, was as fellows :— Your committee have to report that not- withstanding the increase of nearly Y,1,300 to head teachers' salaries approved at the last meeting of the Education Committee and an assurance that the salaries of all teachers would reconsidered annually with- out waiting for a recommodation from the managers, the teachers were not satisfied and a considerable number of head and assistant teachers ceased work at the expiration of their notices on January 31st, 1914, and, over 50 schools had in conse- quence to bo closed. The Sub-Committee advertised for new teachers, received a large number of applications, and proceeded with as little delay as possible to arrange for restaffing the schools. Seeing that some of the schools would necessarily have to be closed for some time the Board of Education were approached with a view of having such closures treated as unavoidable in conformity with Article 45 of the Code. The Board replied that they could only judge each case on its merits at the end of the year and suggested that as there was little di&ereDce between what the teachers wanted and the Committee was willing to concede that a conference should be held. A conference accordingly took place, when it was found that the demands of the teachers were so high that they could not be entertained. later, it was made clear on behalf of the teachers that the terms put forward at the conference were not, as the Committee were at first led to believe, irreducible. This being so, further Conferences were held and the following terms agreed upon, which your Sub-Committee now recoup mend for appoval. MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM SALARIES SUGGESTED. FOR CERTIFICATED HEAD TEACHERS. Avge. Men. Wonten. Attend. £ £ £ £ Grade I 1 to 50 100 to 120 90 bo. 100 Grade II 51 to 100 110 to 140 9(Ho 120 Gf.\de I I I. 101 to 120 120 to 150 lUUo 130 Nine schools 121 and over to be treated individu- ally with a minimum of X140 for men and X120 for women. FOR CERTIFICATED ASSISTANT TEACHERS. Masters £ 85 to £ 130 Mistresses £ 75 to £ 110 All Head Teachers to be raised to the minimum on the 1st April, 1914, and thence forward the salaries to be recon- v sidered annually, and all teachers below the standard for the year to be eligible for an increment, but those above the standard to mark time till the standard overtakes them thus 1914 1915 1916 1917 191S 1919 1920 £ E 4 £ £ £ £ 1 Teacherat £ 115 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Teacherat £ 133 — 2 5 5 5 The above is not an automatic scale of salaries, but it is understood that if a teacher's work and conduct have been satisfactory throughout the year an increase of Y,5 will be granted each year up to the maximum according to grade. No teacher is to suffer loss by reason of this scale or by reason of transfer from one grade to another. The Education Committee will budget each year for the provision of such funds as may be necessary to cover the increases indicated by the standard. No head teacher te be prej udiced on account of the strike." All teachers whose places have not been filled to have the option of returning to duty as far as the Local Edu- cation Authority are concerned. Imported teachers who have been' appointed tempor- arily to lea-ve as soon as can be conveniently arranged those appointed permanently to remain in office. Only those teachers appointed as certi- ficated asssistants to be paid according to the above scale for certificated assistants. The making of new appointments in Council Scho >ls to cease as from the 16th February, 1914. The Authority to agree to the displaced teachers resuming work immediately the newcomers go and to raise no question of notice by the teachers who have been brought in. The present salaries of head teachers amount to £ 20,873 (see report of the Salaries Committee dated 15th December, 1913) and the effect of accepting the above arrangements will be to increase this amount by.9409 on the first of April, 1914. Should it happen that every teacher is found to deserve an increase of salary each year up to the maximum, and should there be no change of teachers during the next seven years, the amount of annual increase would be as follows:— I 1915. 1916. 1917. 1 f440 £5.53 f675 1918. 1919. 1920. E721 « f 139 £ 450 The m i n i miim an d The minimum and maximum salaries for the Head Teachers which were adopted by the Sub-Committee in December, 1913, were as follows Avge. Men. Women. I Attend. £ £ £ £ Grade I 1 to 50 90 te 100 80 to 100' Grade II 51 to 100 100 to 130 90 to, 115 Grade III. 101 to 150 120 to 150 1H30 to 130 I Six schools over 150 to be treated individ- j ually. I And it was decided to reconsider tke salaries of all teachers each year in March. Should all teachers have deserved an in- crease, and should there have beeR no change of teaehers until the maximum salaries were reached, the amount of annual increase would have been 1915. 1916. 1917. 1918. 1919. 1920 1921'. 1922. £ 166 £ 338 jE385 £470, E380, £ 275- £ 15 JEM so that the difference between what the Com- mittee were willing to give and the teachers to receive was only a sum of X1643, spread over a period of seven years. Signed R, PREWOT. DEcir,. Chairman. Shirehall, Hereford, 21st February, 1914.



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