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LEDBURY COTTAGE HOSPITAL. I Annual Meeting. I On Friday afternoon at the Barrett- Browning Institute Mr S H Bickham presided at the general annual meeting of the subscribers and donors of the Ledbary Cottage Hospital. Also present were Mrs Bickham, Mrs Maddison green, Mrs Carnegy. Miss Bullock, Rev F W Carnegy, Rev F C Lynch, Dr Green, Mr H Down, Mr T S S Gardner, Mr A Carless, and Mr C B Mase- ield (hon. secretary). ANNUAL REPORT. I The Chairman submitted the report, as follows:— We, the Committee of Management, beg to present to the subscribers and donors of the Ledbury Cottage Hospital our 41st annual report for the year ending 31st December, 1913. There were 4 patients in the Hospital on January 1, 1913. During the year 130 have been admitted, making the total number of oases for the year 154 accidents 28 surgical 101 medical 5 the result being-cured 114 relieved 9; died 5 left without treatment 1 and 6 remained in at the close of the year. The private ward has been used by 1 patient only, and has been occupied 21 days during the year. Patients have been in the hospital 228 days more than last year, but even then the total is I 1,556—considerably less than usual. The aver- age number of beds in daily occupation is rather over four. 82 operations have been performed during during the year. After transferring the sum of jMO to our special reserve fund, the balance alkeet shows a balance in hand on the year's working of 224 18s 8d. as compared with a similar balance of j357 16s 2d brought forward from 1912. The receipts show a decrease of 2W, princi- pally accounted for by the fact that having a considerable balance in hand, miscellaneous donors were not so numerous as usual. It is worthy of notice that the subscription list exceeds all previous lists by over j35. Our expenditure shows a satisfactory decrease of £42, and we think we shall not be misplacing our confidence in Miss Johnson's skilful man- agement in looking forward to a further decrease for 1914. Practically every parish from which we receive patients is represented in the list of church collections and offertories this year, and our grateful thanks are due to the clergy and their congregations for bearing us in mind and for their liberal support. Mr J Riley has again very kindly paid our telephone subscription for us, and many gener- ous gifts are recorded in the usual printed list at the end of this report. Gifts of potatoes, vegetables, fruit, game, rabbits, poultry or eggs are always much more than acceptable. Wd have to thank Messrs Browning and Robinson for a handsome cheque, the result of an entertainment given by them at Redmarley, and also Mr Duttield for the proceeds of his succe8fiful dance at Dymock. We much regret that the promoters of Hos- pital Sunday did not find it possible to hold their annual church parade this year. Apart from the amount distributed to other charities, the Hospital has received no less than 980 4s 2d in the last six years from this source. House to heuse or penny collections have only been received from five parishes, and there seems but little doubt that both the collectors and the box-holders find it increas- ingly difficult to secure contributors. We are very grateful to those who help us in this direction. Pound Day was again a great success, and a marked depreciation in our monthly bills follow- ing the event most certainly justifies and rewards the members of the Ladies' Linen League for their trouble. We hope that in the future this day will be even more successful than in the past. As our financial position is in such a satisfac- tory state, we think the time has come to bring the operating theatre up to date and more in accordance with the present day ideas of aseptic purgery, and at the same time to renew our stock of surgical instruments. After careful consideration we have come to the conclusion that we shall require not less than J3190 to carry out these much-needed alterations and purchases, and we propose to transfer up to JB100 from the Special Reserve Fund, and to ask our many friends to generously, subscribe the bal- ance. Handsome donations have already been promised by or received from Lady Biddulph, Mrs Albright, Mr S H Bickham and the Bos- bury Dance Committee. The Hon. Secretary will be very glad to hear from others willing to help. Once again we desire to take this opportunity of thanking the Honorary Officers of the Hos- pital, the Matron (both past and present), and her assistants for their efforts during the past year to promote the interests of the institution and the well-being and comfort of the patients. LADIES' LINEN LEAGUE. t Ledbury Cottage Hospital. Ladies Linen League. Founded in 1910 for the purpose of providing Linen, Blankets, Bedding, &c., for use in the Hospital. Fourth Annual Report for the year ending January 31st, 1914. The fourth annual meeting of the League was held at the Cottage Hospital on Friday. January 30th, 1914. After the confirmation of the minutes, the Secretary's Report was read as follows The Committee in presenting the fourth annual report, wish to again thank all members of the League for their valued support and to congratulate them on another successful year's work. There are now 102 members, and the sub- scriptions amounted to j315 4s Od, which with the balance of 22 14* 8d in hand from 1912, leaves the sum of £ 15 18s 8d in the Treasurer's hands to start the year with. The Committee gratefully acknowledge gifts of three red blankets from Lady Biddulph, one air cushion from Miss Holland, and also one from Mrs Fowle. The follo ving is a list of articles given during the year, 133 in all. 2 air pillows, 1 surgeon's gown, 4 coloured blankets, 5 feather pillows. 2 blue linen table cloths, 23 floor cloths, 18 theatre towels. 4 kitchen table cloths, 1 table cloth (for staff), 6 covers for mattresses, 31 dusters, 7 canvasses (for mattresses), 20 serviettes, 2 yards jaconet, 4 macintosh sheets, 1 linen toilet cover, 4 afternoon tea cloths, and with the subscription money have been bought, 1 circular air cushion, 4 guards blankets, muslin for blinds, 6 brown holland mattress covers, 12 yards cretonne, armchair re-covered, 4 yards jaconet, 1 surgeon's gown, 1 Hession mattress pad, 1 feather pillow, 1 pair red blankets for cot, 1 pair red blankets (full size), 8 yards curtain, 1 easy chair. The coloured blankets (red in the Women's Ward, and striped in the Men's), which are now used as counterpanes during the winter months, are a great success, for besides being more economical as regards washing they are so cheery looking. It will be interesting and encouraging to the members to know that the working expenses for the year have only amounted to 12s, which include the printing of 100 copies of the report. The Committee welcome the Hon. Mrs Bell as a Vice-President for Eastnor, in the place of Mrs Scrope Hutchinson who resigned last year. In conclusion the Committee desire to point out to the members the great assistance this League has rendered to the Hospital, and hope for their continued support. Treasurer's account of receipts and expenditure for the year ending January 31st, 1914, is as follows :—Receipts—Balance in hand from 1913 22 14* 8d; Mrs Fenwick-Fenwick £ 1; per Mrs Harry Bickham j31 17s per Mrs Buck 17s 6d; per Mrs Carnegy 5s per Mrs Doherty 11s 6d per Mrs Scrope Hutchinson 14s per Mrs Philpott 17s per Mrs Parkinson 4s per Mrs Reiss B5 3s; per Mrs Smyth 12s per Mrs Philip Taylor 21 16s per Miss Twynam 9a per Mrs E Hartland 18s total j315 18s 8d. Expenditure-Mr Tilley printing 100 reports 10s one circular air cushion 8s Id four guard's blankets at 6s, £ 14s muslin for blinds 14s lid four yards jaconet 12s surgeon's gown 12a lid six brown holland mattress covers, at 6s lid 22 Is 6d two pillows 10a eight yards curtain 9s easy chair lis one Hessian mattress pad Is 9d one feather pillow 4s Ilid 12 yards cretonne, at 6id 6s 9d; one pair red blankets for cot 8s lid one pair red blankets full size 15s 6d re-covering arm-chair 100 6d; stamps 2s balance in hand j35 118 101d; total j315 18s 8d. The Hon Secretary submitted the balance-shedt, which was considered very satisfactory. From the statement prepared patients were received from the following parishes:—Ashperton 2, Aylton2, Bosbury 15, Canon Froome 2, Col wall 6, Dymock 6, Eastnor 8, Hereford 4, Kempley 2, Ledbury 50, Mathon 1, Little Marcle 3, Much Marcle 10, Munsley 1, Newport 1, Pixley 1, Preston 1, Wellington Heath 10, Worcerter 1, no fixed abode 1. Total expenditure for the year £ 353 12s 8d, number of patients treated 134, total days in hospital 1556, average days in hospital 101, average cost per patient j32 lis 3d, average cost per patient per day 48 6d. The Chairman referred to the report and balance-sheet and observed It does not call for remarks except in one particular. It is 23 years since Lord Biddulph kindly gave us the Cottage Hospital and therefore it is not surprising that some things then thought satisfactory are now, in the light of greater scientific knowledge, not considered to meet present day requirements. For some time past the doctors have remarked on the great desirability of alteration to the operating theatre and the necessity of more instru- ments. The alterations deemed necessary are—1, The replacement of the floor by one hard, impervious, and jointless; £ the altera- tion of the large windows to one of three panes of plate glass, set in wrought iron enamelled 3, the rounding off of all angles at the meeting of the walls and floor and ceilings and the enamelling of the whole of the interior white; 4, the removal of existing skirtings and architraves, round doors and windows and the replacement of flush panels in the doors; 5, putting in electric wires for heating and lighting-there would be five lamps over the operating table and tw.o electric radiators. The cost of these improve- ments will be Z80. A new operating table would cost £ 15, another glass table Z8, an instrument case L20, new instruments 150 sundries not enumerated 117-total X,190 To meet the expense it is proposed to traufer up to ilOO from the reserve fund, and we have subscriptions from Lady Biddulph £ 10, Hon. Violet Biddulph 15, Mrs Albnght (operating table) Y,15, Mr and Mrs W A H MArtin Z5, Mr M A Wood £ 2 2s, Bosbury Dance Committee £ 3 33, Mr Spencer H Bickham JE15, making a total of S,155 5s. We feel sure that the balance of X35 will be readily given by the friends of the Cottage Hospital. I have only to add that if anyone desires to know the necessity of aseptic surgical treatment he has only to read the life of the late Lord Lister. In seconding the adoption of the report and balance-sheet, Dr Green referred to the proposed additions to the operating theatre. As senior surgeon at the hospital, he had taken very great interest, having brought the matter forward at one of the committee meetings. The Committee had always met the doctors in every way possible. When- ever they asked for anything their request had always been most generously considered. When he came to Ledbury 29 years ago he thought the hospital in itself was first-class. But great changes had taken place during those 20 years. New methods had beeu evolved in surgical treatment, and undoubt- edly they were doing better work in all country places than they were able to do 20 years ago. And if they were to go on improving in their methods and do good work it was essential that they should have proper apparatus, and by that he meant an up-to-date operating theatre. The whole Committee had gone thoroughly into the question and were not proposing any rash outlay. They were simply doing what was absolutely necessary to bring the operating theatre up-to-date. If the scheme were carried out he thought they would have an operating theatre second to non& in the county, one which they would be proud of, and one with which the town could be satisfied the work would be well done. (Hear, hear). The Chairman observed that it was thought desirable to do the whole of the work at once, rather than a part at a time, when they would have to ask for another subscription. Dr Green said that if the alterations as suggested were carried out, they would last a considerable period. The report and balance Rbeeft were adopted, as was also the report of the Ladies' Linen League. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The election of officers was as follows:- Patronesses-Lady Henry Somerset, Lady Biddulph. President Lord Biddulph. Governors—The President, the Trustees, and the Hon. Secretary, and Treasurer, Mr S H Bickham, Lady Biddulph, Mr H Bray, Mr A Carless, Rev F W Carnegy, Mr H Down, Mr E Holland, Mr J Marklove, Mr W A H Martin, Mr H Morgan, Mr John Riley, Rev F S Stooke-Vaughan, Mr L Tilley, Mr M A Wood, Mr T S S Gardner. Trustees—The Hon. John Biddulpb, Mr H S H Bickham, MrJ W Hewitt, Capt. C A Palairet. Hon. Consult- ing Medical Officer-Mr M A Wood, F.R.C.S. (Eng.) L.R.C.P. Hon. Medical Officers-Mr Arthur R Green, M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (London), Mr J McKean Harrison, MR, B.Ch., Mr G B McKean, M.B., B.S. (London). F.R.C.S. (Edin.), physicians; Mr Arthur R Green. M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R C.P. (London), Mr J McKean Harrison, M.B., B.Ch., Mr G B, McKean, M.B., B.S. (London), F.R.C.S. (Edin.), surgeons. Hon. Secretary and Treasurer-Mr Charles B Masefteld. Hon. Auditor-Mr F N Wheaton. VOTES OF THANKS. The Rev F C Lynch proposed a vote of thanks to the Hon Secretary and Treasurer, who he said had worked very efficiently, and had gone to a lot of trouble in the interest of this institution. (Hear, hear.) The motion was carried unanimously. A hearty vote of thanks to the Chairman was proposed by Mr Lynch, who said that Mr Bickham was deeply interested in the many public bodies in the town and his heart and soul was in the work of the hospital. He was the right man in the right place, and the Committte and Govern- ing body were backed by him. (Hear, hear. ) The Rev F W Carnegy seconded and said no one knew how much Mr Bickham did for the town, especially for this Hospital. The Committee felt that they were perfectly safe under his guidance and hoped he would long remain to be their Chairman. (Ap- plause.) The vote having been accorded with acclamation, The Chairman replied and said it was quite true that it was a very great pleasure to him to do anything for the Hospital, and he hoped he would be able to continue to do so for a little time longer. (Hear, hear.) Afterwards the Committee of Management were selected, as follows :— The President, the Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, the Hon Medical Officers, Lady Bidulph of Ledbury, Hon V Biddulph, Mrs E Hartland, Mrs Albright, the Revs F W Carnegy, F S Stooke-Vaughan and F C Lynch, Messrs W A H Martin, L Tilley. S H Bickham, M A Wood, A Carless and H Morgan.






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