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COLWALL NEffS. I Mr Horace Harford Foster, Solicitor and I Notary Public, has been appointed by the Lord Chancellor a Commissioner for Oaths. SCHOOL CHILDREN'S STRIKE. r The girls' of Col wall Valley School on Thurs- day afternoon in last week came out on strike in emulation of those at Ledbury. It appears that through the absence of Miss Smith, headmistress, who was indisposed, and whose resignation is pending, the new mistress appointed in place of Miss Stokes, who is out on strike, was drafted from the infant school to take charge. The girls, however, refused to have anything to do with her, and marched in a body out of school. They went towards the boys' school, and the master, thinking the girls' were straying in their play, came out and ordered them off. He was soon given unmistakable proof of their attitude, and the excitement continued till the schools closed for the day. "All quiet," how- ever, was the report on Friday. WHIST DRIVE AND DANCE. On Thursday evening in last week a very successful whist drive and dance were held in the Hill Institute. Over 100 persons were present and cards started with a party of 25 tables 24 rounds were played, at the conclusion of which scores were called for with the follow- ing result: Ladies—1, Mrs Johns (184 points), case of button-hooks, shoe-horns, etc. 2. Miss F Wickham (183), clock 3, Mrs Wallace Winter (181), pair mounted flower vases consolation, Miss Leary, bangle. Gentlemen—1, Mr E Box (175 points), silk muffler 2, three called for second place (174 points), Messrs McKenna, G Hill, and E Rogers, and after cutting for places the second place came to Mr G Hill, half-dozen handkerchiefs 3, Mr E Rogers, walking stick consolation, Mr Bert Spilsbury, gollywog. The prizes were distributed by Miss Boyd, to whom a vote of thanks was accorded on the motion of Ma Rudgard. The proceeds were devoted to the funds of the Hill Institute and Colwall Cricket Club. Dancing was kept up till one a.m. The masic was provided by Miss Bishop, Miss Allen, and Miss E Armstrong. DANCE. I On Monday night the last of a series of dancing classes, which have proved so successful during the winter months at the Hill Institute, terminated with a "long night," when a company of upwards of 100 were present and a most enjoyable time was spent. The classes have proved exceedingly popular, and have far exceeded the committee's anticipation, the attendance at each class averaging about 60, which shows that the keenest enthusiasm prevails for this popular form of amusement. The committee, together with Mr A J Manton as hon. secretary, have carried out the arrange- ments in an admirable manner, and they have been fortunate in securing the services of Mr F H Rawlings and Mr E Rogers as M.C.'s, and the success which has attended the undertaking will doubtless result in a recurrence of the classes when the time arrives. On Monday dancing commenced at 7.30 and with a short interval was continued with spirit until two o'clock. Miss L Bishop was the pianist, and Messrs F H Rawlings and E Rogers the M.C.'s. Mas Houldridge carried out the catering arrangements in a most satisfactory manner. During the evening Mr A E Penfold addressed the company and said that he did not wish to detain them from their dancing, but as they were all aware this would be the last dance before Easter, and he had been asked on this occasion to make a few remarks as a prelude to a pleasant function which was to follow. It gave him great pleasure to see so many present, and it showed that the classes were appreciated. It was now five months since the Committee commenced the classes, and they had been most successful throughout, and the progress made in the art of dancing was most marked, as he knew several at the opening of the classes could not dance at all, but thanks to their efficient M.C.'s they were now quite experts, and he sincerely hoped they would be continued. He wished to thank the committee who took particular interest in these proceedings, and also Mr Rawlings and Mr Rogers for the efficient way in which they had discharged their duties as M.C.'s, and as an appreciation of those services the members of the class had responded liberally to an in- vitation to make a presentation to these gentle- men, and he felt sure they would accept it with the thought that their services had been valued very highly. He would now ask Mrs Penfold to present to Messrs. Rawlings and Rogers a silver-mounted cigarette case to each, suitably inscribed, on behalf of the class, as a token of appreciation for their services. Mrs Penfold said that it gave her great pleasure to make the presentation, and he would ask Mr Rawlings and Mr Rogers to accept the presents with their best wishes. Both recipients suitably responded. Mr Penfold on behalf of the com- mittee thanked the company for their kind patronage, and announced that it was their intention to hold another dance on Easter Monday night.



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