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I FOOTBALL NOTES. I [BY THE TYKE."] There was a fairly good programme of matches in the Worcester League on Satur- day, though neither Colwall or Ledbury were engaged. Badsey Rangers have gone to the top of the league table, but they have played two more matches than Hereford City and are only two points ahead, while the City in turn have a lead of two points over Stourport Swifts. Badsey drew with Norton Bareacks on Thursday week and on Saturday defeated West Malvern by 5--0. St. Clement's beat Norton Barracks 4-1, and Evesham Wanderers accomplished a smart performance in defeating Stourport Swifts 2-0. Colwall and Ledbury Town were engaged in the semi-final of the Herefordshire Chal- lenge Cup what time Hereford City and Garnstone Rovers were engaged in a similar battle at Hereford. Ledbury won by 2—0 and Hereford City 3-1, so these teams will meet in the final on Easter Monday morning on the Edgar-street ground, I presume. Ledbury were not at full strength at Colwall, as Partridge waa unable to turn out as the result of a kick while playing for Much Marcle the previous week, Hoult could not get away, Bennett has left the town, and Pudge was not available. H Taylor, C Taylor and the old veteran, W Pedlingham, once again turned out. Mr E Rowlands, of Hereford, had charge of the game, and the teams were:—Colwall —Spillsbury; F S Crowe. Goode; J L Crowe, Andrews, Turner Cotterell, Collier, Richards, Rogers and Amyes. Ledbury- Vicarage; Smith, C Taylor; W Powell, R Powell, Griffiths; Watts, Goodwin, H Taylor, J Taylor, Pedlingham. Rogers beat Smith in the toss, and Colwall had the advantage of the slope in the first-half. The opening exchanges were fairly even, and it was some time before either goalkeeper was called on. The first shot of note was a fine one from the Ledbury left wing by Pedlingham, who shot from the touch-line only to see Spills- bury safely field the ball. Vicarage bad little to do, and Spillsbury bad nothing that troubled him. Colwall had the best scoring chances, but their shooting was not good, Collier especially failing. *♦* It was not a very exciting first half, though Colwall forced a couple of corners just on the interval, but they were cleared, and when the teams changed over there was no score. In the second half Ledbury soon showed their superiority, and the home backs miskicking, Harry Taylor quickly took advantage of the opportunity and flashed in a rising shot which would have beaten any goalkeeper. The Ledbury hal ves had now got the measure of their opponents, and fed their forwards inces- santly. In a dash for goal Watts was laid out as the result of a collision with Spills- bury. Harry Taylor headed just by the post with Spillsbury out of goal, and then the centre-forward scored, but he was obviously off-side. Spillsbury put over the bar a fine shot from Griffiths, but was beaten soon after by Goodwin, who drove home from a nice pass along the carpet by Joe Taylor. This proved the limit of the scor- ing, and Ledbury earned the right to play in the final, by a margin of 2-0. The game in the first half was not par- ticularly interesting, the only exciting play being when Colwall were dangerous once or twice, but they failed to sustain their attacks. The winners were clearly the better-balanced team. Vicarage had an easy afternoon, but Smith proved to be at the top of his form, and a couple of fine saves in the second half showed his capa- bilities. C Taylor played a real good game at left back, and the club were fortunate in being able to call on him. His kicking, heading and tackling alike were good. The halves were the backbone of the team, and all three played a fine game, being success- ful interveners and remindful of the men in front of them. Watts and Goodwin were naturally the more dangerous wing, while H Taylor proved his worth as a goal scorer. Joe Taylor worked successfully and gave his veteran partner some nice passes, and usually saw them well dealt with. The veteran's centres were, if anything, too strong, especially in the second half. For Colwall Spillsbury was in no way to blame for the defeat, as his chances were negligible when both goals were scored. The backs fell away under pressure in the second half, while Andrews was easily best of the halves. Rogers was the best forward, but Collier did good work, though he finished badly. Ledbury Brotherhood visited Stretton United on Saturday in a Hereford Junior League match. They were beaten 3—2, but should at least have drawn, as Jim Smith missed e penalty. Penalties are evidently of no use to the Brotherhood.









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