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LEDBURY RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of the Ledbury. Bora] District Council was held subsequent to the Guardians meeting, when the Rural Councillors present at the Guardians meeting attended, and the officials present were the Clerk (Mr R (Homes), the Highways Committee's Clerk (Mr H W Orme), the Medical Officer of Health (Dr Jones), and the Sanitary Inspector (Mir T J Cawsey). Mr W L Pritchett presided. HIGHWAYS COMMITTEE. The minutes of the Highways Committee were read and confirmed, the following being included:— A meeting ef the Highways Committee was held on February 3. Present: Alderman J5 Riley (in the chair), Messrs W L Pritchett, M J Pbwell, H Cowell, R Hodges, T A Pedlingham, and the Revs A E Green-Price, and A G Jones. Finance.—The Committee recommend the Council to pay the Clerk the sum of 2250 on account of roads. The following sums have been paid by the Clerk out of the roads aecount during the past month Manual lahonr-Main roads £ 42 10»3d, dis- trict roads £ 61 9s 3d. Team labour-Main roads f23 9s Od, district roads £ 8 139 4d. Mater:als-Main roads £33 109 Od, district roaqs X43 14s Id. Tradesmen's Bills and improvements—Main roads 4s. Steam Roller— £ 21 5s 5d. National Insurance-Main roads 18s district roads Xl 2s 2d. Monthly Aceoiints.-The Committee recom- mend the Council to pay the following accounts Team labour-G Hill £41 8* 4d R G Hill £31 7a 3d John Meates and Sons, Ltd, X55 4s lOd E Goodwin and Son, £31 12s 6d materials George Gardiner X18 16s Clee Hill Granite Co. 947 18s 4d Clee Hill Dhn Stone Co. S.208 14s Field and Mackay f87 10a Id; roller, etc— Bomford and Evershed J621. The sum of 12s lOd has been received from the Herefordshire County Council for cost of erecting motor sign by Ashperton School, and 913,1 from Miss Holland for hire of roller. Mathon Parish Council—A letter from the Clerk to the Mathon Parish Council was read, complaining of the condition of the ford on the south end of Watery Lane. The lane and ford are not repairable by the -Council and the Com- mittee are not prepared to recommend the Council to bridge the ford. If substantial private sub- scriptions are forthcoming the Committee will consider the advisability of assisting. Main Road Estimate-The Surveyor reported that he had submitted his annual estimate for the maintenance of the main roads during the year 1914-15 to the County Surveyor and that the same amounted to £ 4,263. The above minutes were adopted. COLWALL HOUSING COMMITTEE. The Clerk read the minutes of the meeting of the Colwall Housing Committee, which was held on February 11, at the Workman's Hall, Colwall, as follows Present:—Mr F Ballard (chairman), Miss Holland, Messrs T A Pedlingham, H W Jones, 0 N Holt-Needham, DAG Birohley, G Johns, M J Powell, and S Pugh. This being the first meeting of the Com- mittee as appointed by the Ledbury Rural District Council, it was resolved, on the motion of Mr T A Pedlingham, seconded by Mr S Pugh, that Mr Ballard be elected Chair- man of this Committee. A letter dated January 15, was read from the Local Government Board, as follows Sirt—x am directed by the Local Government Board to state that they have had under consideration the report made by their Inspector, Mr Leonard, after the Inquiry held by him with reference to the application of the Ledbury Rural District Council for sanction to a loan for the purchase of land and the erection of working-class dwellings in the Parish of Colwall under Part III of the Hous- ing of the Working Classes Act, 1890. The Board approve generally of the proposals of the Council and they will be prepared to sanction the loan necessary for the scheme (including the erection of 8 houses) subject to the satisfactory determination of the following matters. The Board do not consider that the proposed drainage arrangements are satisfac- tory. The treatment of slop water on land in the vicinity of a well is open to considerable objection, and the Board think that the Council should consider the desirability of draining the proposed houses to the disposal works near the site or if this would be too expensive, of providing a small open filter which should be not less than 2 ft 6in deep. The capacity of the filter should be based on a rate of 40 gallons per square yard for a filter of this depth or at a proportionately greater rate for a deeper filter. Hard, clean material should be used and the liquid should be evenly distributed over the surface. The alternative of draining to the outfall works would in many respects be preferable and it is to be borne in mind that any separate and special works for these cottages will need attention which must involve annual expenditure. I am to request that this matter may receive the consideration of the Council and that the Board may be informed of the result. I am also to request that the Board may be assured by the Council that an efficient water supply, both in quantity and quality, will be obtain- able from the well proposed to be sunk on the site. These points were fully discussed by the Committee and it was resolved to recommend the Ledbury Rural District Council to reply to the letter and point out :—(1) That the Council find it impracticable to drain the proposed houses to the disposal works near the site (2) That a filter, as suggested by the Local Government Board, has already been provided for in the specification laid before them (3) That the Local Government Board may be assured that an efficient water supply both in quality and quantity will be provided by the well proposed to be sunk on the site. Resolved that advertisements inviting tenders for the erection of the cottages, be inserted in the LedJmry Reporter, as soon as these minutes were confirmed by the Ledbury Rural District Council. It was also resolved on the motion of Mr S Pugh, seconded by Mr M J Powell, that a clause be inserted in the contract stating that the Malvern rate of wages should be paid. The above minutes were adopted.