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IEDBUBY BOARD OF GUARDIANS. I The fortnightly meeting of the Ledbury Beard of Guardians was held at the Board-room of the Union Workhouse on Tuesday morn- ing. There were present-Mr W L Pritchett (Chairman), who presided, Revs A G Jones, A E Green-Price, Father Lynch, and A H Knapp, Miss Holland, Alderman J Riley, Messrs H Bray, TSS Gardner, L J C Riley, H Cowell, M J rowell, J J S Powell, A G Bunn, W Drew, T W Holds, J Parry, W S Lane, E T Lane, F J V Hamilton, T A Pedlingham, with the Clerk (Mr R Homes), the Master (Mr J Johnson), and the Relieving Officers (Mr A G Smith and Mr T Thompson). THE WORKHOUSE. I The Master reported that the inmates in the House the last week numbered 106, against 94 for the corresponding week of last year, an increase of 12. The vagrants relieved during the fortnight numbered 138 against 1I4 last year, an increase of 24. He reported that Miss Barnett commenced her duties as children's caretaker and needlewoman on Thursday, February 12bh. Miss Jones, Lady Local Govern- ment Board inspector, had visited the house. Mr Weston Does she submit a report ? The Master: To Mr Wethered, the Local Government Board Inspector, I expect. Mr Weston: In the opinion of this Board is that appointment necessary ? The Master: She is a Local Government Board Inspector. Wo have nothing to do with it. There are six inspectors now covering the ground. THE CHILDREN. I Mr Parry: Do the children receive any education rthile the schools are closed ? The Master: No. Father Lynch said a complaint was made at the Urban Council meetings that the measles in the town came from the Workhouse. It was reported at the Urban Council that that was so. The Master said the first case they had was a girl from Mathon, and as soon as they knew of it thcv isolated the case. Mr Parry Would not the children's caretaker be able to give them a little elementary education ? In reply to the Chairman, Mr Bickham said the schools were closed for this week and next. FINANCE. I The Clerk reported that the balance in the bank amounted to £1,632 2s 8d, and cheques irawn that day amounted to -270 58 4d. The question of the fire insurance now came forward, add he would suggest that the matter be left over for a fortnight. It was decided that the matter be left in the hands of Mr Bickham to report that day fort- night. TRAMP LABOUR. I Mr W S Lane asked if the list of men in the Workhouse which he asked for some time ago, and which the Master submitted, included the names of men in the tramp ward, who stayed there for weeks at a time. The Master said it did not. Mr W S Lane then asked for what reason these men were allowed to remain in the tramp ward for so long '( The Master said that in regard to one man he kept him to dig the garden. The fact was that he had such a poor lot of men in the house that he had nobody to dig the garden in the autumn and winter unless he took advantage of the tramp labour. After further remarks by Mr W S Lane, the Chairman asked if there were more men than the one mentioned. The Master said there was a painter, a brick- layer and slater, and a tailor who came in last week. He put the tailor in the tailor's shop to do repairs, otherwise repairs would have to go to Mr Talbot as they had been doing. The Chairman suggested the House Committee should enquire into the whole matter. The Rev A H Knapp said the man he saw digging the garden was a splendid digger and he considered the Master did the right thing in utilising the man for that purpose. Mr Weston said he did not think there was any more harm in keeping an expert digger than an expert tradesman. The Master's state- ment had quite altered the aspect of the case. The Master It is all the same to me. The men can go out if they like. Mr W S Lane said these men ought to go out. If the man who had been digging the garden was such an expert man he could get work outside. The fact of these men being in the tramp ward led members to think things existed that did not exist. Did they mean to suggest that this man who had been digging the garden, as Mr Knapp said, did it for his food and lodging ? The Master That was all he had. Mr W S Lane Then he is a very generous man Mr E T Lane said the digging of the garden was thoroughly done at the present time, and next autumn when it wanted digging again the best thing would be to advertise it and let it at so much per yard. The Rev Knapp: Will the Guardians be gainers or losers in getting rid of this class of man ? Mr E T Lane That is not the point. The Rev Knapp It is the point. Mr W S Lane said he had asked for an ex- planation and was quite satisfied with it. Mr Westen Are these men housed in the tramp ward ? The Master: Yes. Mr Weston said in that case they were making a false report by issuing a report of so many tramps being in the tramp ward every week or fortnight, when some of the men were not really tramps. The tramp wards were for men passing through the country. They were making reports as to men passing through, and they had a certain number of men staying for weeks and months in a tramp ward. They were making a false report and that should not be encouraged. He questioned whether they were entitled to do it. Mr Bickham: All these things would be better discussed quietly over a small committee than to be reported. Father Lynch said there was no doubt the Master had done his best -to utilise the tramp labour. Alderman Riley proposed that the matter be referred to the House Committee, with the addition of other members. Mr Weston seconded. Another proposal was made that the matter be referred to a special committee. In further discussion the Rev Knapp said I don't know where we are. The Chairman "Son will discover in time. (Laughter). When the proposals were voted, Oft there were ten for each resolution, and the- Chairman gave his casting vote for the proposal to lefer the matter to the House Committee. VACCINATION RETURNS The vaccination returns for the six,, months January to June, 1913y were read as follows :— Ledbury Sub-district-Births 106, success- fully vaccinated 44, conscientious objections 53, dead unvaccinated 6. Conscientious objjBctions during the year 1913, 95. Yarkhill Sub-district-Births 50, successfully vaccinated 31, conscientious objections, 12, dead unvaccinated 4. Conscientious objeetions- during 1913, 25.