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LEDBURY PARISH CHURCH. RECTOR: REV. F. W. CARNEGY, M.A., R.D. CURATE REV. O. F. R. STRICKLAND, B.A. ORGANIST MR. F. A. HOBRO. Friday—Choir Practice (full) 8 p.m. LESSONS FOR SUNDAY, FEB. 22. Sexagesima. Sunday. MORNING. I EVENING. Gen 3. Gen. 6. Matt 25-31. Acts 26, 17. 8 a.m.—Holy Communion. 11 a.m.—Matins. Hymns 210,265,209. 12 (noon)—Holy Communion. 6-30 p.m.—Evensong and Sermon. Hymns 211, 256, 233, 225. Collections—Church Expenses. Church Army (Captain Nash)-Church Room, Sunday evenings, 6-30 p, m, Daily Matins 10 a.m., except on Wednesdays, Fridays and Holy Days, when it is at 11 a.m. Daily Evensong at 5-30 p.m. CATHOLIC CHURCH, Southend Street. RECTOR—REV. F. C. LYNCH. Morning-Masses 9.0 and 11.0. Sunday School held at 3-30. Evening Service and Benediction 6.30. Mass daily at 8. Catechism each morning at 9. Benediction and Sermon on Thursdays, 8 p.m. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, High Street. PASTOR—REV. H. A. BARNES. Morning 11. Evening 6.30. Sunday School, 3 p.m. WESLEYAN CHAPEL, Homend Street. SUPT. MINISTER—REV. GEORGE DYER. Sunday—10-30 a.m., Mr H Bray; 6-30 p.m., Mr A G Bunn. Collections—Circuit Funds. Monday, 7-45 p.m.—Wesley Guild. Thursday, 7-30 p.m.—United Prayer Meeting. SUNDAYS. Newent—11 a.m. and 6-30 p.m., Rev G Dyer. Staunton—11 a.m. and 6 p.m., Rev G Oyston. Pendock—11 a.m., Prayer Meeting; 6 p.m., Mr Powell. Redmarley-3 p.m. and 6 p.m., Mr J T Bray. Birtsmorton—11 a.m. and 6-30 p.m., Mr Thorpe. Colwall—11 a.m., Mr Norman; 6 p.m., Mr Herbert. Much Marcle—3 p.m., Mr Williams. Bosbnry-6 p.m., Mr Herbert. BAPTIST CHAPEL, Homend Street. Sunday—11 a.m. and 6-30 p.m. Preacher- Rev N H Shaw (Italy). Sunday School—10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday-Praise and Prayer Meeting, 7-j0 Wed nesd ay-P, W,E" 7-30 Friday—Christian Endeavour.:7-30 If your Eyes Ache come and have them tested free. We supply the exact glasses needed at very moderate prices and use the greatest care in fitting. The latest and most comfortable frames in stock. Spectacles from 2/6 the pair in Gold-filled Frames from 10/6.—MINCHIN, Chemist and Optician, 15, Weatgate, Gloucester. LEDBURY COTTAGE HosprrAL.-The Com- mittee gratefully acknowledge the Penny and other collections set out below for the year 1913 :-Ledbury, per Miss Hartland, Southend House, B6 18s 4d; Bosbury, per Mrs Buck, JB2 7s 9d; Dymock, per Miss D. Bullock, £4 5s Id Little Marcle, per Mrs Skittery, 10s 3d; Preston, per Mrs Edgar Hartland, 8s Od; Wellington Heath, per Miss Dallow, £1 7s Od. Total, JB16 5s 5d. George Lloyd (late James Lloyd), Chimney Sweep, Church Lane, Ledbury. Distance no object. Prompt and personal attention to all orders. WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE.—The Colwall. and Led- bury Branch of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies are promoting two public meetings, to be held at Town Hall, Ledbury, on Thursday next at 3.30 p.m. and 8.p.m. The Chairman at the afternoou meeting will be the Rev Canon H J Bulkeley, and in the evening Mr Lionel Curtis will take the chair. The speakers will be Miss Helen Fraser and Mr E D Morel, who, it will be remembered, took a prominent part in bringing to light the rubber atrocities in the Congo. The meetings are non- militant and non-party, and men particularly are invited. THE PICTURE PALACE.—This week end's programme at the Palace, is a very strong one, and includes the splendid Nordisk film" The Stolen Treaty," which is an exceptionally fine plot and well acted too. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next the programme includes Shakespeare's great Comedy, The Taming of the Shrew," and features almost all the most popular members of Ambrosio's unequalled Stock Company. The Uphill Climb is also a good picture that should appeal to Picture patrons, and" Searching for Diamonds in Brazil" is an interest subject of great merit, and two comics will complete a good all round strong programme. Carpenter's Ltd. Ales and Stout are always reliable. Brewed for family con- sumption only,-Ledbury AgentW H Aileyne, New-street.



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