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Parochial Committee.I


Parochial Committee. I Mr T A Pedlingham presided over the usual I monthly meeting. THE SEWERAGE CONTRACT. I The Chairman reported that the Committee who had charge of the work of the sewerage contract, met a fortnight ago and sanctioned two 6,inch junctions to be put in. That was all that had been sanctioned this month. Mr Birchley mentioned in connection with the work that there was a length of pipes where 12-inch pipes ran into 9Linch pipes. Why was that ? The Chairman said they would bear it in mind when the engineer came down. Mr Birchley mentioned another point, which it was decided should be brought to the notice of the engineer. Mr Birchley Is this the same system they had at Newcastle f Mr Ballard I don't know it is supposed to be. Mr Powell said it was the same. The Clerk read the report of the engineer on the work in connection with the sewerage con- tract, which detailed the work done. They understood the work was proceeding satisfac- torily, and that the Parochial Sub-Committee were inspecting the work. They proposed to inspect the work during the next month. Mr Ballard said that was not a majority report. He was not satisfied at all. Money was being thrown away on the work. Miss Holland; We should have seen to this before. It was agreed that the specifications were seen by the members. Mr Ballard There has been some alteration somewhere. The line of pipes has been altered* I am confident. And if on& thing is altered other things may be. Mr Johns We have got a copy of the specifi- cations. Mr Ballard Then I say they are not the 6 san e as the original. The plans were asked for, and the Clerk said the engineer had the plans. They had not got them. Mr Ballard There you are. The Councillors agreed that they wereK^cf blame for not seeing into the matter, and it was decided that the whole of the Committee should be notified when the engineer was coming down. WAYLEAVES-A BREEZE. The Chairman, referring to the wayleave over Hardwicke Meadow in connection with the new sewer, proposed that they pay Dr Bright £40 for way leaves.«- Mr Allen secoilded. ? Mr Ballard said they had no right as a public authority to fritter public money in this way. "You all know it is a preposterous charge," said Mr Ballard, warmly, an outrageous charge." If the wayleave was based on what they had paid before to the Bright estate they could not on any basis of calculation on what they had in the past get it to anything like £40. If they frittered away the ratepayers' money like this without making a feeble effort then all he could say waS" tfyey ..were wasting the money. He would suggest they pay 210 into Court, and if Dr Bright preferred to fight it let him fight it. They had absolutely no evidence to fight a case on. Look at what they proposed ? They actually proposed to pay way- leaves on land they had a lease on, and where they had got to pay for the next 12 years, and yet the members of the Committee had the infernal audacity to pay JMO 6n land they., already had on lease. The thiqg was prepos- j terous, and he never in his life heard of such, a case. The Chairman said he was doing his duty. They had got the amount,rp$ijced by$25, Mr Ballard Yes, but this is on a„ rate than any others. We are paying -tent ODd this, and then you propose to pay wayleaves on it." Mr Johns: That's rotten: The Chairman^: You will have to tfp' ib?n "12 ? years. years. J? Mr Johns Paid they had done nothing ? the j CMe of Mr C!ee, and untH; th6f had settled with him they ought not to settle with Dril Bright. The only reason Mr Clee sticks out j was because Dr Bright was having this amount.1 Mr Allen said he quite realised the force of Mr Ballard's arguments. If they did hot do it ( now they would have to do it in 12; yeaca* £ in^e, j and they ought not to leave to posterity to do what they ought to do that night. He was not looking at what it would cost tlwrw now; but what it would cost posterity. Mr Ballard But we are leaving it to Jpos- terity. The loan on the sewerage contract is for 30 years. We are taxing the unborn*, the lease run out first. I am not so !i>pcLof landlords, although I am. one myself.Tha. value of land in Colwall has dropped nearly 30 per cent. Mr Powell Yes, 50 per cent. — Mr Ballard again pointed out that 1 it. 'was ridiculous to propose to pay a. way leave on fond they already leased. Mr Birchley suggested they, adjourn, the matter. Eventually it was decided to write ta the, agents and offer 210 in full settlement. This concluded the business. t