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NATIONAL DEPOSIT FRIENDLY I SOCIETY. Concert and Speeches at Ledbury. I A concert was held in the Town Hall, Ledbury, on Wednesday evening last, in connection with the National Deposit Friendly Society (Ledbury Branch), at which Mr A Carless presided. Messrs E H Spring and W T Collett, Chairman and Secretary respectively of the Gloucester Division, were present and gave very lucid addresses at intervals between the various items of the programme. A very excellent programme was given and the accompaniments were shared by Miss Down and Miss D Croad. CHAIRMAN'S REMARKS. I Mr A Carless in opening the proceedings said he had not come there prepared to make a speech, if he could he would not. But it was a great pleasure to preside. One thing appealed to him in the town-that is the friendly societies movement. He felt that a compliment as an officer of another society-to be asked to preside at this meeting. MR. SPRING. The Chairman of the Gloucester division ot the National Deposit Friendly Society said he was pleased to be there that night because he •could congratulate them upon the work of the Ledbury National Deposit Friendly Society. They had over 500 State members and he had no doubt that they would have 200 deposit members. The deposit system has numerous advantages. The Society is only 50 years old but it was the third largest in England. Its movements were slow and sure. till it burst like a torrent. With regard to the work of the Society it had the advantage over the ordinary friendly societies because it was a National Deposit Friendly Society and therefore it was enabled to do its work more cheaply and economically. Because of the Insurance Act there was to be at the end of three years a valuation of the work of the friendly societies and if at the end of three years the valuation said that there had been an excessive amount of sickness among the members they would have to levy so much per member to bring it to -ly to be the case proficiency. That was not likely to be the case with the National Deposit Friendly Society. At the end of three years 18s would be paid to men and 15s to women providing the expenses had been kept down. If it was not the case then it would mean that they would have to find the money out of their own pocket. The National Deposit Friendly Society had arranged to give the maternity benefit long before the Insurance Act was enforced. The sisters who belonged to the National Deposit Friendly Society had the advantage of receiving a second maternity benefit. Every pound that they had to their deposit account was seven pounds in sickness. In some cases members had drawn out £200, J3500 and JE400 because illness had lasted for years. He added that he was pleased to know that doctors on the panel are also in sympathy with the work of the Society. ( Annlause. ) IMR. W. T. COLLETT. m I I Mr W T Collett, secretary of the Gloucester division, said he did not purpose giving them any address on the working of the members of the National Deposit Friendly Society. He would like to congratulate the secretary and officers of the Ledbury Branch upon the remark- able progress that they had made during the last year. They commenced the year with 148 members and not less than 50 members joined the deposit section last year. Unfortunately there was 30 reduced-the main of the 30 came in at the rush, under a misapprehension. They thought they had to belong to both sections of the society. At the end of the year there was 167. The sickness experience was very remark- able. The average sickness per member was only 2 15, and the average sick pay per member only 4« 5d. It was said in that Hall that the National Deposit Friendly Society did not help its fellow members. He said that a society that added £ 6 to every £1 in their savings account must be a good society and helped one another. There had been a considerable influx to their State section. The average sick pay worked out to 7s 7d per member, inclusive of maternity benefits. In the Gloucester division they had 4.487 members in the deposit section. He was glad to report that nearly one-third of the membership was composed of females. He found that their average sickness was 3'38. Dealing with the average sickness in the Gloucester division it worked out at 7s 9d per member. In view of the valuation that would take place at the end of three years, he said the result would end in an increase of benefits. He thanked them very much for their kind attention. (Applause.) THE CONCERT PROGRAMME. I The concert programme proved a very enjoy- able one and was as follows Song, She makes me walk in rag-time," Miss Edna Gurney. Song (encored), Mr L P Hoult. Selection, The Band. Recitation, Briar Rose," Mrs G B McKean. Song, Victoria's Honeymoon (encored), Mr V C Gabb. Song, Mr T J Lane. Trio (encored), Messrs H B Whyld, E W Reed and W J Teague. Song, Miss Ethel Haines. Song (encored), Mr E W Reed. Recitation, He tried to tell his wife" (encore, "The Usual Way"), Mrs G B McKean. Song, "I like your apron and your bonnet," Miss Edna Gurney. "God Save the Kin." At the close Mr Andrew Warren (local secret- ary), moved a hearty vote of thanks to the Ohairman and all who had helped to make the concert such a success, and this was seconded by Mr Hy Dew (local Chairman) and carried by acclamation. The Chairman briefly replied.









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