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I LEDBURY COUNTY COURT. I YESTERDAY (THURSDAY). Before His Honour Judge Harris Lea. There was a list of 60 undefended cases heard by the learned Registrar (Mr C E Lilley) and 30 judgment summonses heard by His Honour. I CLAIM FOR RENT. Martin James Powell, of the Horse and Groom Hotel, Colwall, sued C E Capon, now living in London, but formerly of Colwall, for the sum of 29, for rent due. Mr Hy Garrood, of Ledbury, was for the plaintiff, and Mr H W OrmQi (Messrs Russell and Co.) for the defence. After Mr Garroed's opening statement, in which he outlined the facts of the claim, plaintiff was called and said he let a room at his hotel to defendant in March, 1911, at a rent of 6s per week. No arrangement was made as to tenancy, which went on until last September, when the tenancy ceased. Defendant was secretary of the South Herefordshire Golf Club, and the room was used for the purpose of an office of the club. About two months after the club was formed defendant asked him to alter the bill for rent from his own name t* the South Herefordshire Golf Club, and he did so, at the same time telling defendant it would not release him from his responsibility for the payment of the rent. Last September he rendered an account for the rent then due and it was not until then that he received an intimation that the Company would be responsible for the debt, amounting te £ 9. He never released defendant trom his personal responsibility for the rent. Cross-examined by Mr Orme: The South Herefordshire Golf Club, Ltd., was registered in July, 1911, and a brass plate was put on the door of the room that it was the registered office of the Company. Defendant did not tell him when the Company was formed that he should not want the room for Himself, and that the Company would pay the rent. The rent was paid by cheque up to May, 1913. He now sued for rent due to September, 1913. Charles Edward Capon, the defendant, said in the early part of 1911 a Mr McCall and him- self financed the promotion of a company for the purpose of taking over a lease for a golf club. He took a room from plaintiff for the purposes of an office of the club. He took the room really until the Company was formed. In July, 1911, he told plaintiff the club was formed as a company and a brass plate was put on the door showing it to be the registered office of the Company. When the account for rent was sent in he told plaintiff to make out the bill to the club. He was under the impression that the registered office of the Company was moved in December, 1912, to the club house. The club was not a success and had since been taken over by Mr Holt. When he paid his private account to Mr Powell he asked him to send the club account to Mr Strickland, the secretary of the Company. By His Honour He really could not say one way or the other if Mr Powell told him he would hold him responsible for the rent. Cross-examiaed by Mr Garrood Whatever Mr Powell said to him he told him the rent would be all right. Before the Company was registered Mr McCall and himself were jointly responsible. Mr Orme submitted that the liability for the rent rested with the Company and not the defendant. The Company was in a hopeless muddle, and it was hardly just to defendant that he should be called upon to pay rent for the Company. He pointed out that the cheques were for and on behalf of the Company and the bills were made out in the name of the South Herefordshire Golf Club, Ltd. His Honour in giving judgment, said there was no doubt defendant said to the plaintiff that the rent would be all right when plain- tiff told him he would still hold him responsible. There would be judgment for the plaintiff. Mr Orme applied for leave to appeal. His Honour No. You have admitted you gave a guarantee for rent. CLAIM FOR RENT. I James Powell, retired signalman, Ledbury, sued Thomas Lilley, labourer, Ledbury, for jB2 58 rent of garden. Defendant said he admitted 28s one year's rent. He had the garden another six months, but that was because plaintiff was away in London and he could not give him notice. Plaintiff said there was no agreement as to notice. The rent was 30s a year, to be reduced to 28s if he paid quarterly. His Honour gave judgment for plaintiff for g2 2s, defendant to pay 3s per month.






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