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H^TTTTfl FURRIERS OF THE WEST.J will hold pp- DURING FEBRUARY -"•! their Great Reduction Sale of FURS CATALOGUE OF BARGAINS may be obtained post free on application. AUGUSTUS C. EDWARDS & SONS, J 16, 17, and 18, HIGH TOWN, HEREFORD. Go to GEORGE OLIVER T6r BEST VALUE in mr- FOOTWEAR -wi LARGEST and most UP-TO-DATE STOCK in the. County. QTS FOR FIELD AND FARM a Speciality. (Wear Guaranteed). Leggings and Gaiters In endless variety. Largest Retailer 'in the world. REPAIRS AND BESPOKE ORDERS A SPECIALITY LOCAL BRANCH- Leicester House, Homend Street, Ledbury. 150 BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS. For BEST COAL! Send to- d. & N. NADIN & Co., LTD., COLLIERY PROPRIETORS, LEDBURY STATION. NEW MODELS for 1914 NOW COMING IN. H. C. CECIL, Swan Cycle Works, HOMEND STREET, LEDBURY, Agent for B.S.A. BICYCLES & MOTOR-BICYCLES James', Rudge-Whitworth, and other Leading Makes of Cycles. Cycles at all Prices. Cash or Easy Payments. Large stock of TYRES. ACCESSORIES of every description. UNREPAIRS A SPECIALITY by Experienced Workmen. IF YOU WANT i>| Fill LEDGER, DAY, CASH, ORDER, A NEW ADDRESS, MINUTE, or any other M Ft Mtir LWW kind of ACCOUNT BOOK, COME AND SEE ME. I CAN SUIT YOU. Some very Special Lines just in. Cheap Envelopes for Business Purposes. 100,000 IN STOCK. PICTURE AND PHOTO FRAMES I FOR GAMES, IN STOCK, FOR THE WINTER EVENINGS, OR MADE TO ORDER. I Id., 6d. and 1/- each. TOYS AND FANCY GOODS. PENNY BAZAAR. CIRCULATING LIBRARY. WILLIAM PREECE, Homend Street P.O., Ledbury. INFLUENZA! INFLUENZA! INFLUENZA! Meacham's Influenza Mixture! AN INVALUABLE TONIC IN ALL CASES OF INFLUENZA, FEVERISH COLD, AND GENERAL DEBILITY. The early symptoms bi Influenza are Dizziness, Pains in the Head. Back and Throat, Genera Languor, Rapid Increase of Temperature. If on the first appearance of the symptoms a few doses of the Mixture are taken they will he found to check the disease and give instant relief. In Bottlesi One Shilling Each. Only of Maker- VINCENT W. MEACHAM (Chemist by Exam.), HIGH STREET, LEDBURY. 1 Ask for WHITEHEAD'S! I LONDON STOUT 3/- PER DOZ. EXTRA STOUT 3/6 DO. (RECOMMENDED FOR INVALIDS). » INDIA PALE ALE 2/6 DO. Sold by C. PEDLINGHAM, Family Grocer, etc., Market Place, LEDBURY. Any quantity supplied, from one Bottle upwards. CHAIN HARROWS. '-=: Farmers' Patent Progress & Tine & Link Harrows Are the Best for Scattering Cattle Droppings, Mole Hills, Creeping Weeds, Stubble, etc., and providing the Finest Pastures and Crops. Any size sent on free trial. Ordinary Chain Harrows in all sizes. PLOUGHS, CULTIVATORS, CORN DRILLS, HARROWS, ROLLERS, etc. Complete Lists and Lowest Cash Prices on application. R. A. LISTER & Co., Ltd., Station Road, Gloucester. Telegrams-" LISTER, GLOUCESTER Telephone—158. U) Uj) J = Z S jTi Our High-grade Sausages, 9d. lb g Choice Sausages, 8d. lb 3 5 Plain Sausages, 6d. Ib W = Plain Sausages, 6d. lbcc FRESH DAILY. rn c nj < Real Seal Hedging Cloves, at 3/6 and 4/3. Natural Wool-Lined Cloves, for Tram and Motor Drivers. Wool-Lined Driving Gloves. Best Cape Driving Gloves for hard wear. Gardening Cloves, Housemaid's Cloves, &c., &c. HOLLOWAY SON & Co., King Street, Gloucester. Coals i Coasts Coals SEND WIRE WRITE 'PHONE TO TO TO TO f J. MEATES & SONS, Ltd., Whose Prices are low, and the Qualities of their Coals are good. OW They will GUARANTEE to deliver BETTER QUALITY to customers at SIXPENCE PER TON LESS than any Coals advertised or circularised. J. MEATES & SONS, Ltd., LEDBURY. relephone-14, P.O., Ledbury Telew-aph-MRATES, Ledbury. UP-TO-DATE PRINTING BOOKS LABELS ORDER BOOKS MAGAZINES CIRCULARS POSTERS PRICE LISTS TYPEWRITING BILLHEADS CATALOGUES CIRCULARS CALENDARS PAMPHLETS NOTE PAPERS BALL & CONCERT PROSPECTUSES ENVELOPES PROGRAMMES REPORTS DELIVERY BOOKS FOOTBALL & CRICKET BALANCE SHEETS RECEIPT BOOKS FIXTURES The "Reporter" Printing Works

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