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PLEASING PRESENTATION BY BOSBURY SCHOOLGIRLS. On Wednesday fhe girls of standard- T attending Bosbury Girls' School gave an enter- tainment, entirely got up by themselves, in, the school at 330 p.m. The two girls responsible for the management were Rbse Reynolds (who. took the combined offices of stage manager, treasurer and Chairman in a very business- like manner), and Violet Jones, who gave valuable assistance in other ways. They had requisitioned the services of a few lower stand- ard girls, and the whole number of performers was ten. There was a good audience present, both of adults and children, and all seemed to really appreciate the difièrent. items set before them by the youthful performers. These con- sisted of several sketches in costume, two dances and various songs and recitations. The last sketch was made up by Rose Reynold and it was arranged so that the end of the sketch should include a tea scene, to which their school- mistress, Miss Arrowsmith (who was one of the audience), should be invited. She acceded to their request, greatly wondering as to what part she was to take. On seating herself at the table a covered saucer was placed before her, with the intimation that the contents were a present to her from the school girls, being th& proceeds of the emtertainuient, and that the performers wished her to, buy a present for herself with the money (which amounted to jBl). The misti ess expressed her thanks to them for their kind thoughts, and, said how very pleased she had been with the entertainment. The vicar (Rev T W Harvey). then made a speech* and said how thoroughly pleased he was with the performance and that he had been specially struck by the very good tone of the various sketches and recitations, and he gave a special word of commendation to the very capable stage-manager, Rose Reynolds, who although only a schoolgirl of 12: years old, showed wonderful ability in actingand managing, and who also undertook the arduous duties of Chairman." Cheers were then given for the head-mistress (Miss Arrowsmith), the Vicar, the performers, the visitors, etc. When the audience had dis- persed the mistress and the two assistant teachers (Miss Griffin and Miss Gibbs) were, invited to tea with the performers, and a very pleasant evening was spent afterwards. The girls indulged in games, dances, etc., till 8 30 when light refreshments were handed round, and after singing the National Anthem, the pleased and happy company dispersed. The programme of the entertainment was as follows Piano solo, Miss E M Griffin. Song, Poor little Joe," Six Girls. Song, Ivy's Visit," Violet Jones, Beatrice Chadd, Lily Goodchap. Sketch, The Lost Pencil," Annie Nutt and Nellie Russell. Recitation, "Lucy Gray," Phyllis Box. Sketch, "Disobedient Dolly," Rose Reynolds, Violet Jones, Gertrude Hill. Recitation, Who are we Nellie Russell, Rose Jones, Annie Nutt, Rose Reynolds. Recitation, 41 John Maynard," Beatrice Chadd. Play, Forgive and Forget," Six Girls. Dance, Eiyht Girls. Game, Fairy Ring," Five Girls. Recitation, 44 The Cripple Boy," Violet Jones. Dance, Violet Jones and B Chadd. Song, 44 Trouble," Mabel Hill. Pianoforte solo, Miss Griffin. Sketch, The Gipsy Girl," 10 girls. Presentation. "God Save the King."