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LEDBURY URBAN COUNCIL. I The Insurance of the Rate Collector. I The Isolation Hospital Question. I The monthly meeting of the Ledbury Urban Council was held at the Barrett-Browning In- atitute on Monday evening last. Councillors present were—Messrs E H Hopkins (chairman), A Warren, J Preece, A C Lewis, AT Jones, J E Craddock, W G Davis, H Thacker, W L Tilley, T S S Gardner, C H Bastow, R Lawrence, and the Rev Father Lynch, together with the Clerk (Mr Reginald Masefield), and the Sur- veyor (Mr R G Gurney). CONDOLENCE. I Mr Gardner thanked the Council for their Tote of sympathy with him in the death of his wife, and the Clerk later read a letter from Mr Gardner to the same effect. The Chairman said it was very sad indeed that the pleasure of their meetings should be interspersed with the sadness of having again to call upon them to pass a vote of condolence with their frieud Mr Clarke, to whom a sad bereavement had fallen since their last meeting, which they all deplored. He would ask them to pass a vote of condolence with Mr Clarke and his children. Rev Father Lynch seconded, and Mr Gardner supported, and the motion was carried in silence, the members rising. THE RA.TE COLLECTOR'S INSURANCE. I Mr Jones asked a series of questions relative to the insurance under the National Health Insurance Act of Mr A G Maddox, the rate collector, who has recently been laid up by illness, and was not insured by the Council until as from October last. In the meantime Mrs Maddox has presented her husband with a daughter, and as Mr Maddox had not been insured the necessary six months under the Insurance Act, the maternity benefit of 30s was naturally not forthcoming. Mr Jones Was Mr Maddox a consenting party to his insurance taking place from the 1st of last October'? The Chairman (to the Clerk) Was that 801 The Clerk He was in communication with the Commissioners quite as long ago as that. The Chairman I think I should be quite right in saying that I believe Mr Maddox did agree to that. Mr Jone3: Theu I should like to ask the reason why this Council did not pay Mr Maddox his insurance from the commencement and not agree to commence from the 1st of last October, knowing he must be an insured person ? The Chairman As soon as the Commissioners replied to the effect that they were of opinion Mr Maddox should be insured, then we asked Mr Maddox to let us have the cards so that they could be stamped. Mr Maddox took those cards to Mr Maselield last Friday. Mr Jones: Mr Maddox has had the whole of the cards from the commencement and I was under tho impression that Mr Maddox had pro- duced them to the Finance Committee, The Chairman Mr Maddox did bring the matter before the Finance Committee, but as he was not wholly employed by us, and there was a question whether he had other employ- ment more beneficial than ours, the matter lay like that until a communication was sent to the Commissioners on the subject, and we had their reply. Mr Jones What indemnity is the Council going to pay Mr Maddox through his ill-health ? Mr Preece Arising out of that I should like to ask whose duty it WM to obtain his card ? The Chairman It is Mr Maddox's duty. The difficulty is that Mr Maddox was laid up in the meantime and did not have his medical card. Mr Jones He could not have a medical card until he becama an insured person. The Chairman said he had promised Mr Maddox that he would see Mr Ping, the clerk of the Herefordshire Insurance Com- mittee, about it, and he did so. Mr Ping at once turned up the index slip which had been sent by Mr Maddox's approved society. He (Mr Hopkins) brought back with him a slip which he gave Mr Maddox that day, and it was to say that he was to see his doctor and ask him to put him on his list as from October 12th. Mr Jones: I don't think the doctor will do that and I think Mr Maddox will have difficulty to get a doctor to take him on in his present state of health. There is also the question of the 30s maternity benefit. The subject then dropped. NO PROBABILITY OF A SWIMMING I BATH. Mr Lawrence Is there any probability of the swimming bath being ready for the coming summer ? The Chairman I am afraid I can give no information as to that. Mr Lawrence Then I give notice that at the next meeting I shall raise the question of a recreation ground for children. BREAKING-UP ROADS. I Mr Thacker said in view of the increase in I the rates, due to the cost of the roada, he wished to ask whether they got any benefit from the Gas Co. breaking up the roads from time to Mme. Directly they got a good road the Gas 9. broke it up and they had only to go up Worcester-road to see it. The Chairman I am afraid it is so, Mr Thacker. It has gone on as long as I can remember. Mr Thacker It is a very serious thing. The Chairman On the main roads we have no control over the matter. Mr Gardner (a director of the Gas Co.) said he wished to say it was a benefit to the rate- payers. The Chairman intervened, and the matter dropped. ISOLATION HOSPITAL QUESTION. 1 The Clerk read the interim report of the Committee appointed by the County Council to enquire into the question of isolation hospital accommodation in the rural and urban districts of Ledbury, Ross and Leominster, and also read a communication from the Ledbury Rural District Council inviting the Urban Council to send two delegates to a conference at Hereford 6n the question. The Chairman said when that report was sub- mitted at the County Council he asked the Chairman (Colonel Decie) if the Ledbury Urban Council were now in a position to complete the-I negotiations with the Hereford Rural Council and he assured him that they were now at liberty. Those negotiations were jointly with the Ledbury Rural District Council and the arrangemeBt was to subsidise beds at the Here- ford Rural Council's isolation hospital at Credenhill. There was no reason at all why those negotiations could not be re-opened and settled, and he was entirely at a loss to under- stand why the Ledbury Rural District Council should be so anxious to go in for a larger and more expensive scheme. Mr Bastow said they could not complete the negotiations without the Rural District Council. Mr Davis said they should take steps to complete the negotiations, and he suggested a small deputation from that Council to meet the Rural Council representatives at the former conference. It was unanimously decided to get into com- munication with the Ledbury Rural District Council at once, and the Chairman. Mr Bastow and Mr Davis were appointed a deputation in the matter. ELECTRIC LIGHT. On the motion of Mr Bastow, seconded by the Rev F C Lynch, it was decided to affix the seal of the Council to the electric lighting agreement, whereby the Ledbury Electric Supply Co., Ltd., agree not to charge the maximum price per unit stated in the Board of Trade Provisional Order except under certain circumstances. PROPOSED INFANTS" SCHOOL. The Clerk read a communication from Mr J Wiltshire (County Education Secretary) enclosing a copy of the notice issued by the Local Education Authority of their intention to provide a new public Elementary School for about 200 children at Ledbury. P.O. TELEGRAPHS. A letter was read from the Postmaster- General making application for permission to lay an underground cable in High-street and Bye-street. The Council offered no objection to that portion in Bye-street, provided no pole was erected there, and the Chairman said application should be made to the County Council with reference to High-street. FINANCE COMMITTEE. The Chairman presented the report of the Finance Committee which showed that the sum of 2171 19d lid had been paid to the treasurer since the last meeting. Bills for payment amounted to £ 271 Os 2d. The Committee had received a letter from Mr Gorin with reference to the charge for water, asking the Committee to give consideration to the matter, and the Committee decided to recommend the Council to make Mr Gorin a special allowance of 22, equal to 16,000 gallons of water at 28 6d per thousand. Respecting the lighting of the clock at the Barrett-Browning institute, he thought when the bill for 2 months lighting was P-5 5s Id that the time had arrived when they must deal with the matter. The fittings and burners for the lighting were not working satisfactorily, and although the attention of Mr Garrood had been drawn to it, yet nothing appeared to have been done. The Committee thought they were justified in recommending that unless some alteration was made in the burners to help in checking the wanton waste of gas at the present time, the Committee had no alternative but to cut off the gas as from Monday next. If they would put in new burners they would get over the difficulty. Mr Gardner seconded. Mr Lawrence Would not electricity light it ? The Chairman Yes, but that is a question for the Institute. We have nothing to do with the fittings. We pay for the light. Mr Lawrence: There would be no waste from a by-pass then, as it would simply be a case of a switch. The report was adopted. STREETS COMMITTEE. Mr C H Bastow presented the report ot the Streets Committee as follows :— South Parade.—The Surveyor reported that his estimate for putting this road into such a state of repair that would warrant the Council in taking it over was JS150. Bank Crescent Road.—The letter from Mr Pritchard to this Committee was considered after discussion and the Committee recommend that a deputation of the Council meet the members of the Building Society. Bye-street.—Mr Davis called attention to a dangerous place in the footpath in the upper end of Bye-street and it was decided to repair it at once. New Road Brush.—The Committee recom- mend that application be made to the Roads and Bridges Committee for the provision of a road sweeping machine for Ledbury Urban. Mr Bastow, in proposing the adoption of the report, said the Surveyor's estimate with regard to South Parade had been sent to the people who petitioned the Council with reference to it. With regard to Banir Crescent they hoped some- thing would be done to bring this matter to a close by a conference. If passible, he thought they ought to try to get the thing settled. As to the question of the Bye-street footpath, that would have to be left until the telegraph cable was laid. Referring to the proposed purchase' of a road-sweeping brush, Mr Bastow said that now they had the streets tar-painted it would be a vast improvement. To run a scraper over the roads must do harm and at certain times a rotary sweeping machine would be a vast im- provement and they would have the streets cleaner. Mr Lewis seconded, and the report was unanimously adopted. The Chairman, Mr Bastow and Mr Davis were appointed a deputation to meet three directors of the Building Society with reference to Bank Crescent-road. SANITARY COMMITTEE. Mr Gardner presented the report of the Sanitary Committee which contained nothing of public interest. j REPORT OF MEDICAL OFFICER. I The report of the medical officer stated that during the past month three births and five deaths had been notified. One case of scarlet fever had been reported.



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