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NEWS IN BRIEF. LORD STRATHCONA'S WILL. The late Lord Strathcona settled his Scottish •states and £ 500,000 on the heirs succeeding to the title. He also left bequests for education and charity amounting in all to j £ 475,000. HAMEL'S "LOOPING" AT WINDSOR. Mr. Gustav Hamel" looped the loop" four- teen "limes in 17min. on Monday before the King and Queen. I THE BUILDERS' DISPUTE. The Court of Refer, ,'s; hps confirmed the deci- sion that the men out of work through the building- trade dispute are iio„ entitled to un- employment benefit. • PARSIFAL" AT COVENT GARDEN. The firsr performance in England of Wagner's 41 Parsifal was given at Coyent Garden on Monday night before a brilliant audience. Queen Alexandra was in the Royal box. THE FOOTBALL DISPUTE. The dispute between the Football Association and the Amateur Football Association has been settled at a meeting of the Football Associa- tion Council. LORD GLADSTONE'S POSITION. Herbert Samuel, declared on Monday nisfiii ar li,irrcrr.v> that the responsibility for th" <!r-|K>rtations from South Africa d'd not reit with Lord Gladstone. MR. SAMUEL AND A GENERAL ELECTION. Jn. liis speech it Harrogate the Postmaster- Or;i; scou "1 ■. J'J!1ar Law's prophecy of *n eaii.v Gfaiend Electyjn. KING EDWARD MEMORIAL. The anonymous lady who had promised < £ 25.000 towards the laying out of Shadwell Park in memory of King Edward is un IJle TO fulfil her promise owing to "severe and sudden ifnancial misfortunes." THE TEACHERS' STRIKE. Owing tor the strike of elementary tenchers in Herefordshire a large number of schools have had to be closed. __0 THE TANGANYIKA RAILWAY. The rail head of the ianganyika Railway has reached Ki.?oma, the terminus on the Laic* of this kne which was started from Dar-es-Salam, in German East Africa, ten years ago. THE SPANIARDS IN MOROCCO. General Berenguor's column, operating in the I Spanish zone of Morocco, has been sharply Kaged near Tetuan. LONGMOOR CAMP CLOSING. I Owing to the decision to abolish mounted in- fantry in the Briii-h Army, the mounted in- fantry camp at Longmoor is now practically closed. It will be converted into a cavalry camp for regiments coming i; ;mo from South Africa. FATAL MOTOR LIFT MISHAP. I through a mishap to a motor lift at the pre- mises of a firm of yarn agents of Nottingham, an electrician's workman, named Wilson, aged thirty-three, who had only bc"u married a fort- night, was killed instantly. SUICIDE AFTER DEATH. t A Halifax blacksmith iianied Jowetr, whose son, azed sixteen, was drowned in a brook 0:1 Sunday, was found dead in his workshop on Monday. He had a coat over his head and a gaspipe in his mouth. ACCIDENT TO LORD ANNALY. I Lord AnnaJy met with a serious accident while hunting with the Pytchley Hounds on Monday. In jumping a hedge he "waii caught by a branch of a tree and knocked from his horse. His left eye and riose wfr- injured, and he suf- fered much from loss of blood. socrn BUCKS ELECTION DATE. I Po));)?!!) the '1UTh Bucks Diy:ion to (i!!rhf va?ncvc??d t)v tn(, of Sir Alfz?eclI Cripps to the Peerage as Baron I'armoor has been fixed for Wednesday, February 18th. SCOTCH OIL FOR THE NAVY. I The Admiralty have just arranged a contract witii certain Scotch oil companies for a large quantity of liquid fuel. The companies have been extending their plant to meet naval re- quirements. P>RIDEGRO,( £ M'S SUICIDE. t bTic-t lira-wood, a "platelayer of WTest Bridg- foru. v.ho committed suicide on the Mid- land HaiHvay on Monday, was to have been married shortly, the banns having been read in church on Sunday. RESIGNATION OF A JUDGE. I Mr. Justice Bucknill. owing to his continued ill-hpalth. lias tendered his resignation to the I Lord Chancellor. DEATH AFTER HUNTING. I yIr T. P. Parnell, J.P.. of Wicksfclm. Berke- ley. Gloucestershire, who met. with a serious ac- cident recently while following Lord Fitzhar- dinge's Hounds, died on Sunday. PRINCE ARTHUR AND THE Y.M.C.A. I Prince Arthur of ( onnauglii has con.Qí'lIt.><l to preside over the seventieth anniversary of the London Central Association, which is" to held at Queen's Hall on Monday evening, May 28th. I BETRAYED MILITARY* SECRETS. I A German naval court-martial at Kiel has sentenced a petty officer of the wireless service, named Michelscn, to three years and seven months' penal servitude for the betrayal of mili- tary secrets. MAKING RCHF. OF JOINING THE ARMY. I Sai(! to Iipvc joined tlir-ee at the same time, Frederick Slack, belonging to Bolton, has bc-'n sentenced at Preston to nine months' im- prisonment fo" making a false attestation. WIRELESS HEROES' MEMORIAL I The fatal heroicrn of Ferdinand Kuehne. the wiTrios-, operator of iho steamship Monroe, will probablv bo commemorated on the memorial to Jack Philips, the Titanic operator, which is to be unveiled in New York. WIDOWS GRTEF ENDS IN SUICIDE. I stated tn rave been despondent at the death of her huhand. Mary Ion; an a,s¡stant hotel of hi,r )iusl)aTid Birmingham, committed cuicide I bviUlflping into the Thames. HISTORIC ON FIRE. I The historic church at Little Driffield, York. shire, was damaged by fire on Sunday night through an oil lamp falling and exploding. The church is noted os the burying-place of Alfred, King of Nortliumbria. UNIONIST LEADER'S WHIP. I Mr. Ronar Lnw has issued to members of the Opposition a Whip in which he says: "Parlia- I ment meets again on the 10th in-t., and I rely upon your constant attendance throughout a ses- sion the serious nature of which I am sure you fullv realise." DRAPERY STORE FIRE. I A gas explosion took place on Monday night in Messrs. Arnott's drapery establishment, one of the largest in Dublin. A fire which resulted was promptly extinguished by tho brigade. The ifreman employed by the firm was injured and treated in hospital. PRESENTED TO THE NATION. I Bv a generous act of private munificence the Victoria and Albert Museum, Kensington, has just come into of one. of the most beautiful existing examples of a mediaeval En- lish craft-man's work. th* silver-gilt covered bowl formerly at Stanley Royal Church, near Ripon. AN ACTIVE INVALID. I Two detectives in the employ of the Port of London Authority stared, in a case at Bow County Court, that a man in receipt of a com- pensation award urder the, Workmen's Compen- sation Act had seen by them to walk through Rotl-rrhithe Tunnel and approaches (ah')' oni and a-quarter mile) in five minutes. Mid also take part in a fight and win it. Tiio ;.wa:.1 ves terminated.