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Sales bV Ruction. POPE, SMITH, ANTHONY (Late W. MANTON & Co.,) AUCTIONEERS, Agricultural & General Valuers, HOUSE, LAND, ESTATE, AND INSURANCE AGENTS. ^VAUIATIONS for PROBATE & MORTCACE. Stock Sales in Ledbury Market On ALTERNATE TUESDAYS tboreughout the year. NEXT MARKET, FEBRUARY 10, 1914. Order of Selling- Pigs and Store Cattle at 10 a.m. Sheep at 11.30. Fat Cattle at 12. HOUMI, &c., to let Entered in Register Free of Charge. OJTICES NEW STREET, LEDBURY, AND St. ALDATES CHAMBERS. GLOUCESTER. LEDBURY CATTLE MARKET. POPE, SMITH & ANTHONY Beg to announce that they will hold their 1st Annual Special Spring Sale OF STORE CATTLE At the above Market on 'TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10th, 1914. Early Entries Respectfully Solicited. Auctioneers' Offices, New Street, Ledbury. CATTLE MARKET, LEDBURY. POPE, SMITH & ANTHONY Have received instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, ON TUESDAY NEXT, FEB. 10, 1914, An Excellent MARKET TRAP (As new). Sale at 12 p.m. precisely. Auctioneers' Offices-New Street, Ledbury. CATTLE MARKET, LEDBURY. POPE, SMITH & ANTHONY Have received instructions from Mr G J Stephens, who has gone abroad, to SELL BY AU CTION ON TUESDAY NEXT, FEB. 10, 1914, A very useful SPRING CART, In good condition. Sale at 12 p. m. precisely. Auctioneers' Offices, New Street, Ledbury. OROFT COTTAGE, MUCH MARCLE. I miles from Leibury and 3 from Dymock Stations. POPE, SMITH & ANTHONY Have received instructions from Mr Richard Per ItS, who is leaving the District, to SELL by AUCTION, as above on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1914, The whole of his useful Live and Dead FARMING STOCK comprising:-  SHORTHORN COWS (1 due to Calve in Jj April and the other Barren). 0 UPSTANDING WORKING HORSES, ft viz., Roan Horse, 7 years old; Black Horse, 4 years old and a Bay florae, 7 years old; 2 STORE PIGS 15 Couples of YOUNG POULTRY the collection of AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, inciud- A ing Narrow-wheel Waggon, Broad- wheel Cart, Mowing Machine, by Bamford' 3 Sets Harrows, 2 Ploughs, Scuffle Horse Hoe, Chaff-cutter, Root Pulper, Quantity of Iron Hurdles, Iron Troughs. Rick Sheet, Wheel- barrow, Grindstone and Frame, 2 Long Ladders, etc., Part RICK of HAY and small Heap of MANGOLDS, the Gearing and Harness, 14 Hogsheads and Cider Plant, tolether with a few lots of HOUSKHOLD FURNIT?URE ?and DAIRY UTENSILS, including an excellent Kitchen Range, Churn, Mangle, and numerous other effects. Sale at 2 p.m. precisely. No Catalogues. Auctioneers' Offices, New Street, Ledbury. TO LET, 11? Acres of excellent Grass Land at TAytton.-Apply, Pope, Smith & Anthony, Ledbury.. TO LET, Laurel Mount, Ledbury.—Apply, pe, Smithon, Ledbury. TO LET, a good Cottage at Newent.—Apply, Pope, Smith & Anthony, Auctioneers, Ledbury. FOR SALE, OR TO LET ON LEASE, Jf Excellent Mixed Farm, with superior residence and buildings. BUTTER at 2D. per pound Every housewife ean have this by using a LISTER'S HYGIENIC BUTTER MAKER. Ffom one pound of pure butter and .pmt new milk you can » within two minutes produce iii by thIs .?hi?e ab,? utt pounds of dehclous cr?me? ?—?f ? I!IHtjilHlWBHHll! butter. A pure food product I1NI 111 ilfflSH RecoinmenPduerd e f;od&r:?Tuct? *3' MM y O tigrS, A child can work it. FuOand 4MTTEI N?Mt simple dir?ction?.sent with eacn machme. Illll .QHSBMI The only sanitary and J ||wRji hygiene machine made for which a patent baa tg% Carriage been granted. Beware i?/0 Carriag of insanitary itnitations. Cash with order. Butter to be sweet must be made in a hygienic con- tainer. You can only get this by using a LISTER'S W. G. FIELD S Co., Ltd. Eldon St. House, LONDON. R C. MwgnJ A Popular & Effective Remedies. ??? Carboy H?ir Tonic. J [ ■ jjjLl Carboy Numery Httir Wa-th. J !? I Household Embrocation. Backache and Kidney Mixture. Jr Blood Purifier. I 1 Cheat, Throat and Lung Syrup. i » 1 Indigestion Mixture. Kheumatic Mixture. Quinine and Phosphorus Tonic. Tic and Neuralgia Mixture. Children's Nutritive Tonic. Syrup of Figs. 74*1 per Bottle. Double 7 id. size, 1s. Sold only by- ARTHUR STEVENS, M.P.S. (Late FREEMAN), Pharmacist, 6, HIGH STREET, LEDBURY. Sales bp auction. BRUTON, KNOWLES" 00. Albion Chambers, Gloucester. Estate & House Agents, Surveyors, Auctioneers, Agricultural, Hotel, and Timber Valuers, and Valuers for Probate and Estate Duty. AN ILLUSTRATED REGISTER of Proper- A. ties for Sale by Private Tre ty or to be Let may be had on receipt of Three Stamps. No charge is made for the inserton of particulars unless a Sale or Letting be effected. Telegrams Brutons, Gloucester. Telephone 67. BY MESSRS. JACKSON & McCARTNEY. ALTERATION OF DATE. HEREFORD HORSE SALES. OPENING PRIZE SALE, Saturday, February 28th, 1914. R,50 IN PRIZES. THE best Cart Gelding or Mare wins Silver A Cup value £ 10. A cash prize of 920 offered for best pair of Cart Geldings or Mares also prizes for Vanners. Hackneys, &c. Many high- class entries already received. Entries for catalogues close Saturday, February 21st. 1914. Entry Form and Prize Schedule upon applica- tion. JACKSON & McOARTNEY. Craven Arms and Hereford. R. E. DAW, Wheelwright Every description of WAGGONS, LORRIES, CARTS, FLOATS, etc., Made to Order. Farmers' Lorries a Speciality. Estimates Given. REPAIRS Promptly Attended to. OAK FIELD GATES Made to Order. POSTS SAWN ANY SIZE. Manufacturer of Spokes, Ladder Rounds Etc., Etc. FIREWOOD BLOCKS FOR SALE. New Market Street, Ledbury. W. F. WEST, Gleenglocer & Fruiterer, 38, Homend Street, Ledbury. All kinds of English and Foreign Fruits in season. ORANGES, 30 and 40 a Shilling. DATES. PRUNES. FIGS. LEMONS, Monkey and Tiger Nuts. Fresh Vegetables of all Kinds Daily. Good Assortment of Brushes & Baskets Good Selection of Artificial Wreaths and Crosses at reasonable prices. WREATHS and CROSSES Made to Order at the Shortest Notice. J gent for CARTER'S Tested FLOWER and GARDEN SEEDS. Picture Framing If you have any Prints, Pictures, or Photogravures unframed, why not have an inexpensive frame put on them ? It seems such a pity to let them get dirty. We shall at all times be only too pleased to shew samples of Mouldings, and we know our prices are RIGHT. We do quite a lot of high class Picture Framing, English Gilt, &c. Valuable Prints entrusted to us are specially dealt with. TILLEY & SON, The Library, LEDBURY. T. F DAVIS, T. F0. 1?GA,?ViAs:r, TEACHER of the PIANOFORTE and HARMONY, CLAREMGNT," COLWALL, MALVERN. Pupils Prepared for Examination. Pianofortes Tuned & Repaired. Pianofortes by all the Best Makers to order. 9ETACHED PIANOLAS suitable for playing on any Piano. public notices. PICTURE PALACE ROYAL HALL, LEDBURY. Manager-Mr L. P. HOULT. Monday,' Tuesday and Wednesday, February 9, 10 and 11, at 8, doors open at 7-45, another of the Great Gaumont Series- FANTOMAS III. (The Mysterious Finger Print). 4630 feet in 4 reels. WONDERFUL ARTILLERY EXERCISES A Splendid Interest Subject. OLD DOC YAK. THE DARKTOWN BELLE. t Thursday and Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 6.30 and 8.45p.m. (doors open 6.15 and 8.30 p.m.), and Matinee on Saturday, at, 2.30 p.m. (Special reduced prices for School Children, Id, 2d and 3d). I Complete change of programme, including the Fine Pasquali Drama- DEATH TO THE TRAITOR. 3,000 feet. Thrills all Through. THE AVENGER. 2,500 feet, by the well-known Eclair Co. LUCCA CAVALRY. A Grand Martial Subject. SPRIGGS BUYS A DOG. WRONG HANDBAG. PRICES:— Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday—Stalls is, Pit Stalls 8d; Pit 4d. Thursday, Friday, Satur- day—Stalls 9d Pit Stalls 6d Pit 3d. Operator-Mr. A. TWELVETREE. Visitors from Colwall and Dymock will have ample time to see the 6-30 performance on Saturday and catch the last train from Ledbury. Books containing 12 Passes to Stalls for 8s., or 12 Passes to Pit Stalls for 5s 6d. Can be obtained from the Manager or Cashier, and admit to any performance. BOOK EARLY FOR FANTOMAS III. ROYAL HALL, LEDBURY. In aid of the Ledbury Evening Schools Prize Fund. Under the distinguished Patronage of the Nobility and Gentry of Ledbury and District, v THE LEDBURY SUNFLOWER MINSTRELS Will give THREE GRAND PERFORMANCES In the above hall on MONDAY, TUESDAY, & WEDNESDAY, FEB. 16, 17, & 18, at 8 p.m. 25 PERFORMERS. FULL ORCHESTRA AND CHORUS. New Songs, Sketches & Farce. ADMISSION :-Monday Night, 3s, 2s and Is. Tuesday and Wednesday Nights, 2s, Is and 6.1. Tickets and Plan of the Hall at Messrs Tilley and Son's, Ledbury. H B WHYLD, Hon Sec. THE LEDBURY HUNT, 1914. Hedging Competition Open to all Farmers residing within the limits of the Ledbury Hunt, who have no wire on their Farms, except as protection for New Hedges. In Prizes. 230 In Prizes. Given by Sir GEORGE BULLOUGH, M.F.H. CLASS 1.—For Farmers occupying not more than 50 Acres of Land, and having since 1st May last the Greatest Number of Yards of Fence Cut and Laid in. the Best and Most Workmanlike Manner, and whose Fences are generally the Best Kept. 1st £ 5, 2nd £ 3, 3rd £ 2. CLASS 2.—For Farmers occupying between 50 and 150 Acres of Land, and having since 1st May last the Greatest Number of Yards of Fence Cut and Laid in the Best and Most Workmanlike Manner, and whose Fences are generally the Best Kept. 1st X5, 2nd JE3, 3rd X2. CLASS 3.—For Farmers occupying over 150 Acres of Land, and having since 1st May last the Greatest Number of Yards of Fence Cut and Laid in the Best and Most Workmanlike Man- ner, and whose Fences are generally the Best Kept. 1st JE5. 2nd £ 3, 3rd X2. Judges will be Appointed by the Master. In Judging the General Fences, the state of the Gates will be taken into consideration. Entries to be sent in by March 31st, 1914, to- A. W. MONTGOMERY-CAMPBELL, DYMOCK, GLOUCESTER. NATIONAL FARMERS' UNION (LEDBURY BRANCH). The Fourth Annual Dinner Will be held at the FEATHERS HOTEL, LEDBURY, ON Thursday, February 19, 1914, At 6 p.m. Chairman—Mr. J. PARRY. TICKETS, 2 6 EACH, To be obtained at the Hotel, or from any Members,r,f the Committee, or from the Local Hon. Secretary- Mr E. B. THOMPSON, Temple Court, Bosbury. P U T L. E Y. A WHIST ? DRIVE Will be held in the SCHOOL on Wednesday, February 11, At 7-30 p.m., in aid of the Putley Working Men's Club and the Putley Boy Scouts. ADMISSION 1/6. LIGHT REFRESHMENTS. F. W. F. BISHOP. PRINTING of all kinds executed in best style Jt. at the" Reporter" Printing Works, Led- bury. CHEAP PREPAI OS. 9d. for 20 WordsuaRndder | Three Six Once. j Times. Times.  8. d. 8. d. j' s. d. s. d. 'Me? 0 9 1 6 3 0  28 words 1 0 I 2 0 I 4 0 36 words 1 1 3 I 2 6 I 5 0 Bookirg, 2d. extra. Stamps are not aewpted, but odd amounts may be affixed to Postt." Orders according to Post Office regulations. Where the total amount of the remittance does not exceed sixpence, HALF-PENNY stamps may be sent. SPECIAL NOTICE. Applicants sending replies for Advertisements addressed to initials or fi,t! itious names at this Office, are requested not to send original testimonials with their applica- tions, but to enclose copie* only. ADVERTISERS using this office as an audress for receiving replies to their advertisements under initials, etc., are requested to call for same, or enclose stamps for them to be forwarded. SITUATIONS VACANT. WANTED, General Workman, with cottage TT and garden; also strong Lad live in.— Apply, G H Stallard, Dingwood, Ledbury. W ANTED, to live in cottage adjoining the ▼ V Hilltop, a steady, reliable married Man, who can milk cows and attend to small garden, etc. wages 18s, with cottage and garden.— H S H Bickham, The Hilltop, Ledbury. WANTED, a Waggoner's Boy. Apply, TV Fitzpatrick, Brook Farm, Little Marcle. WAGGONER wanted at Candlemas good TV ploughman; wife to tie hops good cottage and garden.—J Parry, Mitchell, L edbiiry- WANTED, Man to trune orchard.—Apply, W Ockey, Ca.,stle Froome, Ledbury. WANTED, General Workman good cottage vT and garden also boy to make himself generally useful.—Thompson, Temple Court, Bosbury. WANTED, one or two Men to do hedging TT also tree pruning.-Ápply, D?vies, Aylton Court, near Ledury.  WANTED, a strong Bo for farm work  live in best WILes given. Apply, Arthur Hicks, Bransford MiU, Worcester. WANTED, a General Workman at 2nd TV February wife to tie hops.—J T Rogers, Castle Froome, Ledbmy. W AGGONER'S Boy wanted.—Apply, T I Calder, Canon Frocme, Ledbury. W ANTED, General Workman, used to stock; cottage and garden found.— Apply, Hainar, Orlham, Ledbury. GENERAL Workman wanted; good wages given cottage and garden rent free.—T E Davies, Hop and Fruit Grower, Pixley Court, Ledbury. FARM WORKERS wanted for CANADA [ by our own Agenfc. Loans granted experienced men towards %•■«.!sage. Also for AUSTRALIA; assisted itarefi, lowest rates. Also DOMESTICS: fares fully advanced to CANADA or AUSTRALIA. Guaranteed Situations; Good Wages.—Apply early (Dept. W.B.), W W Bell & Co., Ltd., Emigration Specialists, 9, Broad Street, Worcester. DOMESTIC SERVANTS WANTED. RESPECTABLE Person wanted shortly to undertake duties of small private house in Ledbury; two in family; mistress assists in light work; no washing.-State age, wages, references, &c., by lettef addressed B.A.C., Reporter Office, Ledbury. ? OOD General wanted i hree in family ?4 OT to £ 18.—Parminter, Church Cottage, Bos- bury,_ury. G- OOD General wanted.—Apply, Mrs. Haynes, GII, New-street, Ledbory. WANTED, Cook General immediately.— TV Apply to Mrs Manton, Sweetbriar, Richmond Road, Stechford, Birmingham. WANTISD. W ANTED, for Beagles, lost sheep or small ▼ V beasts.—Apply, Davies, Hill House, Ledbury. A NTIQUES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION A. WANTED. — High Prices given for Old 8i1ver.-J E PAGE, Jeweller, 4, gBroL ?or Old Hereford. APARTMENTS. APARTMENTS, with or without board A pleasant situation bath-room and piano terms moderate. Apply, by letter, F.L., Reporter Office, Ledbury. 'A" p ARTiENTŠ. Large Sittingroom and it Bedroom (unfurDisbed); pleasantly situated near church and post office.-Apply, by letter, G. M., Reporter Office, Ledbury. H PROPERTY TO BE LET OR SOLD. TO BE LET. LEDBURY.— L Garden, Albert Road, Newtown. Convenient Residence, 428. Dan-y-Craig, £35 per aunnm. Roseville, furnished or unfurnished, f30 per annum. Large Garden, Albert Road, Newtown, £2. Cottage and gardes, < Hillfields, Parkway, 1/9 weekly. Gentleman's Residence, South Parade, im- mediate possession. South Cottage, Mai vera Wells; large garden; £ 25 Sporting Residence, jE80 per annum. REDMARLEY. R The Old Post Omce. TO BE SOLD. EDBURY.- jjtT j House, Shop and Premises at the Upper Cross, Ledbury. Two Cottages and Ganen, Parkway, front ing main road. Country House and Grounds, £ 1,600. Seven Building Allotments. House and very large garden, £ 500. j oin Building site, Albert Road, two plots adjoin leg. Cottages, Woodleigh Road. 6 Freehold Cottages and Gardens, Parkway Two Houses, Bye Street. REDMARLEY.— Cottage and Orchard. For further particulars apply- HENRY, QARROOD, SOLICITOR, LEDBURY. TO LET, Yew Tree Cottage, Munsley 4 bedrooms, pig's cot, jhed, small meadow, and 2J more acres if requfcdd. —Cottons Paunce- ford Court, Munsley. I TO LET, Semi-detache Cottage in Bridge- r street, near WoodleIgh-road;- every con- venience. -Apply, D Smith and Son, Ledbury. FpO LET, "the Firs," Bridge-street,. Led- bwy:-r detached house large gar-den, etc. every couvenience. -Apply, D Smith and Son, Ledbury. Visiting Cards printed at.the Reporter' Office. FOR SALE. FOR SALE, pure-bred Sable and White I Collie Puppies, 8 weeks old 7/6.—A E Dawe. The Willows, Wellington Heath. SPRING Beans and Wheat (Red Marvel), for O sale; once grown.-Ward, Coddington, Ledbury. FOR SALE, 16 Bundles Stakes and 1,125 Second Hop Poles, half Ash.—Barrett, Munsley, Ledburv. FOR SALE, through death, comfortable Bath i- Chaii good eonditior modern improve- ments leather lined.—Mrs Chapman, The Lodge, Much Marcle, Gloucester. FOR SALE, quantity of good Hawthorn t7 Bushes, per waggon load.-David Smith, junr., Builder, Wellington Heath, Ledbury. FOR SALE, genuine Scotch Seed Up-to-Date FPotatoes, guaranteed direct from Scotland delivery the end of March price 5/6 per cwt.— Apply, J C Pudge, Berrow, Ledbury. SiRED Spring Beans for Sale.-Apply, Davies kJ Bros., Hill House, Ledbury. FOR SALE, 16 Bundles Stakes and 30 jE Bundles of Ash Hetherings. Barrett, Munsley, Ledhury. Fo H. SALE, Freehold Plot of Land at Bank C Crescent, Ledbury, suitable for building splendid prospect.—Apply, Parr, High Street, Ledbury. FOR SALE, Ash Hop-Poles, Faggots, Pea JL and Bean Sticks easy access to main road from spin ney. -Bickham & Richardson, The Frith, Ledbury. FOR. SALE, quantity of second-hand Shop and JT House Gas Brackets and Fittings sell cheap.—Wilks. Ledbury. PEDIGREE Shorthorn Bulls and Bull Calves Jt. for sale from the very best strains both milk and beef strains kept; separate stock bulls milk records kept. Inspection of the herd is cordially invited.—Wilfred Hewitt, The Home Farm, Hope End, Ledbury. MISCELLANEOUS. FEMALE Fox Terrier Pup to be given away JL good home essential.—Letters only, Knoll View, Checkley, Hereford. 1 SUPPLY the World's best Triple-Tested IPedigree Vegetable and Flower Seeds. Before purchasing obtain my Catalogue, 72 pages, 76 illustrations, free compare prices they are most reasonable for reliable seeds.-Ellison, 160, West Bromwich. Established 1890. w ALL-PAPEPS from lid per Roll. Any W quantity, large or small, wholesale prices. Stock exceeds 250,000 rolls all classes. Write for patterns, stating class required. (Dept 377), Barnett Wall-Paper Co., Ltd., Knott Mill, Manchester. IMPORTANT TO MOTHERIS.-Every JL Motber who values the Health and Clean. liness of her Child should use HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In tins, 4d and 9d. Postage Id.—Geo W Harrison, Chemist, Read- ing. Sold by Chemists. Ageut for Ledbury-A STEVENS (late Freeman), Chemist, Market Place; Newent, H Whittles Colwall, Amos, Chemist. MILLIONS OF RATS HAVK BEEN SLAUGHTERED BY USING HARRISON'S II RELIABLE" RAT POISON Equally good for Mice, Moles, and Beetles. Dogs and Cats will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Price 6d., 1.. 2s. 3d. and 3s. 8d. Postage 2d. G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Ledbury: V. W. MEACHAM, High St Newent: H. WHITTLES. Colwall: CLARK & AMOS. A MTTJAI DR. Matthias's 1T..I.. Cam phor Cough Linctus gives instant relief. Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis and Asthma. Testimonials from eminent persons prove its efficacy. Post free l/l £ 2/3.4/—HOOPER & Co., Chemists, 43, King William-street, London Bridge, London, E.O. B, G. WAYGOOD & to. DUDLEY, Agents & Merchants. Coir Yarns, Quassia, Hop Soap, Hop Pockets, &c. Ledbury Agent-Mr. A. G. T. BANKS. ENGLISH AND AMERICAN DENTISTRY C. H. DOVEY ATTENDS LEDBURY EVERY TUESDAY From 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. at Mr. PEDLINOHAH, Grocer, Market Place. \.( L .1 "J "1 Jp' f -?h' -F::i{r: 1.. êt;' ,!II .L:, TEETH AT HALF the Usual Cost. T EE T IJ Fitr?d without extraction or pain, made on Vulcanite, Gold, and Alloy. Sets from One Gmnea. We Re-make Teeth Supplied by other. that have proved useless, at a trifling expense, and guarantee complete satisfaction Honesty is the Best Policy, So the old proverb says, and we on our part believe it. We Bend out none but honest work at lowest prices. Give us a call. It will Cost you Nothing, As we make an examination of the mouth and give an estimate of the cost willingly without charge. You Fix the Price You can afford to pay, and we will meet you. We do not ask, nor do we wish, our patients to pay more than their means will permit. Patients may always depend On seeing Mr. Dovey personally, as he does not send assistants to his branches. Permanent Address— C. H. DOVEY, Anglesea House, Worcester Rd Gt. Malvern CHOICE PRESENTS! W. C. MANN'S Stock is complete with a Superb Collection of DIAMOND ORNAMENTS GEM JEWELLERY. SILVER PLATE. And Inexpensive Novelties, SPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS. W. C. MANN (Member of the British Optical Association), Chronomotsr, Watoh and Clock Maksr, Goldsmith, Jeweller, Optician, &o., THE CROSS, GLOUCESTER Telephone 98. IT WILL INTEREST YOU To know of The Astounding Value that Wilks' Stores Are now offering in a hundred SPECIAL LINES. Here are a few English Cheese Good Quality. Slightly Tasty. 6|d and 7d. per lb Pure Butter Extra Choice. At 1/2 per lb. Nut Margarine Equal to Butter. Made from NUTS and MILK. Only ad. per lb. Try a sample. TEA 1/6 and 1/8 per lb Remem ber Straight from the Chest. Self-raising Flour In bags. 3d., 6d., and 1/- None better for Pastry, Cakes, etc. WILKS' A C N :Da cv ¡. fi } 'f. rn cp SO CI:) Absolutely wind proof. Burns 20 hours for 1 pint of oil. English made. :-in burner. Rivetted handle. Japanned red. Average weight 21b 5oz. Heavy wrought foot. Each lamp boxed. The finest lamp on the market. All the newest improvements. Price 2/6 each only. Also a large quantity of Burners snd Glasses to suit these lamps. Large stock of Foot Warmers 9 From 1/1! each. Note the Address- 10 & 11, HIGH STREET LEDBURY. NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! You've made lots of them, i j haven't you ? Yes, and broken lots of them, too. So you've decided not to make any more. 5} But, every rule has an excep- tion." Here's your exception: "I WILL BUY MY BEER FROM THE VINE BREWERY FROM NOW ON. That's a resolution you will 11 keep, and you won't find it kard either, for you will get < c the best value for your money. LANE BROS. & BASTOW, VINE BREWERY, 5 5 LEDBURY. Telephone—P.O. 12.  PSINLE^ ^mSTRY W. A. HOBSON, 4, Southend, LEDBURY. T|1 |i*T?nPTT Extracted, PAINLESS X JEj JCi L -O Method. TEETH Artificial, from £1 Single 1 B T71T■ lTT All Repairs Promptly 'X 1JPi fid JL XI attended to (any maker). HOURS OF CONSULTATION:- Fridays, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Market Days (Tuesdays), 9-30 a. m. to 5 p.m. ADVICE FREE. 4, Southend, Ledbury (Next to Royal Oak Hotel). ESTABLISHED 1824. The Yorkshire Insurance Gompaoi LIMITED. Reserve Funds nearly £ 3,000,000. Claims Paid exceed 96,500,000. CHAIRMAN EDWIN GRAY, ESQ. UVE STOCK INSURANCE; Insure with the wealthiest Company transact- ing this class of Insurance. For latest features including FOALING and other SPECIAL RISKS, see the Company's new prospectus, which, may be had post Lee. WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION, Inoludlng DOMESTIC SERVANTS. ABSOLUTE PROTECTION against ALL LIABILITY without limit as to amount, IN. CLUDING THE COSTS OF DEFENDING DOUBTFUL OR WRONGFUL CLAIMS, provided by this Company's policies. FIRE INSURANCE. Survey made and minimum rates quoted fra of charge. LIFE DEPARTMENT. New Table of Life nsurance at Minimum C^ o^t. i. The lowest prem ums charged by any British Life Office. Write or particulars BRISTOL OFFICE2, Clare Street. Application for A.gencies in unrepresented districts invited. I 9W- ASK YOUR CHEMIST, Grocer or Wine Merchant, I FOR BURROW'S "ALPHA BRAND" I MALVERN WATERS You will find them Superior in Purity to all other Table Waters. IF NOT KEPT IN STOCK, apply to W. & J. BURROW, THE SPRINGS, MALVERN. Malvern Soda, Malvern Seltzer, 3 Malvern Potash and Lithia Waters. I Six Dozen, Carriage Paid. I In Corked Bottles, Screw Stopper Bottles. 19 and BLUE SYPHONS m- Imam AJ J. L. Larkworthy & Co., AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS, WORCESTER, OIL & PETROL ENGINES (FIXED AND PORTABLE). CHAFF CUTTERS, fitted with Dut;t Extractors, CORN GRINDING AND CRUSHING MILLS, CAKE MILLS. PULPERS AND TURNIP CUTTERS. Telephone-No. 46, Worcester. Telegrams—" Larkworthy, Worcester." J. ROMANS & Co., Ltd., GEORGE ROMANS Manager. TIMBER & BUILDERS' MERCHANTS, Docks, GLOUCESTER Large Selection of Well-seasoned Timber, Dea? Match and Ploorinsr Boards. ouIdlng8, Skirtings, Cut ana Sawn Lath, Weather Boards, Oak and Deal Field Gates and Post Ladders. Ladder -nd Scaffold Poles, Galvaniaed Corrugated Iron Sheets. Noted Yard for Rough Boards, Scantlings, a.n4 other Timber, suitable for Shedding, Fowl-iiouse« Garden and Farm purposes. Telephone Gloucester.