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Important Meeting at Hereford._______I





HUNTING. WITH THE LEDBURT. A large field turned out on Friday last, when hounds met at The Pheasant, Welland. Among those present were :— The Master (Sir George Bullough), Lady Bullough, Mr G S Albright, Miss Calvert, Miss Holland, Mr Vincent and the Hon Mrs Yorke, Capt Hoblyn Allen, Capt Palairet, Mrs Masefield, Miss Edwards, Mr and Mrs Rowden, Miss de Montgeon, Mr Rowden, jnr., Mr and Mrs C L Blew, Mr W J Smyth, the Misses Strickland, Capt and Miss Dawe. Mr G Hunter, Mr M C Albright, M.F.H., Mr T Molesworth, Mr G 0 Deane, Mr A Bartleet, Mr C W Bell, Mr H G Farrant, Mr T Weldon Thompson, Mr H J Gresson, Mr Terry, Mr Surman, Mr H Green, Mr H Guilding, Mr Cowell, Mr Unwin, and many others. The Stanks, contrary to expecta- tion, were tenantless, but on going to Mr Harry Green's plantation a fox soon made off over Mr Smith's farm, pointing for Birtsmorton, then swinging right handed for Welland reached the Stanks. Running right through as though the Long Cover was his point, he turned over E istington Hall Farm, and going to our starting point he got to ground in the main earths and was left. A succession of pmall covers were then drawn blank. On the outskirts of Black- lands a fox was roused in some long grass, and hounds raced him along the brook side, on over the Tewkesbury-road, through the Downend Covers to Linders. Leaving the Thistles on the right, he led us over Mr Jeffs' farm to Eldersfield. The Marshes were crossed as we sped away for Rice's Coppice, and turning right handed he entered the Berrow Wood near the Lime Kilns, and going right through for the church, crosed Mr Woodward's andWhiting Ash Farms for thQ Duke of York. Skirting the Harrels, hounds hunted him on to Castlemorton Common, when he again turned left handed, ran the dingle to Mr Hooper's, the White House. Right ahead were the Rigged Stone and Chase Ends Hills, and as our pilot faced the heights, the music of his pursuers was returned to us in countless echoes. The White Leafed Oak and Fowlet were soon left behind, as our panting steeds proceeded for Bronsil. Eastnor Park was visited near the Monument, and here the chase ended, for it was evident reynard had reached the recesses of Newer's Wood. There were few who saw the end of this capital run of 2 hours 20 minutes. Mr G S Albright received a nasty knock during this gallop. His horse, jumping very high, brought its rider's face into contact with the bough of a tree, breaking his nose, and causing other severe inj uries. On Monday last, The Holly Bush was the venue. Hounds had scarcely entered the drive, when a "halloa" on the hillside announced reynard's departure. Over the hill he went to Pendock Grove, with hounds in hot pursuit. Through the High Wood and across the grounds of Bromesberrow Place he ran to the Ashbed. Here a slight check occurred, by our fox start- ing to run one road and then doubling back up the other. His ruse, however, did not deceive Batchelor, who getting hounds again on his line, ran him over the Churches Farm to Redmarley Racecourse. Turning left-handed he went by Windbrook Lane over Mr Shipton's farm, point- ing for Staunton Coppice. Again turning left- handed over the main road, he took a line straight away for Gadbury, where he got to ground in the Gorse, after a good 60 .minutes. Returning to Hacklers, a fox went away at the lower end for Clenchers Mill, then turning left- handed ran the brook side to the Pepper Mill. Leaving Silver Hill on the right, he crossed Toney's and the Hill Farms, to Howlers Heath. High Wood he ran through, going away at the bottom end, over the Chase End Hill to Bromesberrow drive, where a false halloa saved him his brush. A brace was found in Haffield covers, the one selected going away for the Noad Farm, then turning left-handed crossed the Vineyard Farm for the Quabs. Going through to Mr S Smith's hounds had to be stopped on account of approaching darkness. Wednesday's fixture was abandoned on account of the death of Mr A Strickland, but hounds will meet at the Kennels to-morrow (Saturday) instead. Sporting men will be pleased to know that the serious epidemic that has been raging in the Kennels for the past month, has now been mastered and that after next week hounds will hunt four days a week. FOR'ARD ON. I

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