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The position at Ledbury.I






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LEDBURY RURAL DISTRICT I COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of the Ledbury Rural District Council was held subsequent to the Guardians meeting, when the Rural Councillors present at the Guardians meeting attended, and the officials present were the Clerk (Mr R (Homes), the Highways Committee's Clerk (Mr H W Orme), and the Sanitary Inspector (Mr T J Cawsey). Mr W L Pritchett presided. HIGHWAYS COMMITTEE. I The minutes of the Highways Committee were read and confirmed, the following being included:— A meeting ef the Highways Committee was held on January 6. Present: Alderman J Riley (in the chair), Messrs W L Pritchett, H Weston, F Inne-4, J C Davies, H Cowell, J Parry J A Thompson, T A Pedlingham, and the Rev A E Green- Price. Finance.—The Committee recommend the Couneil to pay the Clerk the sum of E300 on account of roads. The following sums have been paid by the Clerk out of the roads account during the past month Manual labour—Main roads f52 4s 5d, dis- trict roads £79 10s lOd. Team labour—Main roads JE8 4s 3d, district roads £13 5s 7d. Materials—Main roads jE48 10s 2d, district roads jC76 6s lOd. Tradesmen's Bills and improvements—Main roads 8s 9d, district roads lis 6d. Steam Roller-f42 3* Sd. National Insurance—Main roads 16s 2d dis- trict roads JE1 5s 6d. The following sums have been received from the respective parishes in respect of calls due during December 15 :-Aabperton £ 20, Aylton £9, Bosbury 957, Canon Froome £12. Castle Froome jE14, Coddington £ 10, Colwall £176, Donnington 916, Eastnor £ 47, Eggleton E7, Little Marcie £ 8, Much Marcle £ 45, Munsley £ 34, Pixley £ 24, Putley iC16, Stretton Grandison JE60, Tarrington £61, Wellington Heath JE18, Woelhope £ 33, Yarkhill E32. The sum of X27 4s 6d has been received from Mr R Buchanan fot pipes and hire of roller. Colwall Park Quarries.—The Committee, in pursuance ot a request from the County Council, recommend the Council to pay to Messrs Russell and Co. f39 6s 8d out of pocket payments and solicitor and client charges in this matter, and to Mr Gurney X25 for expenses incurred and extra time engaged in getting up evidence. Ledbury Electric Lighting Co.—The Committee recommend the Council to consider the Company's draft provisional order. Rollers.—The Surveyor reported that new bushes had been put in the front rollers and to the link gears, and new keys on the back axle of RoUer No 2, and that the leaking between the boiler and the steam chest of Roller No 1 appeared to be no worse, and that it would probably finish the season's rolling without repairs. Monthly Accounts.—The Committee recom- mend the Council to pay the following accounts Team labour-A Bengry £31 5s 8d A G Cox £26 10s 3d; E Goodwin and Son, £ 21 13s and X15 10s 2d materials—George Gardiner XIS 5s 3d Clee Hill Granite Co. jC54 15s 5d; Clee Hill Dbu Stone Co. X73 8s 7d; Field and Mackay f246 ]3s 2d: sundries—Geo Hill and Sons f.33 6a; roller, etc—F C Swift and Co. X19 18s lOd; Bomford and Evershed £20 10s. INSOLATION HOSPILAL ACCOMMODA-I TION AND SANATORIA. The Clerk announced the receipt of the following communication from the County Council The interim report of the Committee appointed to hold the local inquiry into the question of isolation hospital accommodation in the rural and urban districts of Ross, Ledbury and Lsominster, pursuant to the Isolation Hospitals Acts, 1893 and 1901, had reported as follows The Committeee who were appointed by the Council at the meeting in Ootober, 1912, held a local inquiry at the Shirehall on the 9th December, 1915, having previously given the necessary notice as required by the Statute. At the inquiry evidence was given by Dr. Gold, the County Medical Officer of Health, in favour of the establishment of isolation hospitals for the districts concerned, and evidence was given from each of the districts mainly against the proposal. After carefully considering the position in regard to the rural and urban districts of Ross, Ledbury, and Leominster, the Com- mittee are unanimously of opinion that it is necessary that reasonable provision for isola- tion accommodation shall be made in these districts, and they have resolved to defer proceeding further with the duties imposed on them by the Statute until the 1st of June next, to afford the districts concerned the opportunity of giving full consideration to this resolution. The Committee have had before them the letter from the Local Government Board (19th August, 1913), suggesting that a Central Isolation Hospital might be provided and furnished with additional pavilions for the treatment of tuberculosis, towards which the Board would make grants both for capital and maintenance, and also the resolution of the Bromyard Board of Guardians, referred to them by the Council, as to provision being made for the treatment of uninsured persons suffering from tuberculosis. The Committee have resolved to recommend the Council to establish a Hospital for Tuber- culosis for all cases in the county, if satis- factory arrangements can be made wiuh the Insurance Committee. They have also appointed a Sub-committee to select pro- visionally a site for such hospital. Dr Jones said that so far as the Council was concerned the position was not altered. They had agreea to sena patients to tne neretord Rural Hospital on payment of a retaining fee. Everything had been held in abeyance until this report came out. Mr Thompson Hereford has taken no steps as regards the offer made buy us ? Dr Jones No, they can't as yet. Mr Thompson Do you suggest a conference again ? Dr Jones My view is to have a conference of the whale of the authorities in the county. In reply to Mr Thompson, Dr Jones said he did not think all the authorities would fall in at once. Alderman Riley I gather from this report there are only three defaulting authorities and that the others have made their arrange- ments. Dr Jones There are six Two each for Ross, Ledbury and Leominster. Then there are the two at Bromyard make 8, and Hereford and Weobley make ten, and that would only leave about four. The Chairman There is no probability that they will erect another pavilion in this county ? Dr Jones I think they ought. The Chairman I understood the probabilities were that they would net, and that we should be forced to provide our own isolation hospital. Mr Weston Have you heard what they have done at Ross ? Dr Jones I heard they had made some arrangement about a cottage. Mr Weston I think it a good idea. Dr Jones The project is absolutely hopeless —an impossible idea. Mr Davies said he agreed with Dr Jones that they ought to have a conference and find out their position. He pointed out that they had' to deal not only with infectious deseases, but also a sanatorium. The Local Government Board had asked them that and they would find part of the expense. The administrative build- ings for doctor and staff would serve two purposes-infectious diseases and sanatoria. If that was the case a conference of the districts interested might be of some use if they could get some information from the head authority as to what the Insurance Committee would do. He was against hospitals for rural places. He always held that they could deal with their cases and isolate them in the cottages. Then if they got diphtheria patients none of these hospitals were provided for diptheria. They had nine cases of diphtheria recently in their Union isolated hospital, and they were dealt with at far less expense than they would have been at another isolation hospital. As time went on the Government would do all they could to push them into a sanatorium by offer- ing them so much money. He thought they would find this hospital much more expensive to them acting independently and they should combine. He propose that they call a con- ference and invite Dr Jones and the Chairman of the Insurance Committe to be present. Mr Thompson said he gathered from the letter that the County Council would see that proper isolation accommodation was provided in the county for infectious diseases. If the authorities responside for that would not do so the County Council would step in and do so. The County Council were not desirous of doing that provided the authorities responsible for providing the isolation hospitals would do it and carry out their duties, and the County Council gave the authorities till June 1 to see what steps they could take in the matter. He thought it was advisable to have a conference for both infectious diseases and sanatorium. He suggested that the authorities be written to asking them to nominate two members to meet in conference to see what could be done. The Rev A E Green-Price seconded. Mr Davies suggested they should invite the Chairman of the Insurance Committee and Dr Gold. Dr Jones thought they should keep the Ceunty Council out of it. Mr Thompson agreed and said it should be a matter for the districts. Mr Davies said he thought they should have the opinion of the Chairman of the Insurance Committee, which was a Government depart- ment. Mr Thompson said he would agree to that. The Chairman Do you think we should get a delegate from Ross now that they have made some arrangements. Mr Weston I don't know. Mr Thompson If we went into it properly we should find that the cost was less. Here's a cheque to-day forj348 for one month for isolation hospital accommodation. It was decided that a conference of the authorities concerned should be called, and the Chairman and Vice-Chairman were appointed the two delegates for the Council. This concluded the public business of interest.



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