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BOSBURY CONSERVATIVE I LEAGUERS. Social Evening and Whist Drive. I At the Parish Hall, Bosbury, on Monday night, there was a very pleasant and enjoyable function heltl under the auspices of the Bosbury and District Lodge of the National Conservative League, which took the form of a social evening with which was associated a whist drive. Owing to a number of counter-attractions in the district the attendance was not so large as it otherwise would have been. Nevertheless about 20 tables were used, and when the totalling- up" of marks in the whist drive had been completed it was found that many of the players ran each other very closely. Mr W S Lane was the M.C. for the evening, having as his stewards Mr E G Shew and Mr J J Tilley. The Committee who were responsible for the very satisfactory arrange- ments were Messrs W S Lane, E G Shew, C Bosley, E B Thompson, W B Collett, J Bosley, P Taylor, and H Lane, whilst to Mr A G Parmee fell the onerous duties of hon. secretary. Altogether the social proved to be a most enjoyable affair, the pleasure afforded being enlivened bv vocal items contributed by Mr G Jones and Mr H B Why Id, piano solos by Miss Taylor (The Birchend), who also played the accompaniments. Light refreshments of the best quality were served by Mr and Mrs Parmee, ot the Crown Hotel, Bosbury, to whom a meed of praise is due. There were several ties in the play. Miss Isabel Russell and Mrs W S Lane tied for first place for ladies, Miss Russell cutting for first and Mrs Lane second. Mrs F W Taylor, Led- bury, and Miss Taylor. Birchend, tied for third ladies' prize, the latter securing the prize allotted. The following were the prize winners :— Ladies—1 Miss I Russell, 167, travelling case 2 Mrs W S Lane, 167, bag 3 Miss Taylor, 165. tea cosy booby prize, 137, Miss E M Harring- ton, musical clown. Gents-1 Mr G Jones, 173, writing case 2 Miss A Mason (playing as a gentleman), 169, clock; 3 Mr J W Wilkes, Ring of Bells." Ledbury, 168, thermometer booby prize, Mr Essex Potter, 145, horn. Ladies' hidden prize, Miss Lewis, 155. candle- stick; gents' hidden prize, Miss Terry (playing as a gent) 153, electric pocket lamp. Stickfast prize, Mrs J W Wilkes, Ledbury, brass inkstand. Married couple's prize, Mr and Mrs Sivel Lane, 318. thermos flask. VOTES OF THANKS. I Mr W S Lane said they were indebted to several kind friends who had so kindly given the prizes. Amongst the generous donors was their old friend and parishioner, Major Mynors, who had been a most liberal contributor. (Applause.) They were all indebted to him for the interest he had always taken hi the parish of Bosbury. He had sent the Committee a very uice letter, saying how sorry he was he could not be present that night to distribute the prizes, which they had asked him to do. He was the donor of the first, second, and third prizes for the ladies. ^Applause.) Mr Crane very kindly gave the married couple's prize, and other prize givers were Mr John Tilley, Mr S Bradburn, and Mr C T Smith. (Applause.) Mr Lane went on to propose a vety hearty vote of thanks to those kind donors of prizes, which were certainly very handsome, and which he was sure would be greatly appreciated by the recipients. Before he concluded his remarks he also desired to thank very much those who had attended this very pleasant social gathering likewise to thank those who had taken part in the musical programme. He would call upon Mr Jones to reply for the prize winners. Mr Jones replied on behalf of the recipients of prizes. He thanked the Committee for organising such a pleasant social, and also the donors of prizes. Mr Philip Taylor said they would be lacking in their duty if they did not show their appre- ciation of the services of their Chairman, Mr W 8 Lane. (Applause.) He (Mr Taylor) was a member of the Committee, and could speak from personal observation of the good work: and energy displayed by Mr Lane, who had done everything to bring about a success that evening. Therefore he would propose that their hearty thanks be given to Mr Lane for all his kind services. The motion was carried with cheers and musical honours, the cheers being repeated for Mrs Lane. Mr W S Lane, in response, expressed the thanks of Mrs Lane and himself for such a cor- dial reception of the motion. If he had omitted to mention anyone who had assisted in any way to provide for their entertainment that evening he was very sorry. He could say that to him it had been a most enjoyable evening. He felt personally that his thanks were due to Mr Tilley for his assistance in arranging that social gathering—he did not know what he should have done without him. Therefore he wished to propose a very hearty vote of thanks to Mr Tilly. The vote of thanks was heartily accorded, and Mr J J Tilley, in responding, said that what he had been able to do afforded him one greatest pleasure. Nothing made him enjoy himself so much as when seeing others enjoying them- selves. The happy proceedings terminated with the singing of National Anthem, the party dispersing for their various homes in a slight snowstorm.


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