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LEDBURY POLICE. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14. Before Alderman John Riley (in the chair), Mr Spencer H Bickham, Mr R Buchanan, Mr J Wilfred Hewitt, and Mr E H Hopkins. TRANSFER. The license of the Royal Oak, Munsley, was temporarily transferred from Richard Spencer, deceased, to Andrew R Bengry. APPLICATIONS. I Mr T Howell, Feathers Hotel, Ledbury, was granted an extension till twelve midnight on January 22 on the occasion of a Cinderalla dance; and nntil3 a.m. on January 29t;h on the occasion of the National Conservative League Ball. Mr M J Powell, Horse and Groom Hotel, Col- wall, was granted an extension till 2 a.m. on February 4th on the occasion of an Oddfellows' Ball. NO APPEARANCE. I James Soley, Mathon, was summoned for assault on Annie Merrick, of Mathon. When the case was called there was no appear- ance, and the Magistrates' Clerk (Mr C B Hasefield) said he had received a letter from the complainant stating that she wished to withdraw the summons, and enclosed the cost, 4s 6d. The Bench expressed the opinion that this was an objectionable practice, and in future cases these summons must not be withdrawn without the consent of the Bench. WAS IT A PRACTICAL JOKE? I William Danielp, roadman, of Ashperton, was charged with stealing a bicycle lamp value 7s 6d, the property of Frederick Parsons, Bosbury, on December 25th. Mr H W Orme (Messrs Russell and Co.) was for the defence. Prosecutor said he was a gardener and lived at Staplow. On the night of Christmas Day he went to the Cro vn Hotel, Bosbury, and left his bicycle outside the hotel with a lamp on it. At 9.15 p.m. the lamp was gone, and he gave imformation to the police, who later brought the lamp back to him. He identified the lamp produced as his. Alfred G Parmee, of the Crown Hotel, Bosbury, said prosecutor came to the 0ouse about 9 p.m. on Cristrnas Day. He had some refreshments and left at 9.15. When prosecutor came he saw he had a bicycle with a lamp on it. P.C. Evans said on December 25 at 9.30 p.m. prosecutor reported the loss of the lamp. On December 26 witness went to Ashperton and later saw defendant at Newtowu, Yarkhill. He taxed defendant with the theft of the lamp, and he at first denied it. He told defendant he was confident he knew something about it and that he was going to apprehend him, and defendant said, I have a lamp, hut someone must have put it on my bike." He went with defendant to his home at Ashperton and there received the lamp produced. By Mr Orme: He knew that Daniels, and other men named Whiting and Alford had been to Bosbury playing football on that day, and that they had been at the Brook Inn for some time. Mr Orme pleaded not guilty, and that in this case a practical joke was played on defendant and on Parsons as well. A football match took place at Bosbury between Ashperton and Bosbury on the afternoon of Christmas day. and later had a convivial evening at the Brook Inn. Daniels walked with others to the Crown, where they had some refreshments, leaving the bicycles outside the Crown. When Daniels went into the Crown he was never out of the company of Whiting. It was not until Daniels was riding home without a light that he found the lamp was on the machine. Defendant then went into the box, and said he was in the employ of the Ledbury Rural District Council as a roadman, and had been in the employ of the Council for 12 or 13 years. On Christmas Day he went with a football team ftom Ashperton to the Brook, Bosbury, where they played a football match, and after the match they stayed at the Brook Inn until after 8 p.m. Four of them, including Whiting, Alford and witness, then went to the Crown at Bosbury, all of them walking except Alford. At the Crown they had some drink. He was never out of the company of Whiting while they were at the Crown. About 9.30 Whiting, Alford and witness set off home, the two former lighting their lamps, and Alford going first. When he rode up opposite Whiting he saw by the light of Whiting's lamp and there was a lamp on his machine, and he said Hullo, aomebody has put a lamp on my machine." He tried to borrow a lamp at the Brook Inn, but could not. When he saw the lamp on his machine he took it off, and then tried to put it back on the bracket but could not and so put it in his pocket. When he got home he put the lamp on the bicycle again. By Supt Williams He admitted it was to his advantage to have a lamp when he left the Crown, bur- he never lighted the one he found on his bicycle. He was fairly sober and could ride his bicycle. By Mr Orme Someone had played a practical joke on him, for which he believed Bosbury was known. Harry Whiting, labourer, of Woodsend, Ash- perton, bore out defendant's version, and said defendant was never out of his company from the time they left the Brook until they left the Orown. Daniels never touched another bicycle or any lamp while at the Crown. Ronald George Gurney, surveyor to the Led- bury Rural District Council, said he had always found Daniels very trustworthy and reliable uring the 11 years he had known him. The Chairman said there was so much doubt the case that it would be dismissed. Defendant thanked the Bench. SKID PAN ON TIMBER CARRIAGE. I John Jones, of Woolhope, was summoned for riving a timber carriage with the wheel locked ithout a skid pan on at Cam Wood, Woolhope, n December 30. Defendant did not appear, and P.C. Matthews proved the case. Fined 10s and costs lis. Alderman Riley and Mr E H Hopkins did not adjudicate in this case. NO CONVICTION. I Alfred jDavis, Mathon, was summoned for keeping a dog without a license. Mr E Arnold Wabkins (from the County I Council Oiiiee, Hereford), appeared to prosecute. P.S. Howard said on November 23 last (a Sunday) he saw defendant shooting, and a sheep dog working the bushes. Defendant said he had a gun license, but said he had not a license for the dog, bat had an exemption. The dog worked the bashes ten minutes or a quarter of an hour. He told defendant he should have a license for a dog. used for sporting purposes, and defendant said he was not aware of it. Mr Watkins pointed outtha t on the exemp- tion paper it stated that the exemption void if the dog was used for rabbiting. Defendant said the dog never put up a rabbit. He only shot once that morning and that was a hawk. Defendant went into the box and said he was a stockman and shepherd, and on this particular morning his employer's son told him to take-the gun and try and shoot a hawk as he was going round the stock. A rabbit did jump up aod naturally the dog jumped at it. He took the dog with him in the exeeution of his duty. The Bench ordered defendant to pay 5s towards the costs, and recorded no conviction. Mr E H Hopkins did not adjudicate in this case. A FELT HAT. Harry Hope, of Ledbury, was charged with stealing a felt hat value 3a 6d, the property of William Nelson, of Wellington Heath, on January 3. Prosecutor,, who said he was an agricultural labourer, said on January 3 on the invitation of Mr W L Pritchett, the workmen had a supper at Prior's Court. Witness left his hat on a. petrol tin apart from the others. He came out on two occasions and saw the hat still there, but when he came out at 11.45 his hat was missing. Search was made by witness and several other workmen, but they could not findi it. Defendant left before witness did. William Walker, waggoner, of Lower Suffield, said his hat was by the side of Nelson's hat on the night in question, and his hat was there at 11.45,. whea he went for it. Nelson's hat was there at that time, and he saw defendant by the door then. P. C. Evans said on January 4 he visibed defendant's home with reference to the hat, aad defendant admitted he had the hat and said someone put it in my coat pocket last night." He brought the hat to witness. Defendant elected to be tried summarily, and pleaded not guilty to the charge. He said he did not know he had the hat in his coat poeket until he got to Chestnut Villas on his way home. He intended taking it back the next morning, but P. C. Evans was at his house rather early. The Chairman said the case would be dismissed.