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SATURDAY, JANUARY 17, 1914. LOCAL NEWS. Chas. Hodges' Bread, Standard or White, purity and quality guaranteed. Daily deliveries.—42, Bye Stieet, Ledbury. QUADRILLE PARTIES.—Commencing on Wed- nesday next, January 21, the weekly ouadrille parties at the New Inn Hotel Asssembly" Room, Ledbury, will be held on Wednesdays until further notice. John Haines and Sons, Practical Chimney Sweeps, Homend Street, Ledbury. All Orders Promptly attended to. Distance no object. Established 1830. FOR LIBERAL MOTHERS AND CHILDREN.—By advertisement in our columns the Ledbury Liberals invite all Liberal mothers and children to a special show of pictures at the Royal Hall on Thursday next at 430 p.m. All Liberals are invited. Carpenter's Ltd. Ales and Stout are always reliable. Brewed for family eon- sumption only.—Ledbury AgentW H Alleyne, New street. INVITATION DANCE.—An invitation dance will be held at the Feathers Hotel Assembly Room, Ledbury, on Thursday, February 12, from 8.30 p.m. to 3 a.m., for which Miss Fardon's band has been engaged. Tickets may be obtained from Miss Barnham, Miss Duncombe, Miss C Vaughan, Mr S Bowen, Mr R Duncombe, Mr G Haines and Mr E W Reed. Mr. C. W. Jessett's Band (violin, cornet and piano). Open for Engagements for Balls, Dances, Parties, Social Gatherings, Concerts, etc. Moderate Terms.—Apply, Mr C W Jessett, 22, Church Street, Ledbury. NEW YEAR MARKET ORDINARIES.—Tuesday last being the first Stock Market of the New Year, the hosts at the various market oidinary dinners held in Ledbury at the Feathers Hotel, the Royal Oak Hotel, and the New Inn Hotel, placed seasonable fare on the table-4 and enter- tained their patrons to wine and cigars At each hotel the health ot the respective hosts was enthusiastically toasted. DEATH AND FUNERAL OF MRS II DAVIS.—We regret to record the death, which took place on Thursday evening in last week, of Mrs Elizabeth Davis, wife of Mr Harry Davis, postman, at the age of 67 years. Mrs Davis, who was a native of Malvern, had been ill for about five months, suffering from internal complaints, and a para- lytic stroke. Dr McKean was her medical attendant. The interment took place at Ledbury Cemetery on Monday afternoon, the Rector (the Rev F W Carnegy), conducting the last rites. The bearers were four postmen colleagues of Mr Davia. MISS FORD, Upper Cross, Ledbury, has been appointed Ledbury Agent for Dr. Allin- son's Celebrated Wholemeal Bread. As an aid to digestion and good health, this bread is undoubtedly worth a trial. Sample loaves (2d and 3d) sent anywhere. Are Your Eyes Right? We test them without charge and supply the exact glasses you need at very moderate prices. Spectacles and need at veroy f the latest a?.ost invi,-ible. Glasses Eyeglasses of the latest patterns. Rimless and Seiui-rimless patterns almost invisible. Glasses are not recommended unless actually required.— MINCHIN, Chemist and Optician, 15, Westgate, Gloucester. HUGHES' TOBACCO STORES. The largest stock and variety in the town. See the windows. High class Hair cutting and Shaving Saloon. Razorsgroundane set. Umbrellas re-covered and repaired on the premises at the shortest notice. Second-hand bookseller. A large selection of second-hand book s on all subjects. Any quantity second-hand books bought for cash.—76, Homend St., Ledbury George Lloyd (late James Lloyd), Chimney Sweep, Church Lane, Ledbury. Distance no object. Prompt and personal attention to all orders. NATIONAL CONSERVATIVE LEAGUE. The annual meeting of the Ledbury and District Lodge of the National Conservative League was held on Saturday night at the lodge-room at the New Inn Hotel, Ledbuiy, when there was a good attendance, presided over by the Worthy Master (Bro. W L Pritchett), who was supported by the Deputy-Master (Bro. J E Craddock). The hon. secretary (Bro. W Mansell) submitted the balance-sheet of the lodge funds, which showed a balance in hand, and it was passed subject to audit. Bro. W Brookes (hon. treasurer) read the balance-sheet of the Entertainment Fund, and this also was passed subject to audit.—The election of officers was as follows: Worthy Master, Bro W L Pritchett Deputy-Master, Bro. J E Craddock Chairman of Committee, Bro. H Cotton hon. treasurer, Bro W Brookes hon. secretary, Bro W Mansell hon assistant secretary, Bro W S Bowes wardens, Bros. T Chadd, W Pedlingham and W E Hyde Executive Com- mittee, Bros. G Henner, E W Palmer, T Hooper, C Smart, J Lewis, C W Jakeman, C G Curnock, B James (old members), E W Reed, R A Paul, W G Witham, F A James, H B Whyld, F Wateon, C Locke, W Curnock, C W Jessett and J Preece.—It was decided that six members of the Executive Committee should retire annually and should not be eligible for re-election for 12 months.—Bro. Henry Garrood was re-appointed a member of the Executive Committee of the Grand Council and Deputy- Master J E Craddock and Bro. H Cotton were re-appointed delegates to Grand Lodge to be held in London on April 2 next, and in the case of either being unable to attend Bro. W S Bowes to fill the vacancy. Bros. H Cotton, J J Tilley, T Rogers and W S Bowes were re- appointed delegates to the County Central Lodge. --A lengthy discussion took place on the venue of the annual excursion, and Blackpool (which has been visited three years in suc- cession), Portsmouth, Bournemouth, South- ampton and Brighton were all suggested, and eventually Portsmouth was decided upon by a large majority. Bro. T E Hewins was elected hon. secretary of the entertainments and outing, in place of Bro. J J Tilley (resigned), and the date of the excursion was fixed for Saturday, July 18. Bros. C H Bastow and H.J Pritchard were elected auditors. Votes of thanks were accorded the retiring officers for their services in the past year, the Worthy Master briefly replying for all the officers, and a vote of thanks was accorded Bro. E W Palmer for his services ] to the Lodge. ;¡. Owing to the pressure on our space a report I of the Ledbury Union entertainment and "Tattler's usual column are held over. C.E.M.S.—At a well-attended meeting of the Ledbury Branch, the vice-chairman (Dr A R Green) gave a most interesting address on Microbes and the accompanying diseases." His description of the ravages of malaria in the Panama district and its subsequent cure by the destruction of mosquitoes wnich spread the disease wholesale, was 1 listened to with great interest, and the whole was most edifying. SOCIAL EVENING. On Monday last a most enjoyable time was spent at the Girls' School, when Miss Henley (headmistress) invited the girls in the upper divisions to a social evening. The room was tastefully decorated with flags and evergreens, entwined with holly and mistle- toe, and nearly 40 girls were present. An excel- lent pr gramme was arranged, including songs, dances, solos by the teachers, duets, and a pretty little sketch by some of the girls. During the interval ample refreshments were provided and heartily partaken of. After the prize distribu- tion and more dancing the proceedings were brought to a close by the singing of the National Anthem. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded Miss Henley by all present for arranging such a delightful evening. FREEMASONRY.—The installation meeting of the Eastnor Lodge of Freemasons was held on Wednesday at the Lodge Room at the Feathers Hotel, when Bro Alfred Holloway, Provincial Grand Steward, Malvern Wells, was installed into the chair of King Solomon. The Lodge was opened by Wor. Master, Wor. Bro F N Wheaton, Provincial Grand Sword Bearer. The Installing I Master was Bro H J Allen, P.P.G. St. H (Malvern Wells), assisted by Wor. Bros C H Bastow, P.PG.J.W., A T Waters, P.P.G. A.D. C., W R Walker. P.P.G. Supt., W A.G. Sams, P.P.J.D., and W H Church, P.P.G. Reg. The Wor. Master (Wor. Bro A Holloway) invested hi offieers for the coming year as follows :-I.P.N. Wor. Bro F N Wheaton, P.G. Sd. B S W. Bro R S Searle, P.P.G. Std; J. W. Bro S W Mills; Chaplain, Wor Bro F W Wade, M.A., P.P.G. J.D. Treasurer and Almr, Wor. Bro H Morgan, P.P.G.S.W. Secretary, Bro H W Orme Organist, Bro A G T Banks; S.D., Bro T E Rogers J. D. Bro J J Caves D of C, Wor. Bro W H Church, P. P.G. #egr I G., BroJ C Derry Stewards, Bro W H Jones and Bro R H Wilks, Tyler, Bro A Maddox. Afterwards the brethren sat down to a banquet. The rest of the evening included the usual toast list and harmony. Mr Reginald H Church acted as accompanist. The visitors included Wor. Bro J B Nicholls (Malvern). Wor. Bro Pratt (Upton-on-Severn), add Bros G H T Foster (Malvern), Southam and Green (Worcester). During Wor. Bro F N Wheaton's year of office (1913), the membership attained to the record number of 60.







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