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ggyTT-TTil furriers OF THE west-w will hold pr* DURING JANUARY -"■! their Great Reduction Sale of FURS CATALOGUE OF BARGAINS may be obtained post free on application. AUGUSTUS C. EDWARDS & SONS, 16, 17, and 18, HIGH TOWN, HEREFORD. Go to GEORGE OLIVER For BEST VALUE in pr- FOOTWEAR LARGEST and most UP-TO-DATE STOCK in the County. BOOTS FOR FIELD AND FARM 1 it" a Speciality. (Wear Guaranteed). Leggings and Gaiters in endless variety. Lafffest Retailer in the world. Eg" REPAIRS AND BESPOKE ORDERS A SPECIALITY LOCAL BRANCH— Leicester House, Homend Street, Ledbury. 150 BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS. I For BEST COAL! I Send to- J I J. & N. NADIN & Co., I LTD., f COLLIERY PROPRIETORS, I LEDBURY STATION. I r- Exceptional Bargains for a Few Weeks only IN GRAMAPHONES NOW IS THE TIME WHEN YOU WILL REQUIRE THAT GRAMAPHONE. 5m Befere sending to Manchester, Sheffield, or London for a Gramaphone or Records, call at the shop of H. C. CECIL, SWAN CYCLE WORKS, Homend St., Ledbury, And Inspect his Stock. You will find that you can save money by buying in Ledbury. GRAMAPHONES OF ALL MAKES AND PRICES. DOUBLE-SIDED RECORDS FROM ONE SHILLING EACH. Zw- REPAIRS, IF YOU WANT ■ AI rill LEDGER, DAY, CASH, ORDER, A NEW ADDRESS, MINUTE, or any other H IlLVV kind of ACCOUNT BOOK, COME AND SEE ME. I CAN SUIT YOU. Some very Special Lines f jun-t in. Cheap Envelopes for Business Purposes. 100,000 IN STOCK. PICTURE AND PHOTO FRAMES IN STOCK, OR MADE TO ORDER. GAMES, I FOR THE WINTER EVENINGS, Id., 6d. and 1/- each. TOYS AND FANCY GOODS. PENNY BAZAAR. CIRCULATING LIBRARY. WILLIAM PREECE, Homend Street P.O., Ledbury. MEACHAMI'S JUSTLY I §r POWDERS FOR HORSES! Are strongly recommended for producing a beautiful smooth skin, and for bringing Horses into general good condition they give tone to the stomach, increase the appetite, and pnrge the blood from all gross and impure humours. They will be found of essential service for grease, swelled legs, coughs and iuflueDza. Prices-1j- Pkts., and 2/6 & 5 Tins. Prepared and sold only by- VINCENT W. MEACHAM (Chemist by Exam.), HIGH STREET, LEDBURY, Where all Horae and Oattle Medicines may be procured. Ask for WHITBREAD'S! LONDON STOUT 3/- PER DOZ. EXTRA STOUT 3/6 DO. (RECOMMENDED FOR INVALIDS). INDIA PALE ALE 2/6 DO. Sold by C. PEDLINGHAM, Family Grocer, etc., Market Place, LEDBURY. Any quantity supplied, from one Bottle upwards. ALLEN'S HAM AND BACON STORES jflt Our High-grade Sausages, 9d. lb Choice Sausages, 8d. lb -M Plain Sausages, 6d. lb M FRESH DAILY. t1i;X:<f/i. 'yo .0/ HOMEND STREET, LEDBURY. I THERE'S NOTHING LIKE LEATHER FOR YOUR I SEASONABLE PRESENTS. I IT MAKES ] Useful, Lasting and Appreciated jj GIFTS. J — I 16 may be obtained in all the newest styles in Ladies' Handbags, Glove and Hand kerchief Cases, Writing Folios, Purses, Letter Wallets, Attache Cases, &c., &c., at HOLLOW AY'S, No. 1, King Street, Gloucester. Coals Coals Coals SEND WIRE WRITE 'PHONE TO TO TO TO J, MEATES & SONS, Ltd., Whose Prices are low, and the Qualities of their Coals are good. flTThey will GUARANTEE to deliver BETTER QUALITY to customers at SIXPENCE PER TON LESS than any Goals advertised or circularised. J. MEATES & SONS, Ltd., LEDBURY. releuhone-14, P.O.. Ledbury Telegrapb-MEATES, Ledbury, WONDERFUL ? ? ? WATERPROOF SALE! j tWu ?'?M?' BARGAtNS FOR ALL. B £ J\ OiK-kins-Watf rproofs-Kain Coats for tiic i??illioii. Ex- I.ypjg f ff tn'ine)yuse!\))andvaiuab)9 t ?MW))F preeiits for all. Splendid fii Bargains. New guaranteed MH S)KN ?'i se<jds..Ouriamous"DuTE" uara ¡Iteed Waterproofs, ™f rT^p* ladies" and Gcntlemen's JjT *• —% 21, in a choice sElection of ,.hade and textures J 89 fach Our new NBVF.R-GKT-WKT I:) TraJlrarent Oilskin Coats for Ladies and Gellclelllcu, Smart and well cut in twelve pretty art shades 10;\> c-ach. Guaranteed Waterproof Ponchos. lawlI or Blue Twill, s6in. long, U 11 each. Extra quality Black Rubber 21-, Driving Aprons I faced at foot 16 11 each. Hunting and Riding Macs in Fawn Paramatta 39/6 for 29 11. Twr-ed Waterproof School Coats for Boys ami Gi. Ie-, Strong Double Texture, 24in., 7,11 each. Hundreds of other bargains to select from. Everything sent carriage paid. We return money in full if not completely satislied. Callnow and. have your pick uf tin bargains. MCKEE & CO WATER P^>°F !MW!C"!MHEt E dA b PUH U. EXPERTS 10. QUEEN STREET, BARD?F. NEWENT. MR. E. G. P. COTKLINCAM'S VISIT.-Special services were held in the Congregational Church, Newent, on Sunday, when Mr E. G. P. Cotelingam, a well-known nativelndian traveller, preached morning and evening, there being a large congregation at the evening service. In the afternoon the subject of the address was The Place of Music in the Religions of the World." The chair was occupied by Sergt- Major Goodwin, R.G.A. A solo was touchingly rendered by Miss A E Gurney, and five scholars sang A Little Pilgrim on Life's Way," the accompaniments being played by Miss M E Douglas. On Monday evening Mr Cotelingam delivered in the Assembly Hall his popular lecture entitled My Life Story and Travels in Many Lands, "under the presidency of Mr John L Stelfox, Walden Court At the close of the lecture the Rev L Kenfig Morgan moved, and Mr H Eves seconded a hearty vote of thanks to Mr Cotelingham for his lecture, and to Mr Stelfox for his kindness and for the ability with which ha had presided at the meeting, which was passed with great enthusiasm. J. W. STEPHENS, collector of FINE, ANTIQUE FURNITURE, China, Plate, etc. —26, Church Street, Hereford Near Cathedral North Porch). LEDBURY PARISH CHURCH. RECTOR: REV. F. W. CARNEGY, M.A., R. D. CURATE REv. O. F. R. STRICKLAND, B.A. ORGANIST MR. F. A. HOBRO. Friday—Choir Practice (full) 8 p.m. LESSONS FOR SUNDAY, JAN. 18. 2nd Sunday after Epiphany. MORNING. EVENING. Isaiah 55. Isaiah 57. Matt. 10-24. Acts 10-24. S a iii. ff oly Com rn ii nion. 11 a.m.—Matins. Hymns 261, 79. 315. 12 noon-Holy Communion 6-30 p.m.-Evensong and Sermon. Hymns 103, 257, 370, 31. Cullections-Chureli Expense?. Church Army (Captain Nash)-Church Room, Sunday evenings, 6 30 p.m. Daily Matins 10 It. m., except on Wednesdays, Fridays and Holy Days, when it is at 11 a.m. Daily Evenson., at 5 30 p.m. CATHOLIC CHURCH, Southend Street. RECTOR—REV. F. C. LYNCH. Morning—Masses 9.0 and 11.0. Sunday School held at 3-30. Evening Service and Benediction 6.30. Mass daily at 8. Catechism each morning at 9. Benediction and Sermon on Thursdays, 8 p.m. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, High Street. P ASTOR-RKV. H. A. BARNES. Morning 11. Evening 6.30. VESLETAN CHAPEL, Homend Street. SUPT. MINISTER—REV. GEORGE DYER. Sunday—10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m., Mr Cross. Collection.% -Circuit Funds. Monday, 7-45 p.m.—Wesley Guild. Wednesday, 7-30 p.iii.-K ev G Dyer. SUNDAYS. Newent—11 a.mi and 6-30 p.iii;, Mr G Uader- wood. Stauntoo-I I a.m. and 6 p.m., Mr James. Pendock—11 a.m., Prayer Meeting; 6 p.m., Mr M Bullock. Redmarlay-3 p.m. and 6 p.m., Mr Penwarden. Birtsmorton-ll a.m. and 6-30 p.m., Mr Hawkswcrth. Colwall-ll a.m. and 6 p.m., Rev G Dyer. Mnch Marele-3 p.m., Mr Jeynea.. Bosbury-6 p.m., Mr Fowler. BAPTIST CHAPEL, Homend Street. Sunday—il a.m. and 6-30 p.m. Preacher- Rev W Pontifex. Sunday Sehoul-H) a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday— Praise and Prayer Meeting, 7*30 Wednesday-Po W.E., 7-30 Friday—Christian Endeavour, 7-30 "> d,< t". > .i i. .H, i". \7":< t pr- WAIT AND SEE H the Furniture Bargains at our GUT SALE I H Commencing SATURDAY NEXT, January 24th, 1914. H H EVERY ARTICLE (not part) of our Entire Stock REDUCED 2s. to 10s. in the £ fin Goods may be Stored Free until required. All Goods Delivered Free. H Send for Illustrated Sale List, post free. GLO'STER FURNISHING CO., N BROAD STREET, WORCESTER. JtbhutJl Urptirttr AND FARMERS' GAZETTE. The acknowledged Advertising Medium for the district covering the wi= of ground bounded by the cities of Hereford, Gloucester and Woi cester, which has a population of between 30,000 and 40,000. It is read by all classes, and there is no bettei Advertising Medium in the Ledbury District. Telgrams Reporter," Ledbury.








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