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FINANCIAL. No Preliminary Fees. Money Lent Privately in Larpe or Small Sums (nit less than 910) ON B0RR^ERS' OWN PROMISSORY NOR ESTABLISHED OVER FORTY YEABB. and now lending Upwards of £ 80,000 annuatty. For Prospectus and Terms apply or write to- GEORGE PAYNE &SONS, 7, KING STREET, HEREFORD, ESTABLISHED 1870. HALF-A-MILLION TO LEIlF To all classes at One Hour's Notice, in snms of X5 to £5,000 privately and simply OR own promise to repay. No inquiries. Call or write in confidence. STANLEY DOWDING, LIMITED, 1, QUEEN SQUARE, BRISTOL STANLEY DOWDING, Manager. Same Address Quarter of a Century. Money received on Deposit. TWO Pounds and upwards advanced to suit ? borrowers' own convenience for repayments: full amount required advanced stricteM pri?Sy guaranteed; interest low; borrowers treated liberally. Apply, Davis, Market Parade, Gloucester. PASSENGERS Booked to all Parts of the World at Lowest Rates by all Steamship x v Lines. Assisted Passages to Australia and New Zealand to Farmers, Farm Labourers and Domestic Servants. All Infor- mation and Pamphlets Froo.- Jaynes alld Scholey, Passenger, Shipping and Insuran e Agents, Market Parade, Gloucester. TO TRADESMEN. How to increase Sales. Every tradesman knows the value of a well-dressed window, and many have also realised that they can DOUBLE the VALUE of its selling powers by an an- nouncement in the local paper calling attention to the goods on show, simply because the window display is only seen by passers-by, whilst the advertisement will be brought directly before the notice of every customer in the district. Estimates and every assistance will be given on appliction to The Ledbury Reporter Office. I FOR MORE THAN TWENTY SEVEN YEARS THOUSANDS OF LADIES HAVE DERIVED GREAT BENEFIT FROM Dr. Davis's FAMOUS FEMALE PILLS. Have been universally admitted to be A BOON TO WOMANKIND. They are the best known Remedy for Ane- I mic Giddiness, Fullness and Swelling after Meals, Loss of Appetite, Hysteria, Palpitation of the Heart, Debility, Depression, Weakness, Irregularities, and all Female Ailments. Boxes, la. lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lie. May be had from Chemists and Patent Medi- cine Vendors everywhere; or from the Pro- prietors (under cover) pest free. L DR. DAVIS S Little Book for MARRIED WOMEN, most invaluable, sent free on receipt of atamped addressed envelope. ? 0 Only y AddreM:— 309, PortoM!o Road Notting HII, LONDON. SESSIONS AND SONS LIMITED, TIHBEB AND SLATE MERCHANTS, GLOUCESTER AND CARDIFF DEPOTS AND FACTORIES FOR TIMBER, JOINERY, MOULDINGS SLATES, TILES, LATHS. BRICK GOODS AND PIPES, WHITE'S CEMENT AND WHITING GRATES, RANGES, STOVES. CHIMNEY-PIECES, FENDERS, REAltTHS BATHS, SANITARY WARE. STONE, MARBLE, SLATE, ANI. EVERY RE UISITE FOR BUILDING

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