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NEWS IN BRIEF. HELP FROM QUEEN ALEXANDRA. Queen Alexandra has sent a cheque for tlO to Mr. and Miss Hancock, whose roundabout* were destroyed in a fire, by suffragettes at Devonport. I BIRTH OF ANOTHER DREADNOUGHT. The first keel-plate of the Royal Sovereign, the new f-uper-Dreadnought, to be built at Portsmouth, was laid on Thursday morning by Mrs. Heath, the wife of the Admiral Superin- tendent of the Dockyard. I LORD MURRAY'S INTENTIONS. liord Murray is expected I 1 niake a personal atatement in the House of Lot.), soon after the assembling of Parliament. At present he de- I clinee to make any statement for the public. I NEW FRENCH AMBASSADOR TO RUSSIA. M. Paleologue, of the French Foreign Office, and formerly Minister in Sofia, has been ap- pointed to succeed M. Delcasse as Ambassador in St. Petersburg. LIFE'S SAVINGS STOLEN. During the temporary absence from his cot- tage of a Hemcl Hempstead labourer his li., r, savings, amounting to t48 in gold, were stolen from his bedroom. I DOCTOR MURDERED IN A LINER. A wireless message received in Gibraltar from the Nor;h German Lloyd liner Berlin, from Genoa to New York, states that an Italian doc- tor in charge of the migrants has been mur- dered by one of t1. .11. I BY HONOUR. I 1 ne Mayor of St. Mihiel, M. Phasman. was made an officer of the Legion of Honour on I Sunday morning. His joy gave him an apop- lectic shock, and he died the same night. BETTER PAY FOR LIVERPOOL POLICE. I The Liverpool natch Committee has decided that the pay of police-sergeants shall begin at 128. weekly, rising to 5(K, and constables' pay shall range from 30s. to 40s. This represents advances ranging from 3s. to 6s. weekly, a total increase of tl4,698. CHILIAN AVIATOR KILLED. I Lieutenant Mery, a Chilian military aviator, was flying at a height of about 1,000ft. at San- tiago de Chile on Monday, when his machine turned over and crashed to the ground. Lieu- ;enant Mery was killed on the spot. EXPLOSION AT DORKING CLUB. I By a gas explosion at Dorking Volunteer Jlub on Monday night the building was dam- aged, and Colour-Sergeant Austin and Private ,haleroft were injured. Chalcroft was blown the billiard-room. I MARQUESS DRIVES FIREMAN. f At the wedding on Monday of an engineer of ,he Wokingham Fire Brigade the Marquess of Downshire, who is captain of the brigade, drove I :he bridegroom to the church on a steamer. ESCAPED LUNATIC BACK IN ASYLUM. I Arthur W oodhouse, rhe young man who escaped last week from Colney Hatch Asylum. rihere he was an inmate, is now back in the LSYIUM. He was given up to the authorities by lis friends. STATE MEDICAL SERVICE. < Sir John Colin delivered-a lecture on Monday evening in the Central Hall, Westminster, in which he criticised the panel system under the National Insurance Act all the ground that it did not provide adequate treatment, and out- lined a plan for the establishment of a State medical service NOT MR. ARTHUR POWELL, K.C. I Mr. Arthur Powell, of 6. Pump-court, Temple, states that he is not the Mr. Powell, K.C., who had the altercation with Mr. Handel Booth at the Dublin police inquiry. He states that the Mr. Powell in question is Mr. J. B. Powell, of the Irish Bar HANDCART INSTEAD OF HEARSE. I The Rev. T. Pym Williamson, Vicar of Thel- wall, Warri ngton, who has died at the age of seventy-eight, expressed the desire for a plain burial, s.avinw he would rather be carried to his last resting-place on a handcart than in a hearse. DEAD CARDINAL'S WILL SEARCH. I No trace of a second will was found in Cardi- nal Ram|>;)lia's rooms on Monday, when, says a Rome despatch, a magisterial search was made. a JUDGE'S SON WEDS. I Mr. Robert Pollack, son of the late Baron POIKM! was married at St. Peter's, Eaton- square, on Monday to Miss Ethel Mary Pure- I foy Powell. NORTH WEST DURHAM POLLING. I The Sheriff of Durham has provisionallv fixed Fridav. Januarv 30th, for the poll in North- W est Durham, the nominations taking place on I the previous Friday. -.1 NAIL IN BOOT CAUSES DEATH. I Lockjaw, following a wound in the toe, caused by a protruding nail in an old boot, led to the death of a labourer, it was stated at a Lam- beth inquest. ILLNESS OF MHS. S. F. CODY. I Friends of the late Colonel S. F. Cody, the aillllan. whu WII killed in the fall of his water- plane near Farnborough last August, will re- gret to hear that Mrs. Cody is confined to her bud owing to a serious stroke. SEA WRECKAGE MYSTERY. I The lifeboat and two fishing-boats put out in a rough sea on Monday to find out what a dark object was which was seen drifting in Filey Bav- They discovered that it wa.s the forward half of a ship's boat which had been cut through amidships. 1 ne identity of the wreckage is a mystery. ESSAD PASHA IN BATTLE. I A Belgrade (Servia) despatch says that Essad Pasha, tite defender of Scutari, at the head of 7,000 Albanian followers, is reported to have de- feated du" Hluin expeditionary force of Ismail Kpmal Hey, head of the provisional Govern- ment of Albania, near Elbasan. FIREMEN'S FROZEN UNIFORMS. I Firemen while fighting a fire at Aberavon (Glamorgan) 011 Monday were in turn scorched h\ the heat of the flames and chilled by the icy water from the hose. The uniforms of some of them were frozen, and when removed stood rij-id against the street wall. FIFTY-EIGHT DIVORCES. I Fifty-eight, decrees nisi were made absolute r.n Mon.iuv. The list included the case in which the II 011. Mary Morrison was petitioner and Cap- I tain James Archibald Morrison, ex-M.P. for East Noltirgiam, was respondent, the peti- tioner's complaint at the trial being that her husband w«s guilty of desertion, and of miscon- duct with Mrs. Morand, wife of an actor. THE BLASPHEMY CASE. I regard to the sentence of four months iiiii isonment passed upon Thomas William Stewart at the Staffordshire Assizes for blas- phemy, a memorial (ii-awn ul) by the national l'res* Association has been forwarded to tho I'pme Minister. RETIREMENT OF A RECORDER. I I Owing to ul-heej.h, Sir Joseph r rancis Leese, K.C., has resigned his position as Recorder of Manchester, which lie has held since 1893. He was elected Liberal Member of Parliament for Aceringfon in 1832, and held the seat till 1910. VICTIM TO THE COLD. I I Miss Lydia Cox, a Tottenham schoolteacher, d.e.i suddenly 011 the top of a Wood Green tram- I:f <.I!I Monday wiule on her way to school. Death is said to be due to heart disease, accele- rated by the intense cold. ALLEGED GIRL BURGLAR. I Hannah Elliott, twenty-three, a domestic ser- vant. has been remanded at Exeter on a charge of birgUiry. It was stated that she went from 1 er bedroom across three roofs to break into a house, & ii,i wus dis.oveicd through the smashing oi a skyliwht and dropping he? slipper irto a