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ua weather has tteeu experienced Russia, Cl -vmajiv. and Belgium. Nine n.illion people ere said to be suffering fyniirm in Japan. Twenty persons wore injured, seven of them seriou ty. by the otrerrurning1 of a rnotor-oinni- Hill. Murray of Eh bank has arrived in Lon- d'~v frcr an absence of twelve months. Op "vising factions held a meeting in Dublin Pi-ote^tinar against the constitution of the com- ii>i-sibii of inquiry into the charges against the iKlh-O. Herefordshire Omnty Council has rati- .'••.[ ihr- ;;tt:h)'i of tbe Education Committee in •••. [¡-¡ug- Uw schoolteachers a scale of salaries. I einrmatoVraydi theatre managers b--ve dclied the !:ce-i?;nj; authority's decision iii.r there must b" no Sunday opening. :,1:. Maine* l»ryc\ one rf ;hf' n< \v Peers, is to tf!;c the title of Viscount Uryce t,{ Dpchmount fa i'l in bhthi. T ->v's bfincr collected by his daughter, who intends to publish them next year. Sir Owe; the joint nissfer- sh'p the < armKr'he-i'iiiire Hunt on Saturday, and Mr. Ilobert Harris, the other master, de- clined to hunt the?-pnH\ alone, and also resigned. Jiuitt-d by the by pass lifrht of an incandes- 'it ion ol gii :n St. cent bnrner an acciniidalion of g"1\3 :n St. Mi. heel's Thw.'ogical College, near Cardiff, px- n'ohd en Saturday, causing damage estimated a_ Ten wireless stations are to be established cerly thi* year in the country parts of N t,v South Wales and Queensland, and it is le pod crsdually to link i;p nil the isolatc.d sett h'lnonts in Australia by wireless. After his' recent IIn attempt to escape from Sprineficld Gaol. E.ssrx. in the dis- rit of pn organ-repairer, a convict who in un ler'Toing a maximum sentence of two yea rs' hard labour has endeavoured to strang.'e hirm-elf with his bedclothes, but was discovered in time. From results achieved so far it cannot be said, aeeordin/r to eminent surgeons, that radium is a "cure" for cancer. Mis« Ellalino Terries had a narrow escape from death when a heavy clectr, c lixlit batten foil on the "WØ close to her just before the cur- tain row on Saturday. Cbmerul Botha announced that the South African railway strike would be "a tt?bt to a finish." The twenty Coroner's jurymen who have been hparin? evidence rf?ardin? the cause of the Senu'henydd none explosion made a tour of in- spection of the pit on Saturday, remaining underground for four hours. Several Rochester police-officers on Saturday visited business establishments warning thv the shopkeepers not to keep much money in the counter-tills and not to be enticed outside bi Grangers to discuss gooda displayed in tbeit windows.