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LOCAL NEWS. t Chas. Hodges' Bread, Standard or White, purity and quality guaranteed. Daily deliveries.— 12, H, e Stlcet, Ledbury. MEN'S SERVICE.—At the monthly -meeting of men, held at the Parish Church on Sunday afternoon last, promoted by the C.E.M.S., an interesting address was given by the Rector (Rev F W Carnegy). HUGHES' TOBACCO STORES. The largest stock and variety in the town. See the windows. High class Hair-cutting and Shaving Saloon. Razors ground ant: set. Umbrellas re-covered and repaired on the premises at the shortest notice. Second-hand bookseller. A large selection of second-hand books on all subjects. Any quantity second-hand books bought for cash.—76, Homend St., Ledbury. C.E.M.S.—At the monthly meeting of members and associates to be held on Tuesday night the Vice-president (Dr. A R Green) will read a paper on "Microbes and Microbic Diseases. MR G W SUTER'S WINTER SALE.—Look out for Mr G W Suter's great winter sale which commences at his establishment at High-street, Ledbury on Saturday next, the 17th inst. The circulars will be issued next week, and the sale will continue for 21 days. GREENLAND* GREAT DRAPERY SALE.—The great drapery sale at the well-appointed premises of Messrs Greenlands Ltd., Hereford, is now proceeding and will continue throughout the month. This week's special bargains include a special silk sale, particulars of which will be found in the advertisement. George Lloyd (late James Lloyd), Chimney Sweep, Church Lane, Ledbury. Distance no object. Prompt and personal attention to all orders. G. W.R. STAJT CHANGES.—The following staff changes are announced in this month's issue of the G. W.R. Magazine ":—Passenger Depart- ment-Clerks removed, A H Ayers, Ledbury to Pontrilas; E J Jakeways, Kidderminster to Ledbury A T Browning, signalman, Dymock to Brimscombe. Signal department-M J Downs, linesman, Ledbury, to Newton Abbot. Mr. 0. W. Jessetfs Band (violin, cornet and piano), Open for Engagements for Balls, Dances, Parties, Social Gatherings, Concerts, etc. Moderate Terms.—Apply, Mr C W Jessett, 22, Church Street, Ledbury. WINTER CLEARANCE SALE AT LONDON HOUSE, HEREFORD.—The well-known firm of Messrs King and Sons, London House, Hereford, announce that their great winter clearance sale will commence on Wednesday next, the 14th inst., and continue for 21 days. Great reductions will be made in all departments. The establish- ment will be closed at 2 o'clock on Tuesday next, for re-marking goods. FIRE AT THE SHOP or A FORMER LEDBURIAN. —About one o'clock on Tuesday morning there was an outbreak of lire at the shop of Mr H G Berkley, jeweller, etc., of Dursley, and formerly of Ledbury. Mrs Berkley awoke to find the premises in flames, and in response to cries for help assistance soon came. The fire was located in the shop, and as soon as the occupants of the rooms above were got out in their night attire, Mr Berkley and others began playing on the fire with buckets of water, with the result that when the brigade arrived the flame was subdued. Everything burnable in the shop was consumed. Are Your Eyes Right? We test them without charge and supply the exact glasses you need at very moderate prices. Spectacles and Eyeglasses of the latest patterns. Rimless and Semi-rimless patterns almost invisible. Glasses are not recommended unless actually required.— MINCHIN, Chemist and Optician, 15, Westgate, Gloucester. John Haines and Sons, Practical Chimney Sweeps, Homend Street, Ledbury. All Orders Promptly attended to. Distance no object. Established 18.10. MR. AND MRS. HUGH CROFT'S KINDNESS.— On December 23, Mr and Mrs Hugh Croft, of Pye's Nest, Ledbury, entertained about 33 men of the Parkway district at their residence, th9 billiard room being decorated for the occasion. All sat down to a substantial supper of roast and boiled beef and mutton, with a plentiful supply of vegetables and 3ther good things, including plum puddings. A very happy time was spent in harmony and games. Mr F A Hobro, Mr Victor Gabb (character vocalist), Mr W G Witham, Mr Hugh Croft, Mr Webb and Mr Smith (residents of Parkway), each sang songs. The jollity was kept up for over three hours. Before the guests departed they raised lusty eheers for Mr and Mrs Croft and family, and the greetings for a Happy Christmas were given in the time honoured manner. It might be mentioned that the previous Christmas Mr and Mrs Croft entertained the mothers and children in the parish. J. W. STEPHENS, collector of FINE, ANTIQUE FURNITURE, China, Plate, etc -26. Church Street, Hereford Near Cathedral North Porch). PRESENTATION TO CAPTAIN IMPEY.—On Wed- nesday night in the Church Room, Ledbury, there was a large gathering of persons inter- ested on the occasion of the presentation, of a leather fitted travelling case, a small- purse of money and a framed and printed illuminated address to Captain Impey, of the Church Army, who leaves Ledbury to-day (Friday) on the completion of his two years' work in the town. The presentation was made by the Rector (the Rev F W Carnegy) who referred in warm terms to the excellent services Captain Impey has rendered during the course of his stay in Led- bury. Mr F W Wade, who supported the Rector, also spoke, and Captain Impey, in accepting the gifts, expressed his heartfelt thinks to the subscribers for their kindness. He said the first nine months' of his work was very hard, and he was disheartened at the time, but latterly he had watched the attendances at the Sunday evening services at the Church Room gradually increase Sunday by Sunday. He trusted they would extend to his successor, Captain Nash, who would commence his duties on Sunday, the same kindness as they had ex- tended to him.—The presentation originated from a small committee of the Church Room, and was arranged by the men who had attended the services in the Church Room to assist Captaim Impey, Mr A Moss and Mr M Smith acting as hon secretaries.—The address read as follows ;—" Presented to Captain Impey, together with a fitted dressing case as a token of appreciation of his services during his two years' mission work in Ledbury and District. Jan- uary 9th, 1914. Then followed a list of I ttubecribers, numbering over 100.