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I NEWS IN BRIEF. I I THE NATIONAL ARMAMENTS. I j The Navy League has issued an appeal to Mayors and Provosts and presidents of cham- bers of commerce in Great Britain to help in org-anising meetings for placing the gravity of the problem of the naval defence of the Empire before the people. ———— LOSS OF AN OIL-TANK STEAMER. I The American-ownpd oil-tank steamer Okla- homa was abandoned on Monday off Sandy Hook. It is supposed that thirty-two of her crew have perished ¡ I THE BULGARIAN CABINET. I I ? I King rerdinand has reappointed M. HadOJa-1 volf Prime Minister with his previous Cabinet. ) ———— I HULL MUNICIPAL TELEPHONES. I The Hull Corporation ha-A decided to purchase I the old National Telephone Company's tele- phones from the Government at a cost of < £ 193,000. SAFETY IN FLIGHT. Mr. Orville Wright expects that the stabi- liser" which he has recently invented will h-* sufficiently perfected to come into general use in I the spring. THE SUEZ I CANAL DEEPENED. I 'I It is announced that the maximum draught 01 water authorised in the Suez Canal has been increased by 1ft. to 29ft. The last increase in depth wae on January 1st, 1B08. MINERS" SAFETY POCKETS. I In order to <fu.ud against inadvertently going down the pit with matches, the miners at Ack- ton Hall Colliery, Yorks, have had all their pockets sewn up. MR- LLOYD GEORGE AT CAMBRIDGE. L I Mr. Lioyd George, wt,o during reoruary is 10 I spend two days at "Cambraige, will on one of them address undergraduates at the Union Society. I KNIGHT'S SUDDEN DEATH. I I Sir J. Molesworth Macpherson, C.S.I., who was secretary to the Government of India in the Legislative Department, was taken suddenly ill at Reigate Station on Monday and died before a doctor arrived. GO TO CHURCH AND SAVE GAS. I At the Sunday morning service in a church at Blackburn, where the municipal strike has caused a slwrtage of gas, the Rector asked all his congregation to come to the evening service, and so save the gas at their homes. OSPREY IN RICHMOND PARK. I A fine specimen of the osprey or fishhawk WHS observed in Richmond Park on Monday morn- ing. The bird, which was in magnificent plum- age, caused a great deal of disturbance among tfce waterfow! inhabit! !.4 the Pen Ponds. A LITTLE HERO DROWNED. J Sydney Walker, aged nine, was drowned at Stockton-on-Tees on Sunday night. He was try- ing to save a friend, who went under when slij- ing on a pond. His companion was &avod. TAG IN A TAPROOM. I After being followed by Lord Rothschild staghounds for two hours, a stag took refuge in the taproom of th- Bull and Butcher Inn, Fenny Stratford, Buckinghamshire. The animal had previously swum the fr,.r¡d Junction Canal. DEATH OF WELL-KNOWN BIBLIOPHILE. I One of the greatest authorities in England on I old book s and documents, especially theological, has died at Barton-on-Humber in Mr. Henry William Ball. aged eighty. He was intimate with many prominent men, including the late I Mr. Glad stone. I jei.500,000 DOCK SCHEME FOR GLASGOW. I A SCHEME of dock extensions wnicn Will COST. £ 1.500,000 has been prepared by the Clyde Trust Special Committer It is proposed to advance the harbour rates to an amount which will bring itt an additional < £ 60.000 a year. CORONER'S HINT TO MILLIONAIRES. I Besides giving money for libraries and uni- versities, it would be a good thing, the South- wark Coroner suggested, if millionaires would subscribe to a fund for supplying poor people with artificial teeth, when needed to replace bad teeth. 1 I I TRAWLERS FROZEN IN. I Two Grimsby trawlers, forced by heavy weather to take shelter in Isafjord Harbour, Iceland, have been caught in the ice, aDd will be imprisoned for six weeks. WELL-KNOWN ANTIQUARY DEAD. I The funeral took place on Monda, tt.. Quaker burial-grouud at South Wiugfieia. Derbyshire, of Mr. Henry Thomas Wake, a well- known antiquary, of Fritchley, who died at the age of eighth-two. I SILENT MAN'S IDENTITY. I The Swansea Workhouse inmate who has not I spoken -for two month., was identified during the week as a platelayer. He worked at Gwaun- ) cae-Gurwen, ten miles from Swansea, be for. ing into the workhouse. KILLED BY BURSTING FLYWHEEL. I: A three-ton flywheel burst on Monday Bight at the British Westinghouse Company's works, Trafford Park, Manchester, and the Hying frag- ments killed one man and injured twelve others, two of them seriously. The man killed was Henry Spokes, a fitter, aged about forty-five. NO SUNDAY CINEMATOGRAPHS. I The Middlesex County Council Licensiiis Committee have refused to remove the.r prohi- bition of the opening of cinematograph theatres on Sundays. SCOUTMASTER INJURED BY MOTOR-CAR. I A motor-ear ran into the 19th Portsmouth troop of Boy Scout* when they were marching home in the darkness on Saturday night and many of them Were knocked down. Mr. lponard Hansell, the Scoutmaster, was seriously injured. sustaining concussion of the brain, and several boys wete hurt. MUTINY VETKRXN'S GOLDEN WEDDING. I William Lacey. aged seventy-four, a Cr:mean and Indian Mutiny veteran, and his wife, native of India, whom he married at Benares when she was fifteen years old. celebrated their golden wedding on Mond&y at Mansfield, Not- tinghamshire. GRANDDAUGHTER OF HOGARTH. I "Miss Susannah Hogarth, aged seventy-nine, who was a granddaughter of the famous carica. turist, has died at Ilford in poverty. For many years she livpd on poor relief and then on an Old-Age Penslpn, otily her landlady knowing her1 true identity. CLERGYMAN DIES IN VESTRY. I Returning breathless from a rv.cvele ride just before, a service in the- parish church at West Kirby (Cheliire), the Rev. Harold Kelk, thirty- eight, wu putting on hi? surplice in the vestry 60. Sunday ni?ht wh?n he col ap8f'd ?ad died. DAIRYMEN IN CONFERENCE. I The Marquess of Crewe has consented to pre- I side at a conference of the milk producers of Cheshire with Mr. Runciman, President of the Board of Agriculture, at Crewe on January 26th. The milk producers represent, over 1,000 dairies. SIXTY YEARS A HUNTING MAN. J Mr. William W. Tailbv, J.P., a Deputy-Lieu- tenant of Leicestershire, has died at Skeffington Hall, Leicester.*}!-re, a^ed ninety. For sixty year* he had been a prominent figure in the hunting Geld as a member of Mr. Fernie's Hunt. INQUEST ON A STOCKBROKER. I At the inquest on Monday on Mr. George H. Martin Whish, aged fifty-six, a member of the Stock Exchange, residing in Strathmore Gar- dens, Kensington, who was found dead in bed, medical evidence showed that death was due tc syncope from heart disease, and a verdict of death from natural causes was returned.




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