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THE SOSBURY BALL. I The annual Bosbury Invitation Dance, pro- J moted by a committee of ladies residing in I Bosbury and district, the proceeds being for Bosbuiy parochial affairs and the Ledbury Cottage Hospital, was held last (Thursday) night. The dance, as usual for many years past, was held at the Feathers Hotel Assembly Room, Ledbury, which had been most effectively decorated for the occasion with palms and other foliage plants kindly lent for the purpose by Captain C A HPalairet, of Westhill, Ledbury, the decorations being the work of Mr C Webber, Captain Palairet's head gardener. Mr and Mrs T Howell, the host and hostess, had made their customary excellent arrangements for the ,comfort of the guests, who numbered between 130 and 140. Supper was served at midnight in the Corn Exchange, the tables being very prettily decorated. The committee responsible for the arrange- ments comprised th»following :—Mrs G Cotton, Paunceford Court; Mrs T Godsall, Tne Nupend Mrs W S Lane, The Farm Mrs E T Lane, Old Court; Mrs W Russell, Freetown Mrs Shew, Canon Froome:; Mrs E G Shew, Cold Green. The M.C.'s were Messrs W S Lane, Herbert Lane, Audley Cotton, E G Shew, G firkins, and Tom Godsall. Mr W G Davis's band provided excellent music for a programme of22 dances. Dancing commenced at 8.30 p.m. and was continued to 3.30 a.m. The following is the list of those present Mr T P Adams, Miss G Adams, Mr G Brodie, Mr Norman Brodie (Malvern), Miss Burman, Mr J Beaumont, Mr Bick, Mr R C Butt, Mr Tom Butt, Mr Frank Burrows (Ashford, iKent), Mr Harold Clark, Mrs Harold Clark, Miss C Clark, Miss G Clark, Mr Jack Clark, Mr Collins, Mr Clutterbuck, Mr H G Cowell, Mr J R Cowell, Mr Audley Cotton, Mr C G Cotton, Mr Kenneth Cotton, Mr John Cook, Miss Elsie Cook, Mr J* E Crocker, Miss C C Crocker, Mr Cowie, Mr J L ClAremout, Miss May Dawe, Miss Denley, Miss Down, Miss M Down, Mr Drev, Mips Farmer, Mr Findon, Mr G W Firkins, Mr Wyndham Firkins, Mr H Gabb, Mrs H Gabb (Leigh), Mr W B Godsall, Mis Godsall, Miss Freda Godsall, Miss yilla Godsall, Mr Goodson, Mr A E Griffiths, Miss Griffiths, Miss Doris Griffiths, Mr H W Griffiths, Miss F J Gwilliarn, Mr Hall, Miss Hartland (Buckingham), Miss Harris, Mr E C Heis (Worcester), MrG Hemus, Mr A J Hewsoja Mr Edwin Holloway, Mrs Horsman, Mr Rfg HowbU, Mr H B Jones, Mrs E T Lane, Mr H E Lane, Miss H E Lane, Miss M L Lane, Miss Dorothy Lane, Mr G Herbert Leefce, Mr Pat Leeke, Mr W C Lewington, Miss Lewington, Miss M Lewington, Mr Lodge, Mr J H Mursden, Mrs Marsden, Miss M Marshlain, Mr J Medcalf (Malvern), Mr Meredith, Mr C Meredith, Miss Ida Meredith #*owick), Mr Newbiggiogs, Miss Ockey, Miss Pantall, Miss Parry, Miss Parry, Mr E Payae, Mrs Player, Mr N Pritchetfe, Mr E H Piakchett, Mr W H Powell, Miss Violet Powell Miss Lillian E Powell, Mr Bob Russell, Miss Russell, Miss Marjos-ie Russell, Mr D L Rumel), Mr E G Shew, Mrs K G Shew, Mr Geod: Shew, Miss Shew, Miss C Shew, Miss P Shew, Mr Gay Smith, Mrs F W Taylor, Mr S P Taylor, Miss D Taylor, Miss Taylor, Miss D Taylor. Mr J J. Tilley, Mrs J JTilley, Mr S G Warner, Miss L White. Mr G Wood- Ifmrd, Mias Woodward, Miss N Woodrard, Miss -1 Woodward.

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