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a FOOTBALL NOTES. I [By THE TYKE."] I During the holidays several Worcester league games were played off, Ledbury Town taking part in two, defeating West Malvern at Ledbury on Boxing Day, and being defeated by Worcester Young Liberals at Worcester on Saturday. St. Clement's Rangers were twice beaten, by Droitwich United 8-1, and Hereford City 2-1. Evesham United defeated Worcester Young Liberals 4—2, and Badsey Rangers received a visit from Stoke United and won 2-0. Badsey still maintain their position at the head of the league table, but are being hard pressed by Hereford City, who have the best goal average in the league. There was one of the best" gates" of recent years at Ledbury on the afternoon of Boxing Day to witness the game between the Town and West Malvern. The game was not so good to watch as might have been expected, but the wind made it difficult to control the ball, and in addition the Town lost the services of Archie Goodwin for practically three parts of the game. When play had been in progress for about ten minutes he received a nasty kick on the knee, and was off the field for some time. He returned, but could do little, and eventually he bad to be carried off soon after the opening of the second half. Ledbury were represented bv :-Vicarage; Smith, Partridge; W Powell. Griffiths, Good win; Pudge, Hoult, R Powell, H Taylor, J Taylor. # West Malvern bad a good side out, and in the first half, though playing against the wind, their forwards did well. The Ledbury forward line did not play up to form, and their shooting was not so good as usual. Hoult made one fine effort, after tricking the defence, but the shot was saved. The play in the first half was not at all interesting, the wind spoiling the play, and the ball being difficult to control. Neither goalkeeper was very hard piessed this half. A penalty should have fallen to Ledbury, as Hoult was going through well, when he was tripped from behind inside the area, but the referee ruled otherwise. At the interval nothing had been scored. # In the second half Goodwin went outside left, and H Taylor left half, but it was not long before Goodwin had to leave the field altogether. R Powell and Griffiths also changed places with good results. The Led- bury wing men shone better this half, and Pudge was given some nice passes, of which he took full advantage. It was from one of these that he scored. Hoult sent to Griffiths on the centre line, and the centre-forward ran down and then passed out to Pudge. The outside right easily beat the defence and running in beat the West Malvern goalie with a cross shot. Subsequently Pudge dominated the game, and on four occasions he had the defence beaten but was tripped. but only once was a free kick given. West Malvern tried bard to equalise in the closing stages, but found Vicarage and his backs too good for them, and the final whistle went with the Town winners by a goal to nil. Although the form of the Town forwards was hardly satisfactory in this game, yet it can be excused to a certain extent by the disorganisation consequent on Goodwin's injury, which I regret will keep him out of the team for some weeks. They played better in the second half, and Joe Taylor, playing a lone hand on the left wing, did well. Griffiths passed and combined well, Hoult repeatedly did clever things, and Pudge was easily too fast for the defence. At half Harry Taylor was a rare worker, and W Powell did well both in attack and defence. He is undoubtedly the most I improved player in the team. Rodney I Powell in the second half again demonstrated 'that centre-half is his proper place, and a good deal of the change in the attack can be attributed to his work as the pivot of the I team. The two backs were sound, Smith kicking with rare power, and direction, and Partridge shining in close work. Vicarage had some nasty shots to deal with, but agam proved in fine form. » On Saturday the Town journed to Worces- ter to meet to Young Liberals short of Vicarage, Goodwin and Hoult, but had Shinn, Edden and Watts playing, and th« team was :—Shinn; Smith, Partridge; W Powell, R Powell, Edden; Pudge, Griffiths, H Taylor, J Taylor, Watts. The Liberals fielded the strongest side they have played this season. The game was played on the Worcester City ground, and a draw would have fairly represented the play, but the Liberals won 2-1. They scored first through Hussey, a high shot beating Shinn, and Joe Taylor equalised with a beauty of a goal. The Town should have taken the lead, as Joe Taylor beat the defence and had only the goalkeeper to beat when he was badly fouled in the mouth of the goal, and there were cries of penalty" all round the ground, but referee Malin ruled otherwise. » About five minutes from time the Liberals took the lead, and maintained it to the end. Rodney Powell was the outstanding figure on the field, and his display was admitted to be one of the finest exhibitions of centre- half play seen in Worcester junior football this season. His brother at right half was again good, and Edden completed a good half-back line. The defence was again good, Shinn, although beaten twice, showing I good form, and the backs were sound. The forwards were to some extent beaten by the wide ground, as many passes intended for the wing men failed to reach them, being intercepted by the backs. Joe Taylor was the best of the front line, and had Watts got the ball oftener it is possible they might have won the match. » To-day (Saturday) the return match with Colwall will be played at Col wall. Vicarage will return to the team, and as Watts ca-inot get away Hoult will play in the front rank. On January 10 they have an open date, and on the 17th Norton Barracks are due on the Town ground in the third round of the Worceatershire Junior Cup. On Saturday last, on the Biddulph Arms groutt t, Ledbury Brotherhood entertained Byfor. l in a return league match. The weati ir was exceptionally fine, but a strong wind handicapped the shooting of the players. The Brotherhood fielded the follow- ing team :-B Morris; J Clark, S Elisn-re; C Hvde, E Harris, F Habbitts W CLrk, J Smith, E Chadd, W Smith, R Eyans. The homesters won the toss and elected to kick down hill. They started pressing from the start, but owing to bad shooting several opportunities were missed. Twenty minutes from the start Byford notched the first goal with a long shot which quite deceived the goalkeeper. Both ends were visited in turn, but without result, and half-time came with the score 1-0 in the .Visitors' favour. On the resumption Ledbury were sooa seen to advantage and did ail the pressing, and ten minutes later sawettiem level, three players rushing the custodian into the net with the ball. Several open goali were missed, and evidently the Christmastime had upset the shooting powers of the players. Chadd was weak in front of goal, perhaps because of his altered position. Ledbury bombarded the visitors' gopl for some time and the goalie bad a warm time, but the forwards failed to score, Evans put in a beautiful shot which hit the upright, he strong wind upsetting his calculations. One minute from time from a centre by the right wing, Jim Smith scored thp winning goal, which was undoubtedly the best shot of the day, the homesters thus winning by 2 goals to 1.