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DEATH OF A MUTINY VETERAN. I Edward Dickerson, an Indian Mutiny vote ran, died at Hove on Monday, aped eighty-nine. He enlisted in the 6th avu x kslr.re Regiment in 1846, and went to the Kaflir War in 1853, afterwards gcini; to India, where he v.as pre- sent at ("a v. npoi e. HEV. R. J. CAMPBELL A GRANDFATHER. I Mrs. Frank Le Coateui, imly child of the I Rev. R- J. Campbell, gave birth tu a daughter I ott Monday morning. RECORD TEA CARGO. I Two thousand five hundred tons of tea, valued at about o £ 19O,O0O, were brought to Tilbury on Monday by the steamer Clan Mackellar. This is said to be the largest cargo of tea ever taken iatv a British port. IRISH SHOOTING OUTRAGE. Michaol Leoque, a farmer, while returning' to his honif at Kilbeggan, Westmeath, from mar- ket on Monday was (ired at from close range, and his right arm blown off. Leoque had been concerned m a land concerned in a. land dispute. "MOTORIST SNOWED UP. I Snowed up in deep drifts on Chatton Moor while on his way to report a motoring accident near Berwick, Mr. Bliekney. manager of a Ber- wick garage, was unabic to proceed, and had to take shelter under his car until daylight. FORGER ESCAPES, WITH .265. 1 Westminster detectives are searching for a daring forger, w ho obtained JESS from the Union of Lotdon and Smiths Bank, Limited, Charing Cross, and subsequently endeavoured to cadi another forged cheque on the same bank for £ 293. He was unsuccessful on the second occasion, but succeeded in getting away. TWINS SUFFOCATED IN BED. I That s he put a blanket over their heads to keep the draught from thorn was stated by a wonc,(,p I Darned Stearn at an Islington inquest on her twi. children, who were accidentally suffocated. M.P. INJURED IN FLAT FIRE. I Mr. Oliver Locker-Lampsou, M.P., is lying ill at his Sussex house as tlw result of burns and bruises received in the recent fire at a block of I flats at Knightsbridge. A FORTY MINUTE HURRICANE. Houses were unroofed, an arcade was blown in. and a number of trees were uprooted at I Ilfracombe during a forty-minute hurricane 011 Monday morning.. GERMAN FIRMS GET LONDON ORDERS. I; Two German firms have secured, in coziil)et. tion with British firms, contracts for certain work s for tho Port of London Authority. It is stated that the contracts showed a saving of 26 per cent, on the hnve.vt British tenders. 1 BATTLESHIP SOLI) TO TURKEY. I The noguriutions for the sale of the new Brazilian battleship Rio do Jnuoir > to tho Otto- ] man Government wre practically iou'p!otcd. The vessel was launched from the y^rd of Messrs. Armstrong, Whitworth, and Co. on January 22nd last. X-5,000 GIFT TO MARLOW. I Mr. E. Ri lev, of Marlow. has made a gift of I JE5.000 to that town for a recreation ground and I assembly hall. TRAGEDY AT CHILDREN'S PARTY. I While a g:rl named Annie Wheeler, ten years of age, was playing hide-and-seek at a chil- dren's party at Newport on Monday her clothes I caught lire, and she was fatally burnt. THIEVES AT TOULON AHSEAL. I Five men of tho locksmiths' department at the Toulon arsenal have been arrested on charge: of being concerned in breaking into tho headquarters of the naval artillery department on the night of December "rd. The burglars used an acetylene blow-pipe to pierce the safe, and got away with X240 in cash. LORD KITCHENER ON AN AEROPLANE. I Lord Kitchener went fo- an aeroplane flight on Monday with the aviator Ollivier at tht Heliwpolis aerodrome. He afterwards, a (,air,: message says, expressed great pleasure at his trip.