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DENTAL SURGERY JL??i?? J- jE?ii ?i  U ???j?ar- JH?a JL? JL u mrRuRI* HIANLON OF RHYL, Attends Gorwen every First Friday in each month and Fair Days. 12 to 6 p.m. bi, UElMTaii- BLOOMS AT SJliylUlSIr JOIBS, Confectioner, SE898&, @§awM, tvk, \jJ)'ilJ¡¡;, .r \Ýl( "'r; PAINLESS EXTRACTIONS, ? FILLINGS, a <? ?? <? ?i MM Artificial T eth. A m ?? w 'B v ? ? t ? N ?? ? ? _'Si)__ ?__ ia ;lLrILCl0?al Teezno JPiJLtJLsJL??? mtissmsesiKiimsemiiaBasimsaxsmeaiamaaumam FREE i??t???? ?% ?i,. PATHÉ sjuwrnT SOUND BOXES To every owner of a needlepoint gramophone, who for the first time purchases 6 Patlie Discs of any size, the New Pathe Sound Box will be given absolutely free of charge. (A ^MSo^KT The "Universal" is fitted with an Unwearable Sapphire, enabling- users to play Pathe Discs without need!c The Universal" Sapphire Sound Box possesses the duai jatijjjtk advantage of neither wearing itself nor wearing the record. Call G. M. WILSON, London Rd., Corwen. l|j|    1V Oqwvpwvmr AV ::I; 200 6s. OVELS TO BE SOLD AT Gd. EAOM. ?0 'SMB* ??W?VvWM V <S3?????1E?Sr G. M. WILSON, LONDON ROAD. (Opposite Police Station) C""JI..1L.. 1 u_ ;I.r.'tt' "<U 't!'BJI"" I A'4 j 0 1m' L. E R E E GR,AND ■ SELECTION OF r SZXiVER Novelties AND ■ FANCY GOODS, Also Smoker's Requisites. WEDDING RINGS, Handsome Present given with each Ring Cheapest House in W&Ies for every description of Watch, Clock and Jewellery Repairs. Every Repair warranted for 12 months. W. J. 0 h?Or! LLU ISTANSFIELD GORWEN. .'1\ 'u'i' :Al.7' -_u __n_