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Greatest Sensation 01 the 6vas n ww wipwtyvii'. <gwwwwn»wwwwwwsi>'www<8»'wigy|w|qyww'iai'w w www NOW O PEN ?N!j)N? jtB iNN? ?tttt??JBBfjEBEftttt!? BONMARCHE j???J?NMNLjM???????? ?j?? ?? ?? ?????mM?Br COKWEM, With a GRAND NEW STOCK, by ) A. PARRY (formerly Crown Shop). WGT A Substantial Reduction will be made in ALL DEPARTMENTS during the first Fortnight.-An NOTE THE ADDRESS:— A, PARRY, Bon Marche. TO ALL INTENDING f' gSggmgM CYCLE PURCHASERS. ^§P^J W. J. ASTLEY W. J. ASTLEY' Begs to announce that he now has in Stock —all the Latest Models in — RUDGE WHITWORTHS, ROYAL ENHELDS, ROVERS, B.S.A., SUNBEAMS & SUN CYCLES. DUNLOP COVERS & TUBES (all sizes) always in Stock. Also all kinds of MOTOR CYCLE & CYCLE Accessories. r Several good Second-Hand Cycles to be sold cheap. J tD"IfP"p,,U"#,#jf#'r'##'I'd'd##jf'#Jf'U""P'. ???n3r?J? ?????A7Z9? T*%TTt t !) ??*?!*m 0 fft f & TTt ifTB ftt BRIDGE STREET, CORWEN. <